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Breed Notes

Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year.  With the different deadlines for delivering Breed Notes, I am never quite sure which deadline I have made, for  these notes to  be read.

Sue Bounds has been unwell and has had to go into the hospital for surgery.  She and her husband, Glen, plan to have a very quiet Christmas recuperating.  We wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her in the spring, competing with her new champion.

A couple of notifications from the SGHC.  They will be holding their AGM on the 20th March 2016 at 1400 at the Steventon Village Hall, The Green, Steventon, Oxfordshire.  OX13 6RR.  Kathy Webb would like me to remind everyone it is time to book your advert and articles to be included in the Crufts 2016 edition of “The Saluki” 

LKA, was held last Sunday.  I understand that because of restraints enforced on us by the NEC we are no longer allowed to ‘party’ at the show, as we once did.  We did manage to find a corner in the back of the hall with a Christmas tree in the background with a little platform in front of it so we could take a few seasonal photos of our Salukis.  It is quite sad, as the show would have been so much more fun with a bit of the traditional festival ‘bling’.  While I say that the, Reindeer jumpers ported by many, did help to let us know what season of the year it is. 

Our judge at LKA was Mrs Diane Cook of Tedandi Hamiltonstovare and Afghans. BOB, BCC for her third and qualifying CC was Diane Layton’s Anasha Al Noushafarin (Imp) Sh CM.  She was born on 4th July 2009 and her breeder is Mr M Marco.  Her sire is FR Ch Bajan-Latif Al Firdous and her dam Aut Ch Yalameh Elayah.  The RCC & Best Veteran went to our own Ch Kasaque Miracle.  DCC for his 2nd CC went to Debbie Copperthwaite’s Noushzad Caliph (Imp) with the RDCC to Jeanette & Alan Glkaister’s Ch Classicus Cassander JW SH CM.  Best Puppy was Margaret Elliot-Ross’ Gorewater Rochanak.  Well done all!! 

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of Lin Hawkyard.  A truly dedicated Saluki lover.  She was born here in the UK but moved to Canada when she was in her early 20s.  I would like to thank Starr White of Winstorm Salukis for sending me the following: 

“Lin (Linda) Hawkyard, Lorrequer Salukis, Canada, died on Sunday December 13, 2015 after a tough battle with cancer.  Lin was known throughout the world as a Saluki breeder and fancier, and the best compliment of all, a true dog woman.

Lin's Lorrequer Salukis, originally based on Burydown lines, incorporated many other great Saluki lines, blended together with her careful eye and knowledge.  Lorrequrer Salukis have influenced, and continue to influence, Salukis around the world.  

Lin worked with many Saluki groups and organizations helping with auctions, research and when a Saluki was lost Lin was in the forefront of the efforts to find it.  She was very adept with her computer and used it, from a distance, to help anywhere she was needed. 

Lin was diagnosed with cancer in February of 2013 and throughout numerous chemo treatments, surgeries and side effects she never lost her will to live or her desire to do more.  She amazed everyone with her tenacity and strength and to the very end was making plans for next week and next month.  

Lin had many friends in the Saluki community around the world, she was a mentor to many, and her loss has been felt deeply.  As a group we have lost a friend that truly loved our breed and was wiling to put in effort, wherever needed, to support it.”


Anji Jackson Main will be bringing some SGHC 2016 calendars to LKA. They can be purchased from her, at the show, for £9.00.  Please make cheques payable to The Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club.  For more information please contact Anji at Email anji@changing-space.or or telephone number 07783 102741.

Dr John Hudson has sent the following: “Apropos of the discussion on falling entries of Salukis at Champ Shows, I see that the overall entries (all breeds) at General and Group Championship Shows has gone up 1.3% this year compared with last year. So presumably many of the reasons given for the decline in Saluki entries - increased costs, road congestion etc. - do not apply as these affect all exhibitors, not only Saluki people, and exhibitors in general are clearly weathering the storm. So the reasons for the decline in average Saluki entries - from 72.7 in 2011 to 53.1 in 2014 and to 49.7 this year - must be something specific to the Saluki breed. Maybe it is a reaction to the sudden increase in all-rounder judges as Ann Shimmin suggests, perhaps a fall in the numbers of puppies produced by show kennels, or simply a decline of interest in the Saluki breed.”


In this weeks copy of “Our Dogs” the headline stated: “Kennel Club updates entry closing rules’   ‘Entries for a show must close at the time indicated in the Schedule and at the latest seventh day before the show opens’.  It goes on to say: ’In estimating the number of awards won, all wins up to including the seventh day before the date of closing of postal entries shall be counted when entering for any class’ They state that not all shows will choose to close at such a late date.  The article states “Those shows taking place in 2016 for which a schedule has already been published are advised that whilst the published postal closing date of entries must continue to be adhered to, societies may request to extend their online entries up until the seventh day before the show opens”

 The reason for this is that the Kennel Club states that around 90% of exhibitors now utilize on line entries.

Kennel Club Breed Record Supplement came through the door this week.

Nine litters born producing 59 puppies have been registered. There have been 5 importations, which are:

 Al Muzdaher Desert Spirit at Yanjoy ( IMP BHR)  bitch, born13/1/15 imported by Ms J. Mahoney, origin Bahrain,

Canapus Rodinia (IMP NDL) bitch born 20/04/15 imported by Mrs NJ Warner, origin Netherland,

El-Ubaid’s Shahmaan (IRL) Dog born16/09/11, imported by Mrs C O’Farrell origin, Netherland 

 El-Ubaid’s Utopia Mandana of Brookhaven (IKC) bitch, born 01/01/14 owned by Very Rev Fr D Gibson, origin Netherland 

 El-Ubaid’s Wah-Openthen at Brookhaven (IKC) dog born 23/04/14 owned by Very Rev Fr D Gibson, origin Netherland 

One Show Certificate of Merit was awarded and that went to Ruweis Thamiin owned by Miss I Phillips.

So far this year we have had 104 Salukis registered compared to last year at his time we had 130. It shall be interesting to see what the total is after the January Breed Supplement is published  

I would like to thank Joanne Mahon for sending the following note on the Correct Handling of Salukis

“I must bring to the attention of all current and aspiring Saluki judges at both breed and group level that these hounds should never be approached or examined head on before laying hands on them. At the time of individual assessment, Salukis and other similar breeds of sighthound should firstly be assessed in profile. They should then be approached side-on and confidently but gently lay hands on the neck or shoulders before moving your hands up to the head to assess teeth and ears. The rest of the body should then be gone over before moving to the front of the hound to look at the head, expression, front fill-in and forequarters.

Judges who look at these dogs head on in the first instance are making an aggressive or confrontational statement to the dog. The dog’s natural instinct is fight or flight and as the Saluki is not an aggressive breed their natural instinct is to run away and escape being handled by the judge. Even if the dog is not nervous by nature, Salukis and other sighthounds can be extremely sensitive to the wrong approach.  It is not unusual, especially for younger stock, to be put off and in some cases their show careers can be ruined by an insensitive or unknowledgeable judge.

By means of our entry we give judges the honour, privilege and opportunity of handling our dogs. If you are going to judge our breed then do it correctly, taking the sensitivities of the breed into consideration, or please don’t do it at all!  “



Regarding our discussion on the diminishing entries at Championship Shows, Peter Yardley has sent the following:

“Ann's comments are interesting. I have never touted for judging appointments and I have been asked to judge at the Hound Show in 2017. The KC wrote to me and asked if I was still involved or interested in salukis because I had not judged or given CCs for 7 years. I had to send them details of interest in salukis, that was over 2 months ago and I have had no response and neither has the secretary of the Hound Association! The All Rounders and JDP judges seem to be a KC cartel that shuts out the breed specialist and favors their friends and included in this must be all the championship show committees. How do you penetrate this?  I suppose the only way is to make a nuisance of yourself in the dog press.

It seems in defiance to all the odds we have quite a good entry at LKA.  Where does credit for this lay? I think that people like to get together around Christmas time, distribute cards and just be socialable.  If you are going, have a most enjoyable day and make it a party atmosphere. 

2016 SGHC calendars will be available at LKA.  I am not quite sure who will have them but if you see a committee member of SGHC they will tell you who has them.  Calendars are also available on E-Bay.



Last weekend the SGHC held a lure trial which was organized by Karen Fisher and Cecilia Andersson.  It is the first lure trial I have had a chance to attend and I must say it was a lovely day.  The weather was not wonderful but that did not dampen any ones spirits.  It was a typical dreary November day that felt colder then it was and rain always threatening.  We were provided with tea/coffee/soup and sausage rolls to warm us up. 

The actual running of the lure was controlled by Surrey Lurcher and Longdog Club.  They are experienced with lurcher racing so know what they are doing.  We ran the Salukis as singles as the organizers wanted to make sure the dogs were keen and on to the lure before they ran them with another dog.  Except for one or two older dogs all the dogs ran clean and were very excited about the whole endeavor.  We were informed by Karen that next year we will be running in doubles.  Anyone wanting to attend and are members of the SGHC are welcome.  I will put notice in the Breed Notes and Karen will send out an email with information regarding upcoming meetings. A couple of judges for next year.  Salukis at Paignton will be judged by Dagmar Kenis Pordham with Mark Cocozza judging the Hound Group.  Gina Simpson will be judging at Driffiend 2016 with Marie Bryce-Smith judging the Hound Group there.

With the show season coming to an end, maybe it is a good time to enter some of the Open Shows.  Luton Canine Society has Saluki classes with Andrea Ireson judging for the first time.  Schedules are available from Fosse Data




David Crane, Secretary for the Saluki Welfare has sent the following: “Saluki Welfare is in urgent need of volunteers to help run the organisation. We need a new treasurer, since Daphne Parnham is retiring after many years of devoted service to Welfare. We also need a welfare warden in the south to replace Tania Stevens who is also retiring, and a welfare warden in the north in place of David Hartley.

We also need two new trustees for Welfare to replace Tony Parnham who is retiring, and David Crane who at the moment is in a dual role as both Secretary and Trustee. If you feel you can play a part in helping Welfare in the future and want more information about any of these roles please contact David Crane at


Helen Haywood had a very good day at the SGHC Championship Show with the Welfare stall:  She has sent the following: Thank you to everyone who either gave donations to me for the Saluki Wefare Fund stall or bought Tombola tickets or any item from the stall at the recent SGHC Championship Show. I was able to bank just over £230.”

On a personal note I would like to congratulate Grace, granddaughter of Helena for having the most ingenious and handsome costume at the champ show.  Lots of photos were taken of her so hopefully they will be in the next edition of ‘The Saluki’

The 2016 Saluki and Gazelle Hound Club calendar is now for sale. The price is £9.00 plus £2.50 p/p (UK) You can order them from Anji Jackson-Main, e:mail or telephone 077177242

.In regards to the comments on diminishing entries at Championship Shows, I have received an e:mail from Ann Shimmin.  Ann has done three interesting graphs to  demonstrate her findings on trends at shows.  The first graph shows appointments of judges in 2012,2013 and 2014.  Second graph shows the year they first awarded CCs and third graph show the entries at Championship Shows.  In her findings, Ann has found that some of the all rounders/JDP judges are judging every other year which is far too much.  Some breed specialist are having trouble getting appointments every 6 years. This is not a comment on the quality of judging, just the frequency.  She has also discovered that are entries are not going down but they have plateaued.  Hopefully Ann will put these charts in the next newsletter of the SGHC.



A couple of weeks ago in the Breed Notes I wrote about my concerns regarding the reduction of entries of Salukis at Championship Shows.  I requested comments so I am please to include an email I received  from Peter Yardley.  For those of you who do not know Peter. He was President of the SGHC, member of the Committee for many years, and has owned, exhibited and coursed Salukis in the near and distance past.  Lately he and his wife, Angela have imported a bitch from Canada.

“Your comments in your breed notes are only part of the story. You read about the general decline all round in showing and it must be due to a combination of factors. Cost of going to shows being one, the cost of going to a Ch show being around £100 a go. Another may be a decline in breeders who show. If the number of salukis being bred has not gone down more may be bred by the 'fringe breeders'. But in my opinion it is the quality of judges and a different sort of show breeder.

The demise of coursing (lure coursing is no substitute) must be having an impact on the saluki. The working saluki cannot compete with the glitzy show type and the continental and US style of showing. In the heyday of our breed in the 70's and 80's we had the likes of Ernie, Hope and Helen Baker who showed their working salukis, moderate and well balanced.

The problem is within the breed members and the Club needs to do more about the problem. We need breed specialist judges who know what they should be looking for and to get that we need more intensive seminars with the right people talking about the saluki and not just about showing.  Likewise we need to do the same for judges. Gone are the days of the good al- rounders who knew their dogs, Warner Hill and the like. Now we have people who are counting numbers and the judging game is all they are concerned about and being friends with their friends.

Angela found a note in the Dog World saying that Nick Bryce Smith had persuaded the Richmond show to have the breed clubs to nominate the judges. That is a step in the right direction it will help people in the breed get onto the upper levels of judging and select judges who ought to know.

Peter goes on to say:

“The possible knock on effect is with such low entries we will loose some of our CC allocation. At the moment there are some hounds getting CCs that really should not because they have some glaring faults, in which case the CC should be withheld, I remember the furor when Don Weidon withheld CCs.” 

Yesterday the SGHC held their Championship Show at the Kennel Club Building.  The facility is fit for function but not pretty so the SGHC had decided

to give the building a ‘seasonal face lift’ as the show was being held on 31st October, Halloween.  Table were decorated with pumpkins, replacing the usual of floral arrangements.  There were goblins hanging from the walls and lots of traditional Halloween sweets about if anyone wanted to trick or treat.  Some of the Salukis even managed to deck themselves out in costumes.  It made for a fun day.  Vendors were selling Saluki dedicated items and all seem to be doing a brisk business.  Andrea Ireson, Ruth Dann and Terry Ferris had arranged for a table to be placed with photos of Diana Allan plus a gorgeously decorated cake so we could all toast her life.  Caroline Pickering brought cupcakes which were placed with Di’s cake.  During lunchtime we raised a glass to our missing friend.  Thank you to  Andrea, Ruth, Terry and Caroline.

 It did not end there…Obidiah, owned by Connie De-Souza and HeidiWoodgate brought along a liver cake to share with all the dogs as it was his birthday.  Happy Birthday to Obi and his brother Omar. There were many guest at the show and it was especially nice to see Hamad Ganem Al Gane  from the Arabian Saluki Centre He brought along gifts to be given to all the major winners .  He was joined by friends that had recently adopted two Salukis from Dubai. It was very much a pleasure to see Caroline Owen, who arrived part way through the judging.  She arrived with her son.  Hopefully she will be able to attend LKA.  We wish her a full recovery

The show opened with a minute silence for Diana Allan.  Judging commenced with the bitches, with Mrs Jenny Macro (Nefisa) judging.  She chose for her BCC, newly crowned Alsahra Lalana owned by Sue Bounds.  RBCC went to Ch Caryna Meilichia owned by Denise Garratt & Sue Oakey.  Best Puppy bitch was Canapus Rodinia At Savuka (imp NL) owned by Warner & Hetherington partnership and Best Veteran was Ch Al Caliphs Nuray owned by Kathy Webb with the Best Smooth, Mouniir Har Kala Rachi owned by Kathy and Sybille Benoit. 


Dogs were judged by Clair Chryssolor.  Her DCC was Annette and Brian Buckley’s Hislome’s Kareef Sh CM (imp Swe) for his 2CC.  RDCC, Best Veteran and Best Smooth was Ruweis Farid owned by Karen Fisher.  The Best in Show was judged by Dagmar Kenis-Pordham.  BIS went to Alsahara Lalana with RBIS to Ch Caryna Meilichia.  Best of Opposite Sex went to Hislome’s Kareef Sh CM (imp Swe).  Best Puppy was Canapus Rodinia At Savuka (imp NL) Best Smooth In Show Ruweis Farid.    Well done all!!

