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About Jarvah


|Pearl running up the Cleve Trophy


I was given the name Kasaque Jarvah when I was about six weeks old but I have never learned to come to that name as everyone calls me Pearl. I could have that name as I am very precious like a "pearl" or they may call me that because I sing!
One I thing I do know is that I am very special. My father is the handsome Int Ch El Hamrah Rammah- Sahir and my mother is Ch Kasaque Harina.

Here is a photo of me when I was quite young, with Michael and my mother Reina. 


This is my father, Int Ch Rammah Sahir - everyone calls him Nelson. He lives in Finland.

Pearl @ 11 weeks

Pearl @ 7 months


Amongst my wins are Best Puppy in Show at the Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club and Best Puppy in Show at the Hound Association Championship Show.

Life is quite busy for me and I thought you might like to see some photos of me doing some of the things dogs do: 

On New Year's Eve 2003 I decided to have a fling! From my moment of madness I produced 4 perfectly beautiful babies, born on 1st March 2004. Most Kasaque puppies are born at home, but mine were special (like me!) and were born at the maternity room with Sean the Vet delivering them and Helen holding my paw. It was sort of a forceps job, I didn't like that part much.

Lydia at 8 weeks old

Me & Lazeem



This is Luzhana - I suppose no one wanted her because one year later, she is still here. Click here if you'd like to read more about my puppies: Happy Birthday!


Elkie Brooks sang the song "Pearl's A Singer" and that's me! I reminded everyone on the coursing field, singing my way across miles of countryside. 
"Pearl's a singer. She stands up when she plays the piano in a nightclub."


Here I am with my friend Alecia, practising Junior Handling at Crufts 2005.

Photo: Mike Oakley

Above: Pictured at Three Counties 2005

Pearl at 11 years
Photo: Pirkko Kekalainen