The new edition of “The Saluki” is now available as is the SGHC calendar.  Anyone wanting a copy of either please contact Kathy Webb on 01737 353279 or email her at



On Saturday 31st October 2015 the SGHC will be holding their Championship Show, at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2LZ.  Judging will be Clair Chryssolor for dogs, Jenny Macro for bitches and Best in Show is Dagmar Kenis-Pordham.  Helen Haywood will be attending with the ‘welfare table,

So please remember to bring donations along for her to sell.  There will be other table selling interesting and varied items with the Saluki in mind.  Available also at this show is the launch of the 2016 calendar plus the new edition of ‘The Saluki’ the magazine of the SGHC.  The Club always holds a raffle at this show so please bring along donations for the raffle.  Caters will be present at the show so no need to bring along those sandwiches.  I have heard there will be a few surprised on the day, hopefully no shocks.


Yesterday Midland Counties Championship Show was held.  Judging Salukis and awarding Challenge Certificates for the first time was Martin Green.  DCC, BOB was Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM owned by Jeannette & Alan Glaister.  RDCC with to newly crowned Mumtaz Hercules SH CM owned by Joan & Jimmy Cowie.  BCC went to Denise Garratt & Sue Oakey’s Caryna Meilichia with RBCC to Labakan Chiffonier.  Best Puppy was Canapus Rodinia at Savuka (IMP NDL).  Well done all


The Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club Championship Show will be held on Saturday 31st October 2015 at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2LZ.  Dogs will be judged by Clair Chryssolor and bitches, Jenny Macro.  The Best in Show judge is Dagmar Kenis-Pordham. Show opens at 9.00 am with judging to commence for bitches at 10.00 am and dogs at 10.30 am.  The entry is 34 dogs and 37 bitches making up to 71 dogs with an entry of 75.  Caterers will have food available all day long.  There will be a few celebrations going on during the day so please join us for a fun day.


Last Saturday South Wales Kennel Association held their Championship Show.  Judging Salukis was Mr Jeff Horswell.  He chose for his DCC, BOB Ch 

Baghdad Karim Sh CM owned by the Hams, Bockman-Chato & Elliot-Ross partnership, with the RDCC to Debbie Copperthwaite’s Noushzad Caliph (IMP DEU). BCC wnt to Ch Jasmine of Canerikie JW (IMP ITA) owned by Brian Mansell and Josh Duddell with the RBSS to Fernlark Schussboomer  owned by the Duddell and Mansell partnership.  Best puppy was Al Muzdaher Desert Spirit at Yanjoy owned by Jo Mahoney.  Well done all!!


The following was sent to me by Claire Jowett:”

Earlier this year Phoenix passed her Kennel Club Good Citizens Gold Award. Barley has just passed his Kennel Club Good Citizens Gold Award on his first time of taking it, having returned to classes just a few months ago. (He passed his Silver several years ago, then puppy Phoenix arrived and he had to take a Bach seat for a bit.)


They were both placed First in their respective Good Citizens Classes at Driffield  Championship Show recently As I know you would agree, salukis are not known for their bid ability, so this is really quite an achievement . And to top it with championship wins each on the same day was truly fantastic.”  


Lawrence Haywood has had a pretty tough time lately.  As Helena was unwell, Laurence was taking the dogs out for their daily walk.  When he came back he complained that his eye was bothering him and he was looking through a fog.  Helena looked it up in the book and decided that a trip to the local hospital was necessary y.  Upon arrival they sent him on to a larger hospital.  It seems that Lawrence had a spontaneous retina tear and needed immediate surgery.  So 3 hours of surgery and he is now hopefully on the mend.  But it is not that simple, for 50 minutes out of each hour he needs to keep his head down.  On top of that he has come down with a cold.  Poor man.  Hopefully he two weeks of this routine the doctor will relinquish and give him some time off for good behavior. 




Salukis owners, fanciers have appeared to have lost faith and or interest in the dog show scene.  This comment is a result of the poor entries we are having at shows.  Our registration of Salukis at the Kennel Club has not changed that much and this has been augmented by a  great influx of import, so why are the entries so low? Just off the top of my head I would say that Crufts, Southern Counties and the Club Shows are the only shows that are being supported.  On average most of the entries at the other shows have been around 35 dogs (often with a fair degree of absentees).  Looking to the future and next years judges I do not believe the situation will improve.

I think we are getting far to many judges from the “Judges Development Program” who are being utilised by many of the  All Breed societies.  Some of these judges are officiating too often, as in every other year. Numerically we are now a small breed, so there is often little point for an exhibitor to return to the same judges.  I put a lot of blame on the Championship societies as they are not trying to encourage people to come out to exhibit by giving serious thought to the selection of judges for our breed, but are instead are taking the easy option for judges, often looking at saving money by selecting those who judge multiple breeds rather than someone who might attract a decent entry. Southern Counties have been successful when adopting the latter strategy; it is a shame more are not looking at their success and taking a lesson from them. Any comments?


Yesterday Driffied Championship Show was held.  Judging us was Denise Rogers.  Checking at

 the Higham Press Web site I note there were only 26 dogs available to be judged.  BCC, BOB

 for her first CC was Ms NJ & Mrs L Jones’ Canapus Victoria (Imp)  She was born on the 21st

July 2014 and her breeder is Mr F S Van Der Drift.  Her sire is Haefen Freespirit  Flair and dam, Canapus Awn Rosemary.  RBCC went to Lisa & John Hudson’s Ch Glenoak Kamala JW.  DCC went to Joan & Jimmy Cowie’s Mumtaz Hercules with the RDCC to the Hudson’s Glenoak

 Kiyan JW.  There were no puppies entered.


Please find below a partial list of judges for 2016.

Boston, No CCs Mrs Dawn Russell;  Manchester, Mrs Sue Rabey-Wilkinson; Crufts,

Mrs Mary Parker; Hound Assoc of Scotland, Ben Reynolds-Frost; Northern Saluki Club, Paul Shimmin; Birmingham National, Ms Jenny Startup; SKC, Michael Williams; Southern Counties Canine Assoc, Mrs U Lennartz (awaiting conformation); Three Counties Agricultural Society,         Mrs E Stephens; Blackpool District Canine Society, Mrs Avril Davies; Windsor, Graham Hill;

 East of England, Miss E Newton; Hound Assoc, Dr Francis Broadway USA; SKC, no CCs Ms E McKnight; Darlington Dog Show Society, Mrs C E Cartledge;  South Wales Kennel Assoc, Gavin Robertson; Midland Counties, Mrs Jeanette Cotterill; Ladies Kennel Assoc, Mrs Lisa Hudson;

SGHC Limited Show, Luke Johnson; Open Show , Sibylle Barjot and Referee Gabrielle Schroeter.



This past week has not been a happy week as we have seen the passing of some of our oldies.  Denise Garratt has had to say goodbye to two girls, sister but from two different breedings.  They are Ch Caryna Calisto and Ch Caryna Nashira.  Steve, Jenny and Laura Macro have had to say good bye to Nefisa Bajila at the good age of 14.5 years and Paul and Ann Shimmin’s Crantal Querida.  We too have mourned along with our friend Angela Mann for the loss of Ruwach Zazou Al Monab.  They were all part of families and our sympathy goes out to all their families.


Last Saturday Darlington Championship Show was held.  Judging the Salukis was Mrs Jill Peak.  BCC, BOB for her first CC was Elaine Sydney’s Multi Ch Daxlore Harani of Shaybani Esp J Ch.  She was born of the 26th May 2012 and her breeders are Helen and David Graham.  Her sire is Daxlore Dior and dam, Daxlore Carima.  RBCC went to Mary Sanders Parker’s Ch Khalils Allegra-Classicus (Imp) JW Sh CM.  DCC for his third and qualifying CC, went to Mr & Mrs J Cowie’s Mumtaz Hercules.  He was born on the 5th April 2012 and his breeders are Miss A Cornock & Mrs H Cornock.  His sire is Ch Fernlark Alsace and dam Ch Mumtaz Seabreeze.  RDCC was Mr & Mrs Bloomfield’s Ch Glenoak Jabari JW Sh CM.  Best Puppy was Mr & Mrs C Teasdale’s Delila’s Rose.  Well done all

Any one wanting to take a trade stand at the upcoming SGHC show, please contact me regarding availability.




In the last couple of week there have been two shows to report on.  The first is City of Birmingham.  Judging us was Mr A Gjetnes awarding CCs in Salukis for the first time in this country.  He chose for his BOB, DCC and Best in Hound Group, Jeannette & Alan Glaister’s Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM. RDCC and Best Veteran went to Ch Baghdad Karim (Imp) Sh CM owned by the Ham, Brockman-Chato & Elliot-Ross partnership.  BCC for her second CC was Sue Bounds’ Alsahra Lalana with RBCC to Elaine Sydney’s Multi Ch Daxlore  Harani of Shaybani. .  Best Puppy was our own Kasaque Salaama



The second show was Richmond.  Judging us also for the first time with CC allocations was Miss Clair Boggia.  Her DCC went to Jeannette & Alan Glaister’s Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM. RDCC went to Ch Baghdad Karim (Imp) Sh CM owned by the Ham, Brockman-Chato & Elliot-Ross partnership.  BCC for her third and qualifying CC went to Sue Bounds’s Alsahra Lalana. She was born on 31st March 2012 and her breeder is her exhibitor.  Her sire is Sufeina Alain and dam, Bedu Delphine of Alsahra.  RBCC went to our own Ch Kasaque Miracle from the Veteran Class.  Best Puppy was our own Kasaque Salaama.  Congratulations to Cassander for winning the Hound Group.  Fingers crossed for the Best in Show.


Kathy Webb is in the process of compiling the upcoming edition of “The Saluki” the magazine of the SGHC.  She has said that she is still taking adverts and articles if any one wants to submit them please ring her on 01737 353279 or email




Last Sunday the South Eastern Hound Club held their Premier show.  For many of us this show is rated very high on our calendars, as it is a social event plus a dog show.  We had a lovely bring and share lunch, which everyone was invited to join in, under cover, as the weather was atrocious .   So good food, drink and company was the order of the day.  Our judge, a substitute judge, was the Afghan specialist, Susan Rhodes.  She was very fortunate as the classes were well filled, as they usually are at that show, just a bit smaller then we are seeing at Championship shows.  BOB went to Kathy Webb’s Al Caliphs Nuray, RBOB went to Heidi Woodgate and Connie De-Souza’s Sufeina Jebel Ali.  Best Puppy was Mrs J Griggs’ Behzad Aziz Akhtar.  Nuray went 4th in the Group. Best Veteran in Show was Heidi Woodgate and Connie De-Souza’s Sufeina Al Anin.


It is with sadness that I report the passing of one of our oldies.  Ch Kasaque Jimna Sh CM has passed away, one month shy of his 15th birthday.  He was exhibited to his championship by the late Daphne Tovey.  He sired three litters producing three English Champions, one German Champion and one Australian Champion.  Other children have CCs in this country and abroad.  Jimna was always a kind gentleman of a dog and will be missed by his owner Nick Tovey and his companion Shaadin.  


Schedules for the SGHC Championship Show are now available.  This coming week the newsletter will be distributed to all Club members with  schedules included.  If you are not a member of the Club and would like a schedule, I will have a few with me at Birmingham Championship Show and Richmond.  Otherwise contact me and I will post them off.  My telephone number is 01635 268269.

Congratulations to Dexter (Ch Classicus Cassander JW ShCM on winner a 4th in the Hound Group at SKC, this weekend.




On Wednesday 19th August 2015 we assembled to pay our respects to Diana Allan.  The service was held on her birthday as a celebration of her life.  As her passing on was so tragic, in an automobile accident, we all felt robbed of a family member, far before her time.  The service was held in the beautiful All Hallows Church, in Dean, Cambridgeshire, where she had lived for many years.  The vicar, Reverend Stephen Holroyd, who conducted the service knew Diana for many years as he too was a dog person and had met Diana often on walks.  By his own admission he was a ‘Golden Retriever’ person.  We heard eulogies from her son Dean Allan and her granddaughter Leanne Spick.  Terry Farris spoke on behalf of the Saluki fraternity and Jazirat Saluki owners.  The last eulogy was from a co-teacher at Shambrook Upper School where Diana worked as a very inspiring maths teacher.  After we all assembled at a reception and toasted Diana’s birthday.  We shall all miss her very much.


At the reception I had a chance to have a word with John Owen.  I enquired how Caroline was doing.  He said that she is improving and hopes she will be back at home soon.  She will need to keep up her physio therapy for quite a while. Hopefully she will be well enough to attend the Championship Show.  John with his other hat, as Hon Sec of the Northern Saluki Club has requested that I let everyone know that schedules are now available for their Open Show.  It will be held on Sunday 20th September at Shirland Village Hall, Shirland Near Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 6BB.  Judging will be Andrew Sharp.  There will be 3 classes which will be judged in the interval, by Mark Ord.  For a schedule please contact John Owen on 0115 9305473 or go on line to Higham Press.  Online entries close on Sunday 30th August 2015


I have received the latest copy of “The Kennel Club Breed Records Supplement”.  Included in are the breed records for April to June 2015.   There were 3 litters registered at the KC with a total of 21 puppies.  I am unfamiliar with any of their breeding (it would be wonderful if the KC database was available and I could look up and see what dogs are behind the names).  There was one new importation, this dog was sire of one of the above litters. He is Halim Hawa Al Djiibaajah.  He was bred by S. Horn and owned by Ms L Von Cadenhead.  His origin is Germany.  There was one Champion Certificate to Gemini Jeu D’Esprit for Anasazi (imp USA) owned by Clair Chryssolor.  Junior Warrant for Noushzad Claudia-Classicus (imp Deu) owned by Mary Sanders-Parker.  One Certificate of Merit to Classicus Czardas owned by Linda Goss.


Last Friday Welsh Kennel Club held their Championship Show.  Judging us was the Hound Specialist. Mike Caple awarding CCs for the first time in Salukis.  DCC, BOB and Hound Group 2 was Jeannette & Alan Glaister’s Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM with the RDCC to Marie Bryce-Smith’s Kasaque Ra Frankel of Saruk.   BCC for her 2nd CC went to Denise Garratt & Sue Oakey’s Caryna Neferti with the RBCC to Josh Duddell and Brian Mansell’s Ch Jasmine of Canerikie (Imp)JW.  Best Puppy was Jo Mahoney’s Al Muzhaher Desert Spirit at Yanjoy TAF (Imp).  Best Veteran was Ham, Bockman-Chato, Elliot-Ross partnership”s Ch Baghdad Karim (Imp) Sh CM. 


I have heard that the Windhund Festival, Donaueschingen will be changing it’s dates so it does not conflict with the Hound Association Championship Show, thus affecting either of their entries.  Now, by popular demand I will relate how we all faired on our trip to the Windhund Festival.  There were two judges so there was an opportunity to have two different opinions .  The judge on the first day for dogs was Juan-Carlos Vasconsellos of Paraguay and bitches Sofie Lonn-Krigholm of Sweden.  On the second day they swapped. 

Each dog is judged against the breed standard and given a critique plus a grading.


On the first day Kathy Webb’s Ch Al Caliphs Nuray won a 2nd in Veteran but as the first was already titled, Nuray was given the Veteran CAC. Her younger Saluki, Mouniir Har Kala Rachi was 2nd in intermediate 

On the first day our Kasaque Salaama was required to go into Junior Class as she was over 9 months old.  She was placed 2nd.   She received the titles of Jgd Res VDH, JgdRes CAC Kasaque Raisssa was in the Open Class and given an excellent but unplaced.  Ch Kasaque Miracle was placed 3rd in Champion Class.  (She is a veteran here but with FCI rules you are not a veteran until you are 8 years old)  


On the second day Kathy’s Nuray was place 3rd  in the Veteran Class and Mouniir was unplaced but graded excellent.

On the second day Salaama was place 1st in her class winning JgdVDH, JgdCAC, Raissa won 3rd in her Open Class and Miracle won 1st in Champion Class and Best Saluki Bitch.  Unfortunately we did not go BOB as Multi Ch Qirmizi Ovation won, going on to be awarded Best in Show. 


Cecelia Andersson’s Alsahra Dakota competed in a strong Open classes where he was graded excellent.  Luke Johnston was also there handling a Saluki and Azawakh for his Italian friend.  It was great fun being there and I am pleased that all our dogs were very competitive.




The Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club will be holding a Lure Coursing trial on Saturday 29th August 2015. This event is for members of SGHC only.  It is being held at the Pony Club Field, Hurst Road, Walton on the Hill, Surrey KT20 5BN.  For further information please contact Karen Fisher on or telephone 01279 833855 or Cecilia Andersson on or telephone 01538 369555

On Sunday 23rd August the South Eastern Hound Club will be holding their Open Show at the Hickstead Showground, West Sussex BN6 9HS.  As usual we will be having our wonderful bring & share picnic co ordinated by Marie Bryce-Smith.  Any questions on what to bring, please contact Marie 01342 327573. Judging commences at 10.00am and we are first in the ring.  Lets hope for a warm sunny day.

Last Sunday, was Hound day at Bounemouth Championship Show.  Unbeknown to many of us, in conjunction with the show, South West Hound was holding their Open Show.  I have received the following email from Debbie Copperthwaite regarding this event:

 “We entered and stayed on for the SWHC Open Show yesterday at Bournemouth Ch Show. I wonder with falling entries if this will be the way to go in the future for Club Open Shows. We had lovely big rings and plenty of space at the end of the showground and a really relaxed, friendly atmosphere for the event.

Salukis were judged by Michael Western and my Noushzad Calipha Orlie was BOB. Res BOB and Best  Puppy went to Diane Layton's Anasha Al Noushafarin and Velourias Viva Vivienne was Best Puppy. Orlie went on to Best in Show under Bill Browne-Cole.” 


If SWHC are planning on combining with Bournemouth in the future I am sure they will get a good entry as we are now aware that there will be two shows at the venue.  I know I checked the dates for SWHC, on Higham Press and thought it strange that they would have an Open Show on the same day as a Championship Show and disregarded making an entry, for that reason.  There was nothing to indicate that it was being held at the Societies site in the first instance.

Judging Salukis at Bournemouth was Mr Mark Cocozza.  BOB, BCC and Hound Group 4 was Alsahra Lalana owned by Mrs Sue Bounds for her 1st CC.  She was born on the 31st March 2012 and her breeder is her owner.  Her sire is Sufeina Al Ain and her dam Bedu Delphine of Alshahra. RBCC was Kathy Webb’s Ch Al Caliphs Nuray.  DCC for his second CC went to Christine Campling’s Classicus Conway Sh CM with the RDCC to Marie Byce-Smith’s Kasaque RA Frankel of Saruk.  Best Puppy was Diane Layton’s Velourias Viva Vivienne.  Well done all!

Congratulations to Laura Macro and Charlotte Steel, both girls have passed their ‘A’s with flying colours and shall be off soon to Bath University.




The annual Saluki Walk in aid of SWE funds organised by David Hartley at Earby saw 41 dogs, by no means all of them Salukis and 31 people turned out on what proved to be a dry day, to walk in the Yorkshire/Lancashire countryside. They also took part in fun classes, a raffle, a photograph competition finishing with the famous fish and chip tea. Helpers from David's Methodist Church, where the event was held were on hand all day with refreshments and a warm welcome. The day seemed as popular as ever and raised £400.00 for SWF funds.


The lack of notes for last week were due to Michael and myself with three Salukis, namely Smudge, Roza and Miracle making the long journey to Donaueschingen, Germany to attend the CAC Specialties for all Sighthound & Mediterranean breeds.  Also attending the event from here were Kathy & Martin Webb with their two Salukis.  Cecilia Andersson with her boy and Luke Johnston was there helping out a friend with his dogs.  I will write more about the event in the weeks to come and how we all faired.  One interesting thing that did occur,  this show was National Speciality of the ‘Silken Windsprite’.  We were sitting quietly in our tent, which everyone has, when were heard the roar of Motorcycles.  This is not often something that one hears at a dog show so I thought maybe the Donaueschingen branch of the Hells Angles were invading the show.  Wrong, the Silken Winsprite are an sighthound breed of American origin, so the organizers of the show decided to open the display of this breed with a display of American motorcycles, namely Harley Davidson, kind of like piping in the Scottish Deerhounds. 


Last weekend was a big weekend on the summer show calendar.  Two shows were held.  The first of the two shows was the Hound Association.  Judging Salukis was breed specialist Mrs Lisa Hudson.  DCC, BOB for his first CC was Marie Bryce-Smith’s Kasaque Ra Frankel of Saruk.  He was born on the 21st January 2013 and we were his breeders.  His sire is Int Ch, Multi Ch Rostam Al Badaia and his dam, Ch Kasaque Miracle.  RDCC went to Caroline and John Owen’s Caryna Khepri.  BCC went to Josh Duddell and Bryan Mansell’s Ch Jasmine of Canerikie (Imp) JW with RBCC to Clair Chryssolor’s Ch Gemini Jeu D’esprit for Anasazi (Imp USA) Sh CM.  Best Puppy was Emma Darby, and ourselves’ El Hamrah Mansur of Kasaque (Imp).  Best Veteran went to Marie Bryce-Smith’s Ch Fargaze Persian Punch of Saruki.


The second show was Paignton Championship Show.  Judging Salukis was the Hound Specialist Mrs Jan Pain. 

Her BCC, BOB was Debbie Copperthwaite’s Al Caliphs Artemis for her second CC.  RBCC went to Clair Chryssolor’s *Ch Gemini Jeu D’esprit for Anasazi (Imp USA).  DCC went to Debbie Copperthwaite’s Noushzad Caliph (Imp) for his 1st CC.  He was born on the 14th Jauary 2013 and his breeder is Mrs Imke Berndt.  His sire is Swe/Dan/Ger Ch Dahaqim Baqir  and his dam is multi Ch Pari-Was Ohfra-Orli.  RDCC & Best Veteran  went to Ch Baghdad Karim (Imp) owned by the Ham, Bockman-Chat & Ross-Elliot partnership.  Best Puppy was Jenny & Steve Macro’s Kasaque Shabaz Nefisa.


*This was Jeu D’esprit last show in this country as she and her kennel mates have departed with their owners, Clair and Andy Chryssolor to relocate in Texas.  She has definitely left on a high with two RCCS. 


Well done all!!



In last week’s Breed Notes, the poem sent to me from Marie Bryce-Smith should have read “I give you the end of a golden string only winded into a ball it will lead you into heaven’s gate built in Jerusalem’s wall” by Wm Blake”


Diana Allan’s cremation will be on Friday 31st July at 11:30am at Bedford Crematorium. This will be a private service for family only.

This will be followed by a Church Memorial Service on Wednesday 19th August starting at 1pm. This will be held at Upper Dean Church followed by a reception in the Village Hall at the village cricket ground. Everyone is welcome to this service and the family hopes as many as can will attend.  To help the family out with numbers of who will be attending please let Dean Allan know at 11 Baines Way, Grange Park, Northampton NN4 5DP or email him at


Helena Haywood has contacted me regarding the Saluki walk, which was held in June to raise funds for Saluki Welfare.  Helena has just received another donation bringing the grand total to £199.00.  Well done to Helena and it was a lovely afternoon for both the dogs and their owners.


Helena has also let me know that Grace Flasche, her granddaughter, who often attends Saluki activities with her, is in the Pediatrics unit of the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford.  Poor Grace fell down in the school yard and hit her side.  After complaining that she was feeling unwell her mother and Helena took her to the local hospital where she was scanned.  They found that Grace had damaged her spleen and thought they might have to remove it.  They have not taken it out but Grace must take thing very easy for the next 6 to 12 months.  Not easy when you are 11 years old.  We look forward to seeing Grace back at Saluki activities in the near future. 


Good luck to Clair and Andy Chryssolor on their big move to Texas.  Texas may have a lot to offer and I am sure it does but does it have any English pubs?  They will be leaving soon with their four Salukis. We look forward to hearing “Tales from America”


Congratulations are due to Doreen and Eric Stansfield on their recent marriage.


A very big congratulations to Dexter, also know as Ch Classicus Cassandar JW Sh CM.  He has finally done it, going Best in Show at Leeds Championship Show.  Of course congratulations to Jeannette and Alan Glaister.


A few of us will not be attending the Hound Show or Paignton.  We shall be travelling to the German Sighthound show at Donaueschinger.  We have been hearing for years what a wonderful show it is so be fun to have a chance to show our dogs there.  As far as I know attending will be Kathy and Martin Webb, Cecelia Andersson, Luke Johnston and ourselves.  I shall report on our return. 




It is with great sadness that I dedicate these notes to a friend and family member of the Saluki

Community whose life was cut far too short.  Rest in peace Diana

 and Llyana.

Helen Williams

Diana Allan – An appreciation


Yesterday I was devastated to learn that Di had died, together with

Llyana, her imported  youngster from Finland, in a multiple car accident on her way home from visiting Sheila Harmer.


I am not sure when I first met Ken and Di but it must have been in the early 70s in Somerset

where they saw me with my salukis and decided that that the saluki was to be the breed for



After Ken’s death Di said ‘he was my rock and now I do not know what I will do’, but with

a strongly supportive family and village community she did pull through. Ken and Di were

an inseparable couple, they worked as a team and not only will they be remembered for their

salukis but more importantly for their contribution to the understanding of the breed as a whole

and their commitment to the Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club. I will miss the smiling look in her

 eyes, the wagging pencil in hand of the school mam at meetings and the ‘well done’ when she



Di was secretary of the Club for several years when I was chairman of the committee and Ken

 was later secretary when I was president. Their knowledge of the breed, its history and the

 Club was an invaluable asset and it was such a pleasure to work with them both.


My thoughts are with their family at this time, it is such a tragic loss for us in this country and

also for all her friends around the world. Di will be sorely missed

Peter Yardley


It was suddenly sad things about the death of Diana Allen.

I’m very very sad. I remember like yesterday, The festival of the Saluki 2007.

She had good works on the SGHC Club events,

Ken Allen was a good judge at the Club Championship Show.

Her family also be sad in this tragic accident.

I hope as she becomes shining star.


Shuichi Suda


 From the moment we made our first puppy enquiry, Di became a friend and that friendship

 just grew stronger as the years passed. Over the years as the dogs grew up and we grew

older Di continued to support, encourage and guide us, she always told us that she would

mentor us as she was mentored by the late Hope Waters. Di would let us learn about the

breed ourselves, she wouldn't criticise our judgment but would quietly let us question it.  How

we would envy her eye for a nice saluki, it seemed to come so natural to her, she still had so

 much more to teach and give.

Diana's death along with young Saluki, Liyana, has come as a great shock to us. Di was an

ambassador for her beloved salukis and she made friends where ever she judged. We were

 always invited to travel overseas with Di when she had a judging appointment, it was like

being on a school trip with the teacher, Di would introduce us to so many new people

which was always immensely enjoyable however you knew that you would be expected

to remember these names and faces and what saluki lines they had. She had such a wealth

of knowledge which we can only wish for. We truly feel blessed to have had the opportunity t

o have known her as well as we did. Knowing Di for us went far beyond friendship.

 She was our "saluki mum"  

Andrea Ireson, Ruth Dan, Terry Farris.


There are no words to express the heartbreak of loosing such a dear friend, Di

“I give you the end of a golden string only winded into a ball it will lead you into heaven’s

 Gate building Jerusalem’s wall” William Blake

Marie Bryce Smith



The loss of Diana Allan in a tragic motor accident; along with Liyana her lovely young

 Saluki, has left a massive void, not only for her family and closest friends and colleagues,

 but also for those within the Saluki world not only here in the UK, but around the globe.

Many will write of her invaluable contribution to our breed and of the successful Jazirat

salukis, my tribute to Di is on a more personal level.


Coming into the breed much the same period as both Ken and Di.. we soon became

acquainted. Initially as fellow exhibitors,  then as judges,  SGHC secretary and latterly as

dear friends.I always found Di (and Ken) to be kind, approachable, generous with time

and resources.

I accompanied Di on her first appointment judging in Germany and we enjoyed a few days

 holiday there with friends and wonderful hosts Val and Peter Seitlinger. We really had a

really good laugh and could talk Saluki and life in general with ease. Di was at my first

 judging appointment in Germany... As the consummate organiser she was soon visiting

 the show management, ensuring that my overdue expenses were reimbursed. Post judging

we would discuss our reasons for placing certain dogs and regardless of whether our

thoughts coincided or not, we always found these conversations stimulating and enjoyable.


When we moved to Northamptonshire our friendship grew and when wanting to use Kyrie

 to Nefisa Sariyyah it was Di who helped persuade Joanne and Paul that it would be a good

idea.  Thankfully it provided us with the very successful B litter and Di's persuasiveness was

vindicated. When Ken and Di judged in Australia my parents minded the salukis and home

for them.

Ken and Di were our nearest Saluki neighbours and friends in Northants.  She and l

attended ring-craft together or as Di jokingly called it 'stand your dogs'. Di also attended

 the birth of our last litter weighing and recording each pups details with her usual efficiency.

  We also regularly visited each other socially.  I know she was sad when Steve,  Laura and

 l moved back 'home' to Devon For us leaving Ken and Di was our one big regret.  However,

we remained in good contact and whenever they came to stay nearby at Kitley House we

 always met up.... Plus at shows of course.

The death of Ken was a dreadful loss to Di, but with help she found her way forward and

had much lined up, which she was really looking forward to.

Di loved teaching, hence her late retirement. She took a genuine interest in Laura's

education particularly in mathematics. even in conversations this year giving Laura

invaluable advice.

Our dear friend has been tragically taken from our lives but will never be extinguished

from our memories.  

Thank you Di... You were truly a special lady and much loved friend. '

Jenny Macro

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The South Eastern Hound Club will be holding their 48th Premier Open Show on Sunday 23rd August 2015.  Unfortunately, our judge Dibby Derfield is unable to fulfill her judging assignment because her husband Harry is unwell.  We wish Harry a speedy recovery and look forward to Dibby judging again in the future.

The dog world has lost one of their great characters with the passing of June Minns (Juneric)  We have not seen her around the dog show circuit for the last few years, which is a great pity. She was best known in whippets but  also showed Borzois, Italian Greyhounds, Greyhounds and Finnish Spitz. 
One of her last dogs was a Saluki called “Lady" 
(Ch Sufeina  Phantom) bred by Buzz Faber.  Lady was a beautiful Saluki who suffered from two unfortunate tendencies , one being that when she looked at food she put on weight; additionally she was stubborn. June was always on the prowl for someone different to show Lady,  as she would often perform better in the ring for strangers! Although Saluki arrived latterly in June’s life, she was always an admirer of them.

Horses were also a key part of June’s life as a child, riding both for pleasure and competition- I have even heard that she worked in a circus with them.  June lived life to the full at all times and was known all over the world. 
Rest in peace, June. 

The first show I have to report on is Windsor.  The weather was perfect, and the setting was lovely as always. Following the recent marriage of Diane Layton to 'Smithy,' who is our latest addition to the Saluki community. Smithy generously delivered a lovely glass of Pimps to everyone.  Overall,  it was as a dog show should be.  Judging Windsor was breed specialist, Marie Bryce Smith.  DCC, BOB gaining his first CC was Janet and David Steel’s Dawnchase Zamir. Ably handled by their daughter Charlotte He was born on the 17th April 2010 and his breeders are Mr J & Mrs L Fitzgerald.  His sire is Kirman Bashaar at Fernlark (imp) and his dam is Fernlark Roussanne at Dawnchase.  RDCC went to Jeannette & Alan Glaister’s Ch Classicus Cassander JW, Sh CM.  BCC went to Clair Chryssolor’s Ch Gemini Jeu D’Esprit for Anasazi (imp USA) ShCM. with the RBCC going to Josh Duddell and Brian Mansell’s Ch Jasmine of Canerikie (imp) JW.  Best Puppy was Jenny & Steve Macro’s Kasaque Shabaz Nefisa.  Best Veteran was Pauline Spilsted’s Jeshins Dynamic Diva.

At East of England show I met up with some people involved with ‘DogTrac’- this is a tag that you attach to your dog’s collar, and if your dog goes missing an “app” will let you know where he is.  The information says it is a smart tag using the latest NFC (near field communication) and QR code technology. You also get instant SMS and email alerts when your dog has been found.  To purchase a tag,  the price was quite reasonable at £10.00. I was given a quick demonstration and I thought it was quite amazing! To find out more, look at their web site at or telephone 01223 790100.  

It seems to me that the start of judging at dog shows is beginning at earlier times in the morning than previously. I am not sure why since the numbers entries to the shows, in general, are decreasing.  Our start time at East of England was 9am, which in turn meant a 5am start for many of us. 10am is a much more reasonable time to start; although by leaving a little earlier you do avoid some of the rush hour traffic. 
Judging us at the East of England show was the hound specialist, Paul Singleton. He chose for his DCC, BOB Jeannette & Alan Glaister’s Ch Classicus Cassander JW, ShCM. with the RDCC going to Annette & Brian Buckley’s Hisilome’s Kareef ShCM.  BCC for her first CC went to the winner of junior 'Caryna Neferti' owned by Denise Garratt and Sue Oakey.  She was born on the 7th June 2014 and her breeder is Denise Garratt.  Her sire is Ch Jorjenjo Mirzam of Fernlark JW and his dam, Ch Caryna Meilichia ShCM. RBCC went to Josh Duddell and Brian Mansell’s Ch Jasmine of Canerikie (imp) Best Puppy was Kasaque Shabaz Nefisa owned by Jenny & Steve Macro.
It is with great sadness that I report the death of Diana Allan (Jazirat Salukis)  She died on Sunday 12th July 2015 in a road accident with her beloved Saluki, Liyana (El Hamrah  Liyana) beside her.  No details of her funeral are available at this time but I will let everyone know as soon as I hear.  What a very sad time this is for all of us,  our condolences to her family and the Saluki community who have been robbed of a very vibrant person.  In next week’s Breed Notes I will have a full obituary and would appreciate a contributions.


Last Sunday we went on the ‘Saluki meander’ arranged by Helena Haywood on behalf of the Saluki Welfare.  Weather was perfect for the meeting on the village green in the unique community of the “Jordans”, a Quaker’s village  It was father’s day so many local families plus their extended families were having barbeques.  The smells were wonderful and I was quite jealous not to be included!  Everyone had pre-booked for the walk so Helena knew exactly whom to expect, there were a few late comers gratis of the M25
We walked about 3 miles through the Buckinghamshire countryside, testing our puppies abilities on coping with new things, like turnstiles.  All the dogs were wonderful with not a rude word spoken between them even though there were heathens in our midst like lurchers and an Elkhound.  It was really most enjoyable.  After we returned to the village hall where  we had a delicious ‘tea’, and the obligatory quiz.  A big thank you to Helena and her husband, Lawrence for providing us with a wonderful walk, tea, topping it off by making money for Saluki Welfare.

Stuart Mottershaw from Jersey, The Channel Islands, has sent me notification that at the latest Jersey Show, Ulmarra Bollinger was BOB, Hound Group Winner and awarded the Jersey CC the judge was Mr Chris Atkinson and later he was chosen Best in Show by Peter Young.  Diesel is co-owned by Wendy Marshall from Guernsey and Stuart Mottershaw from Jersey.  Not sure is there a title for Jersey Championship?  Like JCH?

Yesterday Blackpool Championship Show was held.  Our judge was John Walton-Haddon (Ilsham).  BCC, BOB and Hound Group 1 was Josh Duddell and Bryan Mansell’s Ch Jasmine of Canerikie JW with the RBCC to Ann & Paul Shimmin'’s Hislome’s Keepsake for Cranstal (imp) DCC went  to Lisa & John Hudson’s Ch Glenoak Kiyan JW with the RDCC to Jeannette & Alan Glaister & Mary Parker Sander’s Ch Classicus Cassander JW ShCM. Best Puppy was Velourias Agent Velvet Glencathra owned by Mrs M & Mr A Hudson.  We shall keep our fingers crossed for Jasmine and her Handler Luke Johnston in the Best in Show ring.  It has been a very long time since a Saluki has gone BIS at an all breed Championship Show.  Can anyone refresh my memory?

A couple of days ago, I had to take one of the dogs to the veterinary surgery. Whilst sitting waiting for our appointment I started chatting with a gentleman with a young gundog.  I asked how old she was, he replied that she was 11 months.  She was on the smaller size for her breed so I enquired about that to be told she was just within the standard.  He proceeded to tell me she was intended as a ‘brood bitch’.  It was his wife’s thing and she kept 8 of this particular breed for breeding.  He said some were too old now but the others were there for breeding purposes. I asked how many litters each bitch had which was answered by 4 because of the change in KC rules.  They used to have 6 litters.He said that all the bitches were health tested and they were good breeders because they were members of the Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme.  As someone pointed out to me it is like have the red tractor on food you purchase …the manufacturer pays a yearly fee and that is all they need.   I am quite horrified to hear that the sole purpose of that lovely happy puppy was either to be in whelp,  rearing a Iitter or recovering from being in whelp prior to having another litter.  Do you think they are paying tax on this business, not that that matters so much to me... it is much more the ethics that bothers me.



A reminder from David Hartley that there will be a walk in aid of Saluki Welfare funds on Saturday 18th July 2015 .  The walk will start at 10am from St Peter’s Methodist Church, Riley Street, Earby BB18 6NX.  This is between Colne, Lancs and Skipton, Yorks.  It is open to all breeds plus non showing and rescue saluki owners, especially welcomed.  The itinerary is 10am-11 meet at the Church for tea/coffee, which will be provided.    11.15 walk in surrounding countryside led by members of the local walking group.  Long version about 5 miles or you can turn back after 2 miles.

13.15 Time to eat packed lunch, chill or visit the pub.  Tea and biscuits provided by the church.

14.30 Simple Saluki quiz, fun classes sponsored by Cobbydog Dog, photo competition, raffle. Meet my Dog Competition (Introduce your dog and tell his/her story to the audience in 2mins or less.) etc.

After, presentation of Trophy for Best in Walk.

 16.30 The famous Fish and Chip Tea.  All this for £7.00 in aid of Welfare Funds.  Fish and Chip are £4.50.  For further information please contact

 David James Hartley, Riverside, 3 Greenbank, Schoolfields, Earby, Lancs. BB18 6QQ  as soon as possible. Telephone 01282 842617 or email  

 davidjhartlety @


Last Saturday the SGHC held their Open Show, the weather was not kind as it drizzled all day.  Fortunately the venue had some cover for us all to huddle under.  Judging dogs was Mrs Ruth Dann and bitches, Miss Cecilia Andersson with Mrs Trish Wells as the referee.  Best Dog and Best in Show was Liz Stephen’s Alsahra Aslan Bedu.  He was born on 31st March 2012 and bred by Sue Bounds.  His sire is Sufeina Al Ain and dam Bedu Delphine of Alsahara.  Reserve Best Dog was Annette & Brian Buckley’s Hislome’s Kareef.  Best Bitch, Best Veteran and Reserve Best in Show, was our own Ch Kasaque Miracle, Rest best bitch was Clair Jowitt’s Canapus Mistral Under Barleymoon (imp Ndl).  Best Puppy was Nicola Warner & Linda Jones’s Canapus Victoria (imp Ndl) TAF.  Best Smooth went Pauline Spilsted, Sheila Stoneman and J Parker’s Alsahra Alula for Jeshins. The Club raffle made £118.00.  A big thank you to those that assisted on the day as without you, the small Committee would not be able to put on our Club events and of course Arden Grange dog food for their generous donations.


 Helena Haywood who is in charge of the Saluki Welfare stall would like me to thank everyone who either donated to or bought from the stall at the show.  They were able to bank £143.50, which is very respectable amount.


Daphne Parnham has sent the following:

“The Saluki Welfare Fund event was held after the SGHC Open Show on 13th June 2015.

Trish Wells who was Referee for the SGHC open Show kindly judged for us. Our thanks must go to the following Wendy Marshall who donated two beautiful collars one for the Handsomest dog and one for the Prettiest Bitch. Kathy Webb had organised prizes from Arden Grange for the 1st prize winners and a token for the Best Rescue and Tony Parnham  provided a bottle of wine for each 1st prize winner.

The results are as follows:

Handsomest Dog.     1st Mr & Mrs Buckley’s Kareef.  2nd Mrs Crane’s Rafi.   3rd Miss Quadling’s Jenson.  4th Mrs Monk-Schenk’s Niagra.  

Prettiest Bitch    1st Mr & Mrs Everton’s Zeleka.  2nd Mrs Davies’ Nunki  3rd Mrs Metclfe and Mr Green’s Kizzie. Mrs Stoneman’s Silver lady. 5th Mrs Davies’ Sherzan.

Best Rescue 1st Mr Anderson’s Angel. 2nd Mrs Crane’s Tasmin.

Our thanks must go to Trish for judging and who said that she had enjoyed it and wished that there had been two first prizes for the Rescues. The Saluki Welfare Fund thanks everyone who entered and a total of £25.00 was raised.”


On Sunday 19th July there will be a Fun day at the Swan, Three Mile Cross, Reading Berks.  This is at exit 11 off the M4 motorway.  All Salukis are welcomed to attend.  For further information, please contact Jenny Dove on 01189883674





Last Saturday after the Saluki judging at Southern Counties Championship Show, by kind permission of the SCCS Society the Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club held their Limited Show.  Usually this show is held in February but because of a mix up in dates for the venue, the show had to be cancelled at the last moment.  So after the SCCS judging, we were invited to a fabulous feast of sandwiches, cakes, fruit and drinks provided by “The Saluki”  the official magazine of the Saluki or Gazelle hound Club.  The results of the show are:

Best in Show went to Ann Redway and Mike Lewis’ Kasaque Ra Abdur Rashid with the Reserve Best in Show to the Annette and Brian Buckley’s Hislilome’s Kareef (Imp Swe).  Best of Opposite Sex went to Anne and Paul Shimmin’s Hisilome’s Keepsake for Cranstal (Imp Swe).  Best Puppy in Show was Caroline & John Owen’s Caryna Khepri with the Best of Opposite Sex Puppy to Denise Garratt & Sue Oakey’s Caryna Neferti Sh CM.  Best Veteran was Clair Chryssolor’s Abu Baq’s Gazal Galiya for Anasazi (imp) with Best Smooth to Kathy Webb and Sybelle Benoit’s Har Kala Rachi Mouniir (Imp Bel)

Well done all!


We would like to say a big thank you to Southern Counties Canine Association for accommodating us and to Arden Grange for their continued sponsorship.


Congratulations to Ann Redway and Mike Lewis on the announcement of their engagement.  They plan to wed next year.


Today,Three Counties Championship Show, was held and judging us was Mr Frank Cane.  BCC, BOB was Diane Layton’s Anasha Al Noushafarin (Imp) Sh CM for her 2nd CC.  The Reserve BCC went to Deborah Copperthwaite’s Noushzad Calipha Orlie.  DCC went to Ch Baghdad Karin (Imp) Sh CM owned by Steve Ham, Paula Bockman-Chato and Margaret Elliot-Ross.  RDCC was Christine Campling’s Classicus Conway Sh CM.  Best Puppy was Ms N Warner & Mrs L Jones’ Canapus Victoria TAF (Imp).  Congratulations to Ch Baghdad Karin (Imp) and his owners for winning The Eukanuba  Champions Stakes on the day.  We shall have to wait and see if he manages to win the overall stakes. Well done all!


It seems a bit strange but next week the SGHC will be holding their Open Show. The show will be held at the Dobermann Club Training & Showground, Digswell, Herts AL6 0BU on Saturday 13th June 2015.  Show opens at 9.30 with the judging starting with dogs at 10.30 am, followed by bitches.  Judging dogs is Mrs Ruth Dann and bitches Miss Cecilia Andersson with the referee Mrs Trish Wells.  The entry is 33 dogs and 42 bitches with 5 entries to be judged jointly in the Brace Class.  There will be a SGM during the Show to view and accept the accounts


The Show finishes with a Parade of the Rescued Salukis who will be presented with a rosette, sausage and Arden Grange goodies, this is organized by David Crane contact:  The Welfare Fund will be using the venue for a few events, please stay and enjoy the fun.  Wendy Marshall has kindly donated two beautifully embellished collars, which will be presented to the Prettiest Bitch & Handsomest Dog . Additionally there are special prizes for the Best Fancy Dressed Dog & Best Rescue, come and take part, open to all salukis. Contact Daphne Parnham for more details:


At the Open Show there will only be limited refreshments available, if anyone can spare some time during the day to help in the kitchen it will be appreciated. Contributions of cakes, raffle prizes and welfare items will be most welcome. Last but not least the Calendar 2016 Competition, come to the Club House, view and vote for the photos you like best.


As most of you know our Trophy secretary is ill and was unable to send out notification on returning trophies.  If you have an Open Show or a Club annual trophy, please return it to the show.  Thanks


The SGHC Committee has said that anyone wanting to learn about the Saluki to please do come along, we are more than happy to give advice or mentoring


We have received the schedule for the 48th South Eastern Hound Club to be held on Sunday 23 August at Hickstead Showground, West Sussex BN6 9HS

Judging Salukis will be Dibby Derfield with 6 classes.  In my opinion this is one of our nicest shows with a wonderful bring and share lunch.  Schedules can be obtained from Val Meer on telephone 01435 868408 or  Postal entries close Wednesday 22nd July 2015 or up until midnight on Tuesday 28thJuly 2015 at


In the last edition of the Kennel Gazette there were three new judges announced for 2016.  Sue Rabey Wilkenson will be judging at Manchester.  Giving tickets here for the first time at The Hound Association is Dr Francis Broadway.  (I shall post a cv closer to the time of the show)  Also giving tickets for the first time in Salukis is Gavin Robertson judging at South Wales.


Jumping the gun, in 2017, Mrs EA MacDonald will be judging at the Northern Saluki Club Championship Show 




On her return journey from SKC, Caroline Owen was taken ill.  She suffered a stroke at Scotch Corner and was air lifted to Middleborough Hospital where they began treatment for an intracranial ischemic stroke.  She has now been transferred to Derby Royal Infirmary which is nearer to home where she will be facing a long period of recovery and rehabilitation.  I am sure she would appreciate receiving cards.  Her address is 195 Heanor Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 8TA


Michael McCormick Smith, Hon Sec of the SGHC has asked me to pass on the following message from Peter Broadbent, who is Hon Sec of Border Counties Hound Club and Nedderdale Agricultural Society, and from Anita Broadbent who is Hon Sec of Pudsey & District Canine Society They would like to publicize the side-by-side Open Shows on Sunday 16th August at Bewerley Park, Pateley Bridge N. Yorkshire.  At Border Counties Hound Club there are 5 Saluki classes, to be judged by Dave Lever (Cheshire) – and at Pudsey Show there are 3 Saluki classes, to be judged by Christine Russell.  At the Nidderdale Agricultural Society Canine Section Open Show, at the same venue but on 21st September, there are three Saluki classes to be judges by Andrew Littlejohn (Scotland).


Please if possible enter as the two secretaries are worried about the future of the Clubs especially the Hound Club.


News from Guernsey KC Show, Stuart Mottershaw and Wendy Marshall’s Ulmarra Bollinger was BOB, Hound Group winner, Best Hound Yearling at the show. 


Sue Edge has been keeping very good company.  Last weekend she was invited to a tea party with the Queen.  It is all about where she lives which is  in the duchy of Lancashire farm and are part of the Queen’s private estate.  She likes to meet the people that live on her estates. 


Michael and I have just returned from the Southern Counties Championship Show, showground were we popped up to watch Best in Show.  We were there to support the Saluki, Ch Jasmine of Canerikie (imp) JW owned by Josh Duddell and Barry Mansell.  She had won the Hound Group the day before.  She was aptly handled by Luke Johnston.  They certainly did the breed proud and a big congratulations on winning Reserve Best in Show. 


Our judge for SCCS was Wolfriede Schwem-Hahne from Germany.  Her BCC, BOB was Ch Jasmine of Canerikie (imp) with the RBCC to Ann & Paul Shimmin’s  Hislome’s Leonore Mish Cranstal (imp).  DCC went to Jeannette & Alan Galaister & Mary Sanders Parker’s Ch Classicus Cassander JW, Sh CM.  RDCC was awarded to Ch Baghdad Karim (imp).  Best Puppy was Canapus Vesper at Savuka NAF TAF (imp) owned by Ms N  Warner & Mr B Hetherington). Well done all!!



Scottish Kennel Club May Championship Show was held last Saturday.  Judging Salukis was Mr Jerry Robertson.  He chose for his DCC, BOB, Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM owned by the Glaister, Sanders Parkers partnership.  Later in the day he won Hound Group 4 under breed specialist Marie Bryce-Smith.  RDCC went to Nicola Quadling Kasra Zebadiyah at Malenkhai.  BCC for her first CC went to Ann and Paul Shimminb’s Hisilome’s Keepsake for Cranstal (IMP).  She was born on 22nd September 2012 and her breeder is Marianne Axelsson.  Her sire is SE U Ch Nord Al-shen Raadin Al Rafiiq and her dam, Nord U Ch Hisloime’s Halawa.  RBCC went to the winner of the Veteran Class, Denise Garratt and Sue Oakey’s Ch Caryna Calisto.  Best Puppy was also Denise Garratt and Sue Oakey’s Caryn Neferti.  Well done all!


Are you a breeder or thinking of breeder The Kennel Club and    Royal Canin are running a host of Breeder Education Seminars taking place all over the UK throughout the year, covering a vast range of topics for breeders of all levels. All those who book will be entered into a free prize draw! Prizes include a year's supply of Royal Canin food specific to your dog's needs and a personalised whelping box courtesy of Nurture Animal Housing (RRP £550). 


To find out more about the seminar series, please visit

All those who book will be entered into a free prize draw! Prizes include a year's supply of Royal Canin food specific to your dog's needs and a personalised whelping box courtesy of Nurture Animal Housing (RRP £550). 


Breed Record Supplement for January to March 2015 has arrived.  There were two litter registered with 14 puppies between them.  With both litters I am unfamiliar with their breeding.  There were 4 importation, three from Netherlands from the same litter.  They are Canapus Vesper and Canapus Victoria both owned by Mrs NJ Warner and Canapus Violante owned by Mrs G Anderson.  The 4th dog was El Hamrah Mansur of Kasaque imported by ourselves and co-owned with Emma Darby. One Export Pedigree, Velourias Viscount Verve was sent to Austria.  One Junior Warrant, Fernlark Snow Grouse at Daandazi.  One Show Certificate of Merit to Dacfolke Azurite with Zxylasahlaam.


Phyllida Cooke has had a very bad time.  Last Friday she stopped by to visit a neighbor where their Labrador was in the front garden.  Phyllida did not enter the gate but stood on the outside, the Lab jumped up at her, Phyllida put her hand up instinctively to protect her face and the dog had her hand.  The results were a two hour operation to repair the ripped tendons.  She is in plaster and will probably remain in plaster for a few weeks.  My heart goes out to her as I know she like most of us, are true dog lovers.  Driving for a while is out of the picture but with some help we hope to see her at Southern Counties. 




A last minute reminder, for the SGHC Open Show that paper entries are now closed, but entries on line can be made up until midnight on Monday 25th May 2015.  Unlike the Limited show, one does not have to be a member of the club to enter.  For entering please go on line to  Judging at the show will be Mrs Ruth Dann for dogs and Miss Cecilia Anderson for bitches.  Referee is Mrs Trish Wells.  Any queries please contact Kathy Webb on telephone number 01737 353279.


Next Saturday (30th May 2015) Southern Counties Championship Show will be held and after the judging, the SGHC Limited Show.  Just a reminder for all those with trophies, please remember to return them to the Club Trophy Secretary, Mrs Caroline Owen, at the show and please bring items for the raffle.


It is always difficult to loose a Saluki and it does not make it any easier to loose one when they are in the prime of life.  Our thoughts go out to Diana Allan who has lost her Timaru Mazzika of Jazirat (imp USA).  Rest in peace.


Birmingham National Show was held last weekend.  Judging was Mrs Jeanna Jacques.  In the top spots there were a couple of new faces.  BCC, BOB went to Al Caliphs Artemis.  She was born on 26th June 2011.  Her breeder and owner is Mrs Deborah Copperthwaite.  Her sire is Ch Al Caliphs Zobeyni JW and dam Al Caliphs Ramia Shifra.  RBCC went to Hilary Davies and Christine Harrison’s Charrioak Sheerzam JW.  DCC for his first CC went to Annette and Brian Buckley’s Hislome’s Kareef Sh CM (imp).  He was born on 22nd September 2012 and his breeder is Marianne  Axelsson .  His sire is Nord Ch Al-shin Raadin Al Rafiq and dam Nord Ch Hisilome’s Halawa.  RDCC went to Caroline & John Owens”s Caryna Khepri, from the puppy Class. Best Puppy was Denise Garratt & Sue Oakey’s Caryna Neferti, wth Best Veteran to Denise & Sue’sCh Caryna Calisto.  Well done all!




The rescheduled SGHC Limited Show is being held Saturday 30th May 2015 after the judging at Southern Counties Championship Show, Newbury Showground, Priors Court, Hermitage, Thatcham, Berks RG18 2QZ.   Our Judge will be Dr Peggy Postma.  She has 37 dogs making an entry of 43.  Please bring raffle prizes and a reminder that if you are not competing at SCCS then you will need a pass to attend the Limited Show if you are competing.  Please contact Marie Bryce-Smith on 01342 327573 for the passes.


Congratulations to Diane Layton on her upcoming marriage to Smithy.  I asked Diane for some information on her big day and she sent the following with a proviso that I may cut out anything, if it did not seem right.  I have kept it in it’s entirety as it seems perfect to me.  “Smithy and I are getting married at Pencarrow House, the quirky country estate where I rented a cottage for ten years. Hopefully, the weather will be fine so we can have the ceremony outside in front of the wisteria clad, walled garden. Being the old crazies that we are, I'm walking 'down the aisle' to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and friends are playing us out with an acoustic AC/DC medley!!! I have no close family left alive so one of my oldest friends is giving me away, his wife is my maid of honour and my oldest punk rock friend is my other bridesmaid....(she has one of our puppies). She may have to hold Sha's lead as she's so used to hunting in the grounds of Pencarrow and my Vivienne Westwood shoes are so stupidly high that she may just pull me over!!! We're then all getting on the steam train which stops at the end of our garden to party the night away in an Indian marquee with live bands, venison and an ice cream van!!! Enough detail”


In last weeks ‘Our Dogs’ Saluki notes by Helen Graham, she brought up the subject of insect repellents .  We are using and this is the second year we have used it, is Seresto made by Bayer. It is a collar that is water resistant and does what it says on the tin.  It kills ticks, leas and lice and repels ticks.  We usually do not have a problem with fleas but the dogs do manage to pick up ticks quite readily.  This collar is expensive at £30.00 but it does last for 7 to 8 months before replacing.



The Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club will be holding their Open Show on Saturday 13th June 2015 at the Dobermann Club Training & Showground, Digswell, Herts AL6 0BU Judging Dogs is Mrs Ruth Dann and Bitches, Miss Cecilia Andersson.  The referee is Mrs Trish Wells.  There are 31 classes including two Junior Handling, which will be judged by the referee.  The ages are 6 to 11 for the first class and 12-16 for the second class.  We hope to have a good turn out of juniors.  (At this point I would like to mention that at the last AGM of the Club, it was decided that juniors up and including16 years of could have a free membership to the Club, along with juniors that remain in full time education until 21.  These free memberships are with restrictions.)  Postal entries close on Monday 18th May 2015 with online entries until midnight Monday 25th May.  For schedules contact Kathy Webb on 01737 353279 or look on line at 

I have received further information from Anji Jackson Main regarding the photo competition: Call Out for the SGHC saluki calendar 2016A celebration of Salukis living in the UK The 2015 calendar has had a lot of positive feedback and we are very pleased with the result.  Because we have decided to use the same large photo format, we do require you to send in clear, creative, well positioned, landscape photographs of your salukis. If you have excellent portrait photos please send them and they can be used as the small thumbnail pictures.  Maximum number is 6 photographs.Please put the salukis name, owner and who took the photo, if you didn't take the photograph please get permission from the photographer.End date 4th June 2016The photos will be exhibited at the SGHC Open show on Saturday June 13th 2015.There will be an opportunity to view the photos and participate In the judging process.If you have any questions please email: . Please send your photos as a JPEG to 

David Crane, Hon Secretary of the Saluki Welfare has sent the following: “SALUKI WELFARE FUND WELFARE WARDEN: The Saluki Welfare Fund is looking to appoint a new Welfare Warden for the South The position involves the management of the rescue and rehoming operations of Saluki Welfare in the South and liaison with the Welfare Warden in the North. The person appointed will need to have experience and knowledge of the breed including conformation, breed standard and temperament. The job also requires people management skills and the ability to deal with sometimes challenging situations. The ability to acquire new knowledge and skills such as the legal implications of rescue and re-homing animals will be important.

The new Warden will receive practical help, training and guidance from the outgoing Warden, and will have the on-going support of the members of the Saluki Welfare Committee. People interested in discussing this important and satisfying position which seeks to match the needs of our rescued Salukis with the right people offering them forever homes should contact:  David Crane, Secretary Saluki Welfare at

The AGM of Saluki Welfare was held on Sunday 29th March. The following changes were agreed:      Chris Lewis was appointed as Trustee to replace Rosie thereby retaining the long family connection with Welfare.  Elaine Rushton was also appointed as Trustee to replace Roy Goodby who has retired after many years of service to Welfare. The vacant position of Vice-Chairman was filled by Tania Stevens. Thank you to everyone who supported the Welfare Stall at the NSC Ch. Show either by buying or giving items for sale. A grand total of £187.00 was raised by Debs Steele, who had worked hard at presenting a lovely stall of beautiful hand knits, decorated bags all ma The vacant position of Vice-Chairman was filled by Tania Stevens.”

Last Sunday the Northern Saluki Club held their Championship Show.  Judging was Mrs Karin Hedberg from Sweden.  As we have come to expect from the NSC, the show was well run with the competitors treated like guests.  Well done to them. DCC, BIS went to the winner of last years SGHC Champ Show and that is Ch Glenoak Kiyan JW owned by Lisa and John Hudson.  The RDCC was Jeannette & Alan Glaister & Mary Sanders Parker’s Ch Classicus Cassander JW, SHCM.  BCC went to Denise Garratt & Sue Oakey’s Ch Caryna Meilichia Sh CM with the RBCC to Lisa & John Hudson’s Ch Glenoak Kamala JW.  Best Puppy was Denise Garratt & Sue Oakey’s Caryna Neferti with Best of Opposite Sex Puppy was Jenny & Steve Macro’s Kasaque Shabaz Nefisa. Best Veteran in ShowMartine Smithson’s Ch Chisobee Serenarian.


Caroline Owen has sent the following regarding the NSC: "NSC Champ show on 19th April 2015 under Judge Karin Hedberg (Sweden) at Sharley Park Leisure Centre, Market Street, Clay Cross, Derbyshire S45 9LX.
There are 108 salukis entered making 132 entries, 12 NFC. There are 47 entries in the dog classes, 63 entries in the bitch classes and 10 entries in the joint classes.
Catering is being provided by a Catering Van on site. There will be a Parade of Rescued Salukis during the interval. Please contact David Hartley for further details. Tel 01282 84261. Judging starts at 10am. There is no bring and share this year. Trophies won at last years Champ Show should be returned at the show or to Mrs Hilary Davies, Trophy Steward.

The Northern Saluki Club website has been revamped after changing the service provider. Many thanks to the former service provider Dr Ray Bardell for facilitating the changeover and to former NSC Hon Secretary Andrew Sharp who maintained the website for so many years. It is now possible to include much more information about the NSC Club and additional information which may prove helpful to Members and visitors, including links to Members web links to 2015 General Championship show results, links to or information about General Open Shows with Saluki classes, Members news items, Club show results and photos, and a Remembrance page for Members to share a photo and memory of their beloved dogs who are no longer with us. Sadly the constraints on the old website meant that results and photos from previous years were overwritten with the loss of those images. Of course the NSC predated the Internet and much of the photographic history is not available. Hopefully in future the results and photos will be a permanent record on the website.

Although the NSC website is a public website open to visitors it is primarily intended to be of benefit to Members of the NSC. The contact email address for Members wishing to share any information on the NSC website's link to their own website, memory of lost dog, good news, planned litter, Open shows with saluki classes, fun items is . Suggestions for future developments would be welcomed (subject to NSC Committee approval).

As many will know the SGHC Limited Show had to be cancelled at the last moment, so it is good news that it will happen this year. It will be after judging at the Southern Counties Championship Show which is to be held on Saturday 30th May 2015 at the Newbury Showground, Priors Court, Hermitage, Thatcham Berks RG18 9QZ. New schedules are being sent out to members of the SGHC but if you do not receive one and would like one please contact Kathy Webb on 01737 353279. You need not to have entered the cancelled Limited show to enter. For exhibitors of the Limited Show there will be sandwiches, cakes and cold drinks courtesy of The Saluki magazine.

Last Sunday the SGHC held their AGM. The Committee remains the same except for Michael Williams who has stood down. There was a thank you to Michael for all his hard work and also a thank you to Maya Monk Schenk who was retiring as the Health Officer. A vote was taken regarding judges for the Open and Championship Show. It was decided, unanimously, that we should reduce down one judge as our entries do not warrant two judges and a Best in Show judge. If the entries improve then the situation will be reviewed again. The ballot for judges was read out and judging the 2016 Limited Show is Luke Johnston. The 2016 Open Show will be judged by Sybelle Benoit, Sue Finnett and Bernard Barjot. Winning ballot for the 2017 Championship Show will be Diana Allan, Karen Fisher with Best in Show to be confirmed.

AGM has requested that the Committee ask the judge from Crufts and the Kennel Club an explanation of why he has called two dogs brindles in his critiques when they were in fact grizzle and white parti coloured.

It was decided that in the future the ballot for the Championship show will be limited to breed specialist only taken from the A1, A2, A3 lists.

Junior members will be given free membership along with person between the ages of sixteen and twenty-one who are in full-time education may also be elected as Junior Members. As Junior Members they are entitled to receive email communications from the club and do not have voting rights.
Thanks to the Committee for their hard work 


Wednesday night, the evening before the commencement of Crufts, the Pawscars Awards were held. For those that are unfamiliar with the idea I have included the story thus far:JILLY S Jolly Jaunt has been an outstanding success, raising just short of £50,000 for good causes and bringing the world of dogs together in a quite remarkable way. The story could have ended there, but two weeks after the funds from the Jolly Jaunt were distributed to Great Ormond Street Hospital, DogLost and the Kennel Club Charitable Trust it's time to announce the next chapter.

The night before Crufts 2015 opened its doors - the Pawscars award ceremony was held in the Metropole Hotel on the NEC campus. The awards recognised success, hard work and effort in all areas of the pedigree dog show scene, and are about celebrating all that is good on the UK dog show scene. Whats even better is they will raise more money for good causes; some of the biggest businesses that serve the world of dogs are already lined up to offer their support.

But the Pawscars is just half the story because March 2014 marked the launch of the Peek A Boo trust, which is set up to encourage fundraising throughout the world of pedigree dogs and will be charged with disbursing that cash to children's and canine charities. Not every fund raising effort needs to be as big as Jilly's Jolly Jaunt; organisers hope to encourage donations from events of all kinds, some which might raise just a few pounds and others that will raise several thousands.

The ideas for the trust and for the Pawscars were devised by Gavin Robertson, handler of last years(but one) Crufts best in show winner, Ch Soletrader Peek a Boo, or Jilly, and Dog World managing director Stuart Baillie, and in the last few weeks they have been busily encouraging businesses to come on board to support the event.

Gavin said: "I was just blown away by the support we received for Jillys Jolly Jaunt and its not just about the amount of money we've raised its about the support we received from all over the UK and abroad. It was heart-warming to see the way the world of dogs got behind the idea and demonstrated their support in so many ways. And of course at the end of the day we raised almost £50,000!

"When we came up with the idea of the walk in my wildest dreams I thought we might manage to raise £25,000, so to end up with almost twice that amount is a tribute to everyone who offered their help, support and encouragement along the way of the walk and felt truly honoured to be part of it. It was then that I started to have the kernel of an idea about setting up a trust to keep the good work going.

There was a total of 15 awards presented on the night. These are Championship Show of the Year, sponsored by Eukanuba; Training class of the Year and Breeder of the Year sponsored by Royal Canin; Journalist of the Year sponsor to be confirmed; Exhibitor of the Year sponsored by Dorwest; Junior Handler of the Year sponsored by Dog World; Steward of the Year sponsored by the Kennel Club; Trade stand of the Year sponsored by Fosse Data; Open Show of the Year sponsored by Lintbells; Breed Note Writer of the Year sponsored by Herbal Solutions Ltd; All breed Judge of the Year Sponsored by Purina, Judge of the Year, sponsored by Royal Canin; Photographer of the Year, sponsor to be confirmed; Unsung Hero, sponsor to be confirmed; and an award for outstanding achievement which will be sponsored by the Trust.

Ch Classicus Cassander JW ShCM was invited to attend as he was Top Hound this past year. Caroline Pickering has sent the following regarding the evening out :

A Night at the Ocars: by Caroline Pickering: Following the amazing success of Dexter (CH Classicus Cassander JW ShCM ) owned by Jeannette and Alan Glaister and Mary Sanders Parker I was ecstatic to be asked to attend the Pawscars awards to celebrate the best of the British dog scene. Dexter having achieved Top Hound in the UK was to receive an award . The evening started with a photo shoot of all the top dog winners and nominees for the various awards, then followed a champagne welcome reception where smartly dressed waiters served us with perfectly chilled champagne. At 7 pm we made our way into the large banqueting hall which had beautifully dressed tables. After a short speech the awards were announced , Jeannette and Mary were called to the stage to collect the most beautiful award for Top Hound and along with the other group winners received a tremendous round of applause. Waiters then served the starter of smoked salmon and asparagus with lemon potato salad and lime dressing , more awards were given to best judge, best show ,best steward etc then to the main course of orange and thyme braised beef with dauphinois, tomatoes ,carrots and parsnips in a red wine jus followed by a lime parfait for desert. The whole evening was absolutley wonderful the food fantastic and the company excellent. I certainly would recommend it to everyone
Jeanne Glaister writes:"Helen asked me to send her something for the Saluki Breed notes following our wonderful night at the Pawscars awards. In January I received an invite to attend Pawscars, this wasn't expected so came as a shock. I had to confirm within days so quickly had to make the decision on tickets, hotel and travel. I confirmed that Caroline, Mary and myself would be attending. Being the evening before Crufts I decided to travel by train as did Caroline. I met Caroline at the station to check into the Metrepole Hotel, we had a few hiccups, but got there eventually. We had to be down in reception for 5.30 to get the official photos taken, where I was presented with a huge rosette for Dexter being Top Hound 2014, I accepted this with great pride, it is a once in a lifetime award and not only thrilled for ourselves but also the breed. It was certainly a night to remember!!"

I have not written about Crufts as of yet because as soon as it was over, Michael and I were on a airplane to parts warmer for a few days of relaxation. We had an enjoyable day at Crufts catching up with old friends and meeting new ones though Crufts is always Crufts and after so many years we know pretty much what to expect. Our Judge was Charles K Thornton know to most of us as Keith. He had a most interesting entry to assess especially in the Open Dogs. The nearest I can relate it to is 'The battle of the Titans' He had the top Saluki from the UK, top Saluki from Asia, top Saluki from Ireland, top Saluki from Sweden plus the cream of the crop of Salukis world wide. With such a varied and wide selection of dogs overall, it made the day most interesting. After the judging I did ask him if he enjoyed the day and he said he had not because he was feeling quite unwell.

DDC, BOB and Hound Group 1 went to SE/No/Fi Ch Qirmizi Ovation owned by Mrs I & Mr N Eriksson with the RDCC to Ch Baghdad Karim Sh CM owned by Mr S & Mrs A Ham, Mrs P Bockman-Chato and Mrs M Ross-Elliott. BCC went to Ch Jasmine of Canerikie JW (imp ITA) owned by Mr B Mansell & Mrs JM Duddell with the RBCC to Mazrae Gangall Cala Anguila owned by Miss S Hsgg. Best puppy was Caryna Neferti owned by Mrs D Garratt & Miss Sue Oakey. Well done all!

Reading the critiques for Crufts in this paper dated 13th March 2015 I was horrified to see that in two cases, in the first instance in Junior Dog, it state that Hams's Bendegedig Bazinga was a white and brindle. In the second case in Post Graduate Dog, Andersson's Alsahra Dakota, is a white and brindle. I can categorically state that neither of these dogs have brindle markings but are grizzle and white parti-coloureds. Brindle is an undesirable colouration in Salukis (see the breed standard:Any colour or combination of colours permissible, other than brindle or blue, which are highly undesirable. - See more at: I do hope the judge writes an apology for his error.

On Saturday 4th April the AHA will be holding their Annual General Meeting and immediately after they will host a Spotlight on Sighthounds 2- The Sequel. After there will be a AHA Fit for Function Fun Rally 2. If you would like to attend please contact Susan Rhodes on tel 01233 770256 or 07747615909 or email:

Helen Williams


These notes are being written before Crufts, so you will have to look further in this paper for those results or look on line at fossedata. Kathy Webb has let me know that the Crufts edition The Saluki is now available. If you do not receive your copy within the next two weeks, please contact Kathy on 01737 353279 to find out if your subscription is up to date.

David Hartley, Welfare warden has sent the following information about his annualwalk A mail to remind you of this years SALUKI WALK at EARBY.
It will be on the18th JULY. (change from original date as church double booked) and we hope you will be able to come. All proceeds for Saluki Welfare Funds. Please forward this mail to anyone you think might be interested.

Looking forward to seeing Saluki friends old and new but everyone and all breeds are most welcome -let's see who can bring an unusual breed. I think it was the Sloughis last year.

Also whilst I'm mailing there is
An invitation to all rescue Saluki owners to show and tell the story of their hound(s) in a non competitive environment at the Northern Saluki Championship Show to be held at Sharley Park Leisure Centre Clay Cross Derbyshire S45 9LX on Sunday 19th April 2015from 10.00 am. Simply turn up with your dogs and see me at the entrance table. The parade of rescues will be in the interval which is not likely to be before 11.30 am or after 1.30pm but this does depend on the entry and speed of judging on the day.
Come along and see the show salukis and meet other rescue owners.

A couple of reminders:
The Northern Saluki Club will be holding their AGM on Sunday 15th March 2015 at Shirland Village Hall, Shirland, Derbyshire DE55 6BB. AGM will commence at 1pm.

The SGHC will be holding their AGM on Sunday 22nd March 2015 at Nuffield Health Centre, Newbury Race Course, Newbury RG14 7PN. It is not hard to find. Just follow signs to the Racecourse, once there Nuffields is well signposted. The AGM starts at 2pm but there is a bar at the centre and lunches can be purchased.
Helen Williams


Little information has come my way for this week's Breed Notes. A friend has asked me to mention that he has available a complete set of the Stud Books, 141 volumes:

Volume 1 - 1859-1874, Volume 2 - 1875 through to Volume 141 2014. Anyone interested please contact me.

Our entry passes for Crufts have arrived so Crufts fever is in the air. Next Sunday, 22nd February 2015, the SGHC Limited Show will be held so all the youngster will have a chance to 'strut their thing' with a last minute practice before the big day. The show will be held at Steventon Village Hall, Steventon, Abingdon, Oxon OX13 6AA. Judge is Dr Peggy Postma. For further information please contact Marie Bryce-Smith on 01342 327573.

Breed Records Supplement for October to December 2014 has arrived. There were 9 litters registered making up to 56 puppies. Of these 11 puppies and two litter were from club members. One importation, Bryn Wild Rose at Manarah. She was imported from Canada and owned by Peter and Angela Yardley. Two champion Certificates were awarded the first to Khalils Allegra-Classicus (Imp Swe) owned by Mrs ME Sanders-Parker and the second to Sundara's Ayla of De Sabbia (imp USA) owned by Mesdames J Cotterill & J Pyatt & M Haag One Junior Warrant which went to Khalils Cressida-Classicus owned by Mrs ME Sanders-Parker. Finally two Show Certificate Of Merit were awarded. The first is Fernark Snow Grouse at Daandazi owned by Mr A Burtenshaw & Mrs G Cook and the second went to Hisilome's Kareef (imp Swe) owned by Mrs AK & Mr BW Buckley. In 2014, 189 Salukis were registered by the KC. Interestingly, there were 165 Afghans registered during that same period.

Joanne Mahon has asked me to include the following: "Many of you may know Lin (Lorrequer Salukis) from her long history in the breed, her top winning Salukis or from her stunning photographic work featuring her dogs. What many of you may not know is that Lin has been fighting a long, hard battle against ovarian cancer for the last two years and she is currently undergoing a further series of intensive chemotherapy. Lin, who lives alone, would dearly love to be able to stay in her own small home in Beeton, Ontario, Canada and to be able to keep her 3 remaining Salukis. (others have been rehomed to reduce the burden of care on Lin). Lin is already in dire financial straits as the previous rounds of chemotherapy meant she was unable to carry on her dog grooming business as normal to meet her monthly overheads. Her further treatment leaves her facing the prospect of financial ruin along with the probability of losing her home and having to give up her remaining Salukis as she is unable to carry on working during her treatment and after care.
Your donation, no matter how large or small, will go a long way to help one of the stalwarts of our Saluki community and make a real difference to Lin's quality of life in the months ahead. Lin has always been generous in offering help and support to others in our breed facing difficult times. Pleas help Lin stay in her home and enable her to live with her beloved Salukis who keep her spirits raised and her mind and body active. Please put yourself in her shoes for just a moment and make a generous donation to help Lin in her time of need.
If you would like to contact Lin directly please e:mail to
Contributions can be made through or
There will be an online fundraising auction starting March 8th, 2015. A wide variety of Saluki related items will be available at

Helen Williams


David Crane, Secretary of Saluki Welfare has sent the following: Saluki Welfare are holding their AGM on Sunday 29th March at 1.00 pm. The venue is The Fentham Meeting Room, Marsh Lane, Hampton in Arden, Solihull B92 0AH.
This is just off Junction 6 of the M 42 near to the NEC. All members of SGHC and NSC plus rescue owners are invited to hear what has been happening at Welfare.



Clair Chryssolor has sent a note referring to the results of the Saluki Lure trial that was held early in January.  The Best in Field was not as it was reported but the winner was the brother, Anasazi Early Dusk

The Finnish Saluki Club, for some years, have been studying Saluki hearts and recording information.  This information is readily available for everyone to read and study. 

The link is  More information can be found at  In Germany, dogs are required to pass a heart test before

they are given a Breeding License.   We have done some testing here, with the Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club, but the need to test on the level that the Finnish Saluki Club has not deemed necessary at this point in time.

  Maya Monk-Schenk the Health Officer of the SGHC has been making enquiries with canine cardiologist to see if they are finding more problems with Salukis.


Cecilia Andersson had to go into hospital for keyhole surgery but unfortunately after a couple of days at home after the procedure, she had to return to the hospital.  We wish her a speedy recovery and hopefully it will not be long before she is back at home. 

The Committee of the SGHC is looking for someone to be the health coordinator.  The job description will be in the next newsletter or can be obtained from Michael McComick Smith.  This a very important position as keeping abreast with what is happening with our breed, health wise, both here and abroad.  The SGHC intends to have another breed seminar in November 2015.  I shall put more information in the Breed Notes when I hear more from the Committee.

I have received notifications from Maya Monk-Schenk that in the last survey conducted by the KC they received reports representing 66 live dogs and 11 deceased dogs. 

SGHC Limited Show is being held on Sunday 22nd February at the Steventon Village Hall, Steventon, Abingdon, Oxon OX13 6AA.  Show opens at 9.00am and judging will commence at 10.00 am followed by the bitches.  The judge will be Dr Peggy Postma.   She has an entry of 24 dogs making up to 28 entries.  There are 10 NFC.  Tea and Coffee will be available all day as well of cakes.  The Committee would appreciate donations of cakes.  For the lunch break there will be filled rolls, available to purchase.  After lunch there will be informal discussions and activities

Last Thursday the first Championship show of 2015 was held.  The show was Manchester and the judge was breed specialist Anne Macdonald.  She chose for her DCC, BOB the top hound of 2014, Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM owned by the Glaister partnership and Mary Parker.  RDCC went to the winner of the Post Grad class, Kasaque Ra Frankel of Saruk owned by Marie Bryce Smith.  BCC for her second CC was Bermuda Ch Ulmarra Tropical Ice at Winton owned by Mrs K Williams.  RBCC went to the winner of Junior class Mrs Mary Sanders Parker’s Noushzad Claudia-Classicus (Imp).  Best Puppy and 4th in Puppy Group was Denise Garratt & Sue Oakey’s Caryna Neferti.

Best Veteran was Ch Baghdad Karim Sh CM owned by The Ham, Brockman-Chato & Ross-Elliot partnership.


Helena Haywood has sent the following  “On behalf of Saluki Welfare Fund  we wish all Salukifiles and their hounds a successful, happy and healthy 2015. As we approach the SGHC Limited Show I would like to remind all attendees that we are grateful for any contributions to the Welfare stall whether it be for the Tombola or as items for sale.  If you have any unwanted Christmas presents or are just decluttering please bring your donations along on the day.”

On Sunday 4th January the SGHC held a “lure Trial”  run for the members of the club by Karen Fisher and Cecelia Andersson.  Karen has sent me in the following report  “The day was a very social occasion with some excellent runs being put in by several of the competitors.  Yes we had fog - and the weatherman promised that we would have sunshine but if it was present in the area it didn't make an appearance in our field!  However whilst we waited for the fog to lift a little bit so the judges could see the entire course, the day started off with some short sprints to whet the whistle - particularly for those who weren't particularly plastic driven.

When visibility improved the continuous loop was laid out and we took this opportunity of the break in proceedings to enjoy some mulled wine kindly supplied by Kathy Webb with mince pies supplied by me - this most certainly warmed us all up.  We also held the raffle, Marie did a wonderful job selling the tickets. There were some lovely prizes, one of which was the full collection of the UAE's first day cover stamps celebrating their national breed - the saluki. 

The judges (who must have been freezing, standing on their box, so they could see the whole course) did an excellent job and whilst the 18 entrants were waiting for their run Kathy also served soup and hot chocolate which she also supplied.  A hearty thanks to Kathy for her wonderful refreshments. Sadly, once again, none of our rescue owners had entered the trial for rescued salukis so the results were as follows:

Trial for registered salukis

Class 1 (For dogs/bitches aged between 18 and 24 months) winner - Nick and Marie Bryce-Smith's Kasaque Ra Frankel of Saruk

Class 2 (For dogs/bitches aged 2 – 6 years old) winner - Andy and Clair Chryssolor's Anasazi Malt Whiskey

Class 3 (For Veterans aged between 7 – 9 years) winner - Sheila Stoneman's Jeshins Dynasty Silver Lady.

BIF was A. Malt Whiskey.

Our thanks have to go to our very able lure operator, John Miles, who did a sterling job considering that the grass was wet which caused the line to stretch but he managed to keep everything running smoothly for us.  Thanks also to our two judges, Lana Gazda and Pip Buswell for their assessments.” 

Annette Buckley has sent the following: “Our Hisilome’s Kareef (ImpSwe) ended 2014 in style with his last Open Show of the year, Woolwich and Bexley, giving him Hound Group 1 and Reserve Best in Show – resulting in more than enough points to achieve his Show Certificate of Merit (ShCM) which has been confirmed by the Kennel Club this week.  Kareef also started this year well winning Best AVNSC Hound and Group 1 at Ashford,” Faversham & DCS Open Show on 4th January 2015”


John Hudson has sent the following, regarding our notes concerning the future of the English Salukis as commented by Debbie Copperthwaite  “apropos of your Notes of a few weeks back, I thought I would comment on the remarks by Debbie Copperthwaite to the effect that “responsible” breeders are reluctant to breed these days. One factor is that some of us are just getting too old and need replacing. On the other hand, membership of the Clubs and entries to Championship Shows are decreasing so fewer Salukis are needed for the Show ring. But times are changing - the old rule of requiring a reasonable waiting list before breeding is out of date. (We advertised that we were considering having a litter a year or so ago and the response was minimal, so we didn’t have it.) Why would a beginner wait a year for a puppy from us when there are puppies instantly available on the internet and from the continent?” 

Also on this subject I have received a note from Karen Fisher:  “Debbie is, in some degree, right.  However rescue (as in general dog rescue) has taken over the pet market.  Those homes who specifically want a saluki and definitely want to take on a rescue often have very little option but to buy a fringe bred because mainstream bred puppies are far and few between as there are so few breeders.  Some buyers don't understand the whole concept of breeding for quality and health and certainly don't want to pay for it so they go for the cheap option of which there are a plethora available on the internet.  Quite frankly if a buyer is just thinking about price then they are not the kind of people that I would want to home a puppy with as, hopefully, the buyer would be interested enough in the breed to become involved with it in some way and if all they are interested in is the cheap option then they are not the kind of people in whose hands I would want to leave the future protection and preservation of our breed to.  If buyers want cheap it doesn't just mean a purchase price, it means cheap food, cheap veterinary care and a cheap life.  As far as I am concerned salukis are not cheap!


Any other comments?





In these Breed Notes of a couple of weeks ago I included information about a Saluki Trilogy published for Kindle. Debbie Copperthwaite has requested that I include that the author has asked her to say some of the proceeds will be going towards rescued Salukis. Ray Dombkiewiscz , the author and his wife Reba were the people behind the STOLA Elektra Saluki rescue in the USA a few years ago.

For those of you that are unfamiliarly with Stola it is based in the United States and its proper name is Saluki Tree of Life Alliance, Inc. I have included their Mission statement so one can better understand what they do: STOLA's mission is rescue and education for the Saluki dog breed. The welfare of the dog is our primary consideration. We rescue Salukis from kill-shelters or abusive situations, heal their physical and emotional wounds and place them in loving, adoptive homes. We work with breeders to rehome adult Salukis who have been returned to the breeder. We provide "rescue prevention" education and mentorship programs to reduce the number of Salukis needing rescue. We also help to relocate Salukis temporarily or permanently in case of natural disasters. We find innovative ways to serve the people and dogs of the Saluki community.”

LKA, the last show of 2014 was held on 14th December. This has traditionally been a show of celebrations for exchanging Seasons Greetings cards and this year we had a treat with Caroline Pickerings beautifully decorated cup cakes. I can vouch they were delicious as I had about 3. For those of us who can remember we use to decorate our benches with Christmas ornaments and toast the old year out and the New Year in. I believe this was stopped by the Christmas grinch.

Judging Salukis was Nicola Quadling (Malenkhai). Her choice for DCC, BOB was Mr & Mrs J Cowie's Mumtaz Hercules for his 2nd CC. RCC went to Jeannette & Alan Glaister and Mary Parker’s Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM. BCC for her third and qualify CC went to Mary Parker’s Khalils Allegra-Classicus (Imp) JW. The was born on the 17th September 2011 and her breeders are Mrs E Kallin-Forsseberg & Mr B Forssberg. Her sire is Ch El Ubaid’s Genesis and dam, Ch Khalils Qudiya L-amru Scheherazade. The RBCC went to Sue Bound's Alsahra Lalana. Best Puppy was Denise and Sharon Oakey#s Caryna Neferti. Best Veteran went to Sheila Stoneman'ss Jeshins Dynasty Silver Lady. Best Group: Steer.

Congratulations to Ch Classicus Cassander for finishing 2014 as Top Saluki and top Hound.

Information has been published by the Kennel Club that Salukis have dropped a Band from Band C to Band B. This means that to qualify for a Stud Book number a Saluki must win a first or a second in Open Class. No longer will a first in Limit also qualify. Junior Warrant Winners, Challenge Certificate Winners and Res Challenge Certificate Winners remain the same as qualifiers. In the upcoming Crufts schedules there should be information regarding this change.

I have received the following from Lynda Dunn "Big news for us over here is that the Irish Kennel Club has given provisional affiliation to the Saluki Club of Ireland. We received the letter the week before Xmas and everyone was really pleased with the added present! The club was formed 3 years ago and has been doing a lot of work over that time to educate the public and show exhibitors on our breed.

Our next big activity is to arrange an open show and we are hoping that this will be approved for May 4th but I will let you know for certain once approval is received.

Happy New Year to all our readers and we look forward to seeing everyone next year.


 With little news coming my way, I am delighted that McCormick Smith, Secretary of the SGHC, has asked me to say that he has just sent out two mass mailings. One will include the Club Newsletter and the other with details and entry form for a lure-coursing event which is to beheld early in January.  As complaints have been received in the past that some members (by no means all) have not received their emails from a mass mailing, he would be grateful if any member not receiving one or the other, or both, would let him know (


Maya Monk-Schenk has sent information through regarding National Canine Health Testing Week which is the 17th to 21st November.  This is one of the Kennel Club’s annual initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of breeding and buying puppies from appropriately health tested parents.  During the week the KC would like to see as many Health Selfies posted to the KC Facebook and Twitter pages as possible.  They are looking for a picture of your dog with a piece of paper or card in form of them with a statement which shows support for canine health testing.  This could be any health positive statement you like, “I have been hip scored”.  For further information go to or Twitter- Twitter - @Kclovesdogs

The Autumn edition, July to September 2014, of the Breed Records Supplement arrived today.  There were 7 litters registered making 43 puppies.  Five of the litters were from fringed breeders.  Shockingly there were 8 dogs imported.  This brings to mind the comment made by our judge, Jenny Dove, at Midland Championship Show.  She states” Interesting to see so many imports, I have never judged so many all in one breed.  Hope the breeders will be pleased with the new genes they introducing”

Imports are Daphne El Abbas (imp Italy), bitch, deer grizzle owner Mr P M & Mrs CM Latte.  El Hamrah Liyana of Jazirat imported from Finland, bitch, black fringed fawn.  Owner Mrs D Allen, El-Ubaid United Pasion imported from Netherlands, dog, red owned by Mrs L Edwards.  Hislome’s Lamorak imported from Sweden, dog, cream, Owner  Mrs A K & Mr B W Buckley.  Hislome’s Leonore Mish Cranstal imported from Sweden , bitch, black & silver, Owner Mr P & Mrs E A Shimmin.  Lubab Al Kadam Arieb Furat imported from Netherlands, dog, black fringed red.  Shokran Aquila imported from Ireland, bitch, black & silver. Owned by Miss F Fahey & Fr J Shire.  Ulmarra Tropical Ice at Winton imported from Ireland, bitch, gold. Owner Mrs K H Williams. 

There is one new champions and that is Jasmine of Canerikie owned by Mr B Mansell and Mrs J Duddell and one new Junior Warrant holder ,Charriok Sheerzan owned by Mrs HJ Davies & Ms CHarrison.



On behalf of the Saluki Welfare Helena Haywood has sent me the following :

“Thank you to everyone who either brought donations for the Welfare Stall, bought tickets for the Tombola or bought any items from the stall at the recent SGHC Champioship show. You raised £132.20, which is very much appreciated. Let's try and top this at the next show!”


An apology is due to Jeshins Dynamic Diva and her owner Pauline Spilsted.  At the SGHC Championship Show, Diva went Best Veteran in Show not as I stated.  Well done to them.


Clair and Andy Chryssolor and their Anasazi Salukis are moving house, not once but twice.  They are relocating locally until May, but will eventually relocating to Hawaii.  They can be contacted on by email: or on Clair’s mobile number 07973504199.  We will be sorry to see them go but wish them good luck in their big move.


I have not reported the results of Midland Counties Championship Show.  Our Judge was Ms Jenny Dove.  DCC, Best of Breed, 1st in Hound Group and Top Hound 2014 was Ch Classicus Cassander owned by the Glaister & Sanders Parkers partnership.  RDCC went to the smooth, Kasaque Obidiah owned by the De-Souza and Woodgate partnership.  BCC went to Khalils Allegra-Classicus (imp SWE) owned by Mary Sanders Parker for her 2nd CC.  RBCC went to  Ferlark Schussboomer owned by the Mansell, Duddell & Johnston partnership.  Best Puppy was Noushzac Claudia-Classicus (imp Deu) owned by Mary Sanders Parker.  Best Breeder went to Steer.


It is with sadness that I must report the death of Kay Perkins (Pennyworth Salukis)  on Wednesday 15th October 2014 after a long illness.   For many years Kay was on the Committee of the SGHC and as part of that Committee was show manager always running a very efficient show.

In 1972, Kay purchased her first of two Afghans which she exhibited.  Those were the days when there could be 50 dogs in a class.  In 1977 she purchased from Jim Kenyon, Kaus Kezia,( out of his beautiful smooth bitch Champion Mazuri Lail), who she made up into a champion and was the foundation of the Penny worth line.  In all the Pennyworth’s made up 6 champions accruing 65 CCs. 

The funeral will be on Friday 31st October 2014 at the Garden of England Crematorium, Sheppey Way, Sittingborne Kent ME9 8GZ.  No flowers please but donations can be made to the Alzheimer’s Society % Co Operative Funeral Care,    77 Frost Street, Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4BQ.

Maya Monk-Schenk, Health co-ordinator for the SGHC has sent the following notification from the Kennel Club:  Charlotte McNamara, the Canine Health Advisor in the Kennel Club’s Breed Shows team, has asked me to let you know about the Breed Watch Education Days for 2015, which are open to all.  The education days will be held at the Kennel Club building in Coventry on the 15th of February and the 11th October. For further information or to book tickets please e:mail

The SGHC held their Championship Show last Sunday at the Kennel Club building.  Judging was Kathy Webb doing the dogs and Espen Engh, the bitches and Best in Show was Janette Cotterill.  I do like the KC building and enjoy having the shows at that venue but with an overall entry of 94, I do think we were rather rattling around the very large hall.  If this trend carries on maybe it will be prudent to go back to one judge and a smaller venue.  Saluki exhibitors and visitors at the show had a treat visiting the varied and interesting stands with Saluki items for sale, not forgetting the Club Magazine, Club Calendar, Welfare stall.  Well done to the Committee and especially David Steel for a well run show.

 Copies of the magazine are available from Kathy Webb on 01737 353279 or  They are priced at £10.00 each.  Calendars are priced at £8.50 for 1, £16.50 for 2 and £23.00 for 3 which includes packaging and posting.  They can be obtained from Andrea Ireson. 102 Abbott Road. Didcot, Oxon 0X11 8HZ or email

 The results of the show are as follows: BIS, DCC went to Lisa & John Hudson’s Ch Glenoak Kiyan JW with the RDCC and RBIS to Janet & David Steel’s Dawnchase Zamir.  BCC for her first CC went to Mrs K H Williams’ Ber. Ch Ulmarra Tropical Ice at Winton.  She was born on the 9th January 2010 and her breeder is Linda Dunn.  Her sire is Irish Ch/Aus Ch Baghdad Bronzed Aussie and her dam Irish Ch Ulmarra Shaqira.  RBCC went to Sue Bounds’ Alsahira Lalana.  Best Puppy was Ann & Paul Shimmin’s Hisilome’s Leonore Mish Cranstal (imp). Best Veteran in Show Pauline & Don Everton’s Ch Kasra Tabina.  Best Smooth was Alsahra Arabella.  Well done all!!


 I have picked up the following message from Paula Brockman Chato regarding the Congress has been cancelled for now. It seems that the majority of the Saluki Specialists which were organized to speak have developed health issues and are now not available. I am extremely disappointed but what can I say except that it takes a lot of time, money and organization to put together this type Saluki World Congress:  “It is with great regret that I announce that the Saluki World event and although we have a very competent committee we are lacking cooperation by the speakers. All monies sent for booking fees will be fully refunded. Thank you for your support.

Last Friday South Wales Championship Show held their Championship Show.  Judging us was Mrs Gina Simpson,,  She chose for her DCC, BOB and later went on to win, Hound Group 4, the well winning Ch Classicus Cassander JW, Sh CM owned by the Galister, Sanders Parker partnership with the RDCC going to his father, Ch Baghdad Karim Sh CM (imp) owned by Steve & Anne Ham, Paul Bockman-Chato and Margret Ross-Elliott.  BCC was Ch Jasmine of Cankerikie (imp ita) owned by Joss Duddell and Mr Mansell with RBCC to Mary Sanders Parker’s Ch Classicus Cassander,  Best Puppy was Mary Sanders Parker’s Noushzad Claudia-Classicus and Best Breeders Group was Copperthwaite.  This win for Cassander has made him Top Saluki and Top Hound though there are about 3 more shows to go for this year.  Well done!!



 The Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club Championship Show which is being held on Sunday 19th October at the Kennel Club building, has an overall entry of 88 dogs with 95 entries.  This breaks down as 38 dogs for judge Kathy Webb and 57 bitches for Espen Engh.  The Best in Show will be decided by Jeanette Cotterill.  There should be something for every salukiphile .  The latest edition of “the Saluki”, the 2015 Saluki Club Calendar, Don and Pauline Everton’s raffle which reminds me, please do not forget to bring a contribution to the Club’s raffle.  There will also be a number of trade stands selling collars, dog beds, jewellery, diaries plus the Saluki Welfare table.  Lunches and snacks will be available for purchase.


 Regarding the Welfare, Helen Haywood has sent the following:

“Could everyone attending the forthcoming SGHC Championship Show on October 19th at Stoneleigh aim to bring one item to donate to the Saluki Welfare Fund stall?

We rely significantly on donations to the stall to help fund all the hard work our Welfare warden carries out and to assist with kennelling costs etc.

 All donations are gratefully received. However could I respectfully ask that soft toys with batteries and/or attached plastic eyes and/or noses are not passed on as they are dangerous and unsuitable to give hounds to play with.”



Belfast Dog show was held this weekend.  There were no CCs on offer but we did have classes and judging us was Mrs A Cuthbert.  She chose for her Best Dog, Ruweis Tibr owned by Breda Dunne who also went a Hound Group 4. Well done!!

The Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club is holding their 2014 Championship Show on the Sunday 19th October at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh park, Warwickshire CV8 2LZ.  Judging dogs is Mrs Kathy Webb and Bitches Mr Espen Engh.  Best in Show is Mrs Janette Cotterill.  Bitches will be judges at 10.00 am with dogs following at 10.30. 

Yesterday (Saturday) the SGHC held their first official ‘lure trial’ at the Pony Club, Walton on the Hill, Surrey organized by Karen Fisher and Cecilia Andersson.  16 dogs were entered and many mastered the task very well.  Those who needed more encouragement were given extra training during the lunch break by the lure master.  That was on a straight lure which proved quite successful in encouraging the less experienced dogs.  The Club intends to hold another two introductory meeting next year.   Further information will be sent out to Club members closer to the date.

Congratulations to the “Steer” team as they are 2nd in the league table for top Breeders Group.

Driffield Championship Show was held last weekend and judging us was Miss Ann Barrett, giving tickets for the first time.  DCC, BOB for his first CC was Mr & Mrs J Cowie’s Mumtaz Hercules.  He was born on the 5th April 2012 and his breeders are Anna and Hilary Cornock.  His sire is Ch Fernlark Alsace JW and Dam Ch Mumtaz Seabreeze.  The RDCC went to the Glaister & Sanders Parker partnership’s Ch Classicus Cassander JW ShCM.  BCC for her first CC went to Mary Sanders Parker’s Khalils Allegra-Classicus (imp) JW ShCM.  She was born on 17th September 2011 and her breeders are Mr B  Forssberg & Mrs E Kallin Forssberg.  Her sire is Ch El Ubaid’s Gemesos amd dam, Ch Khalils Qudiya L-Amru Scheherazade.  RBCC went to Mrs E Sydney’s Gib/Int Ch Daxlore Harani of Shaybani Sp Jun Ch.  Best Puppy was Mary Sanders Parker’s Noushzad Claudia-Classicus (imp) and best Breeders Group Steer.  Well done all!!



Last Saturday the Saluki Welfare fund held a ‘Saluki Welfare Doggy Sports Day.  David Crane has sent the following write up regarding events held on that day:


“Saturday 13th September was bright and warm, an ideal day for a Sports Day, and so it proved to be. The first Saluki Welfare Doggy Sports Day was a resounding success thanks largely to Tania Stevens our Welfare Warden. She gathered together a goodly band of helpers with an intriguing programme of events.

The result was that over £1000 was made for Welfare Funds and everyone who came had a really enjoyable time.


Thanks must go to Pip Buswell who kindly donated the Pony Club Field at Walton on the Hill for the event, Brendan Austin and Nicola Quadling for labouring mightily in the kitchen to provide excellent refreshments and a team of helpers managed by Tania.


People are already talking about next year’s event which in itself is proof of how well it was received by a good turnout of salukis, border terriers (courtesy of Border Terrier Rescue) and a selection of other breeds.”


Darlington Dog Show was held last Friday.  Judging Salukis was Dr. Ron James.  He chose for his DCC,BOB Ch Classicus Cassander JW, Sh CM owned by Jeannette & Alan Glaister and Mary Parker Sanders.  RDCC went to Annette & Bryan Buckley’s Hisilome’s Kareef (imp).  BCC, was Ch Jasmine of Canerikie (imp) JW owned by Joss Duddell & Brian Mansell with the RBCC to Elaine Sydney’s Int Ch Daxlore Harani of Shaybani Sp Jun Ch.  Best Puppy was Mr P & Mrs C Latter’s Daphne El Abbas (imp).Best veteran Sivendra Abishai owned by Vicky-ann Tompkins.  Best Breeder, Steer.


Sorry for not including the following was sent by Karen Fisher earlier,rbut unfortunately it was lost in cyberspace so please contact one of the organizers to check and see if space is available, if you would like to fome



At the AGM in 2014 it was requested that, as hunting with hounds has not been possible since March 2005, the Club organizes lure coursing to ‘test’ our working ability.  The Kennel Club’s mantra is “Fit for Function” yet we have no way of testing whether or not our salukis are.


The aim is to organize a programme throughout the summer months for our breed that includes all salukis.  The Intention is that lure coursing will come under the umbrella of the Coursing Section with its own set of rules.  For the future we would like to approach the Kennel Club to ask them to consider a Working Title for the breed to bring us into line with the rest of Europe.  Who knows, we could have a team to compete against the other countries in the European Lure Coursing Championships!  However this is in the future, for the time being the idea is to provide regular social occasions for our members and their salukis to enjoy and that the events will be spread across the country so that everyone has at least one ‘local’ event to enjoy.  It is hoped that this activity will appeal to all members and their salukis and that it will give much pleasure to both.


What is immediately required is people to help run these events with a Committee for Lure Coursing.  So please don’t be shy, pick up the phone, text or email the below contacts as soon as possible.  We want your salukis to have fun but without volunteers that will not happen.  The more people who help the less work there is! 

Initially a lure trial has been organized for 27th September 2014.  This trial is open to all members salukis aged between 18 months and 9 years.  The programme and entry form for this event is attached.  Please support us.   

So that we can get an idea of how many people are attending please contact either Karen Fisher or Cecilia Andersson prior to the event, contact numbers are given below.  Please spread the word, everyone with a saluki is welcome.  We want to see you all! Karen Fisher – telephone: 07714322629   email:

Cecilia Andersson – telephone: 07809486496    email:


Please note the telephone numbers are mobile phones to enable you to text.  If you would prefer to use a landline then please contact Karen Fisher on 01279 833855


Helen Williams



In last week’s Breed Notes I included the names of the Winners at the Saluki Club Specialty in Norway, where Michael judged.  I have been informed that his Dog CC  was 4th in the Open Dog Class and he is Caravan Dhuu Dinar.  Bitch CC remains the same, that is Zarabis Pallavi.


In Helen Graham’s notes of last week she commented on the low entries for Salukis at the General Championship this year.  This is something that I had also noticed and planned to write about.  When looking at the Quarterly registration statistics for the Hound Group in the summer edition of the “KC Breed Record Supplement”, I can see little difference in the registrations between this year and last.  So I have decided that our registration of Salukis with the KC is not down and as we have all noticed, that any gap in breeding here, has been filled by the importation of Salukis from other countries. So declining numbers of registrations may not be the reason for low entries.  There have been shows which have had good entries and off the top of my head I can point to Southern Counties.  So what have they done differently to encourage people to enter their dogs?  It could be location, as they are centrally located with good motorway access.  Except for those living in the south eastern part of the country, it is not necessary to cross the M25.  They have a purpose build showground with good car parks which they do not charge us to use, plus, and most importantly, they have kept the price of entering their shows down.  Some of us can even remember the days when championship shows even gave us a small amount of money when we won a class or even a rosette   SCCS have gambled and found Breed Specialist to judge from outside the UK.  Entries for 2014 show were down on 2013, but that is most likely because 2013 was the anniversary year of the SGHC and they had sponsored classes.  SCCS did say they were thrilled with the entry of 2013 which was just over 100 entries.  It made a huge difference to their final entry toll.


 Therefore to counter the downward spiral in entries, societies need to try and ensure a healthy entry, by taking more time and effort to try and locate judges who judge for the good of the breed there are judges out there that people do want to go-over their dogs so the societies need to do more work and not just give our breed to the first name who is available.  It has become very expensive attending dog shows so therefore the societies need to find a way to either minimize the costs or give us a good reason to part with our hard earned cash.


In addition the two breed clubs could hold more seminars to enlarge our list of judges.  On most of the current list there is an ageing group of judges so young people need to be encouraged and trained by the older generation as we were trained by those before us.


Last Friday Richmond Championship Show was held. Judging us was Mr Eddie Connolly.  He chose for his BCC, BOB Am Ch Sundara’s Ayla Op De Sabbia owned by Jeanette Cotterill, Jayne Pyatt and MichelleHaag.  RBCC went to Ann & Paul Shimmin’s Hislome’s Keepsake for Cranstal (imp).  DCC for his first CC went to Nicola Quadling’s Kasra Zebadiyah At Malenkhai.  He was born on 17th November 2010 and his breeders are Mr D & Mrs P Everton.  His sire is Ch Al Caliphs Zobeyni JW and dam, Ch Kasra Nadirah. With the RDCC to Sue Edge’s Ferlark Elswavo JW. Best Puppy was Mary Parker Sanders Noushzad Claudia-Classicus (imp). Best Veteran Kathy Webb’s Ch Al Caliphs Nuray and Best Breeder,Steer.  Well done all



Congratulations  to Andrea Ireson and her partner Dave Claridge as they will be married this weekend.  Andrea will continue using her maiden name of ‘Ireson’ for the foreseeable future.  We wish them lots and lots of luck for the future.

Carole Seymour has moved south.  Her new address is Lewis Cottage, Townsend, Chilton, Nr Didcot, Oxon OX11 0SJ and her telephone number is 01235 820890.  Hopefully we will now see Carole more often.

Marie Bryce Smith rang to say they had a very good entry for South Eastern Hound Club which is being held on Sunday 31st August at Hickstead Showground West Sussex BN6 9HS.  Judging is Elaine Rushton.  After the judging there will be a bring and share luncheon.  Marie has asked that all co-ordinate with her regarding what you are planning to bring along.  Her telephone number is 01342 327573.

A reminder that it will not be long before the SGHC Championship Show and the new edition of “The Saluki”. Kathy Webb said she can take a few last minute adverts so please ring her to find what she has available. Her telephone number is 01737 353279.  We have received the Schedule of the Show, which to be held on Sunday 19th October 2014 at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2LZ.  Judging dogs is Kathy Webb and Bitches Espen Engh.  Best in Show judge is Janette Cotterill.  The Show manager is David Steel.  He can be contacted on Telephone no 01189 885608 or email  Entries close on Monday 22nd September by post or 29th September on-line.

Last Friday Welsh Kennel Club held their Championship Show.  Judging us for the first time was Ms Viv Phillips.  DCC, BOB and Group 2 was our big winner Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM, owned by the Glaisters and mary Parker,  with the RDCC to Marie Bryce-Smith’s Kasaque Ra Frankel of Saruk.  BCC for her third and qualifying CC was Jeanette Cotterill, Jayne Pyatt and Michelle Haag’s Am Ch Sundara’s Ayla Op De Sabbia (imp)  She was born 13th May 2009 and her breeders are Mr & Mrs  Laflamme-Haag. Her sire is Am/G Ch Blue Nile Vanilla Ice and her dam is Am Ch Sundara’s  Liberte de Sundown.  She was imported from USA.  RBCC went to Clair Jowitt’s Canapus Mistral Under Barleymoon (imp).  Best Puppy was Mary Parker Sander’s Noushazad Claudia-Classicus (imp), Best Veteran Martine Smithson’s Ch Chisobee Serenarian and Best Breeder’s Steer.  Well done all!

Next week I shall report the Breed Record Supplement.


This past weekend has been a busy show weekend but otherwise little news.  The first show, on Saturday, was the Hound Association Championship Show.  Judging us was breed specialist Denise Garratt DCC, BOB  and Hound Group 3, was Ch Classicus Cassander JW, Ch CM owned by Jeanette & Alan Glaister and Mary Parker with the RDCC to the up and coming youngster, Hisilome’s Kareef ( Swe Imp) owned by Annette and Brian Buckley.  BCC for her 2nd CC went to Clair Chryssolor’s Gemini Jeu D’esprit for Anasazi (Imp) Sh CM with the RBCC to Brian Mansell and Josh Duddell’s Jasmine of Canerikie (Imp).  Best Puppy went to Charrioak Sheerzam owned by Hilary Davies and Christine Harrison.  Best Veteran was Lisa and John Hudson’s Kasra Ni’mah of Glenoak.  Best Breeder: Steer.

In this week’s ‘Our Dogs’ I noticed an announcement by the Kennel Club that the ‘Breeders’ Competition will be discontinued after this year.  The competition has been altered to try and encourage  more breeders to participant.  We did enter a few years ago but everyone found it difficult to stay to the end of the day for the Group judging.  In the end we gave up which is what has happened generally.  When noting the results it seems that only one or two breeders have stayed to the bitter end.  I feel it is sad that the competition has not really caught on here as in many countries it is a highly contested competition.

The second show of the weekend was Paignton.  Judging was Mrs Jean Wright.  BCC, BOB for her first CC was Clair Jowitt’s Canapus Mistral Under Barleymoon  (Imp NDL) She was born on 8th  July 2012 and breeder F S V/d Drift.  Her sire is Jazirat Yeshaya and dam, Canapus Uriel.  RBCC went to Kathy Webb’s Ch Al Caliphs Nuray.  DCC was Anne & Steve Ham, Paula Bockman-Chato and Margaret Ross-Elliot’s Ch Baghdad Karim (imp) Sh CM with the RDCC and Best Veteran to Vikki-ann Tompkins Sivendra Abishai.  Best Puppy was Kathy & Martin Webb and Sybelle Benoit’s Mounir Har Kala Rachi (imp)er sir Best Breeders was Steer.

Some good news from the States with regards to the Jazirat Breeding. Saturday 2nd August at the  Richmond Dog Fanciers Club of California , Jazirat Sadiyah J.C owned by Margaret Smith and Pat Wren sired by Jazirat Zaredon of Cottonore  -and dam. Timaru Mazzika of Jazirat ( born 15/11/2011) gained her American Championship, and on Sunday at the same venue Jazirat Samarkand , brother to the above, owned by John and Lesley Brabyn gained his American Championship. His sister went BOS at this show.  Well done keeping the flags flying high.





August already and what a beautifully warm summer we are having.  It is not so much fun for the animals though, they are fine as long as they have shade and lots of water.  I guess that goes for the two legged animals as well.  We have heard that Rosemary Lewis lost her battle with cancer around mid day on Wednesday 23rd July.  Her family, friends and dogs were with her to the end.  Rosemary was the third generation of Knightellingtons.  It began with Lady Gardner, then Helen Baker passing on to Rosemary and now I understand her daughter Jessica will retain the Knightellingtons tradition.  While Rosemary did show her Salukis and made up a number of champions, her passion was coursing. 


Rosemary was the current trophy secretary for the Northern Saluki Club Club and at their last show in April a card circulated as they said she was under the weather as she was exhausted from lambing.  We did not realise how seriously ill she was.   Besides  looking after the NSC trophies, Rosie was the NSC's Saluki Welfare Officer.  It was under her helm to look after rescued Salukis from the Northern part of the country and to rehome them


There will be a memorial service on 9th August, to celebrate the life of Rosemary Lewis at St Peters Church, Adderley, Shropshire. The family have requested no flowers but instead donation be given to the Motor Neuron Disease and the Blind Veterans.  Our condolences to her husband, Christopher and her two sons Jonathan & James and daughters Juliet a Jessica


Last Friday Leeds Championship Show was held.  Unfortunately Salukis did not have CCs but they were classified and Martin Sanders was judging.  BD and BOB was Jeanette and Alan Glaister and Mary Parker’s Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM.  He also won the Hound Group under the Hound Specialist Espen Engh.  RBB and BP went to Anne & Steve Ham’s Bendegedig Bazinga.  BB was awarded to Josh Dudell and Brian Mansell’s & Luke Johnson’s Jasmine of Canerikie JW with the RBB, under the same ownership was  Fernlark Schussboomer. Best Veteran went to Gloria Cook & alan Burtenshaw’s Daxlore Daania At Daandazi Sh CM.


Clair Chryssolor went to the Kingston Open Show at Ardingly and  came away with Anasazi Early Dusk BOB, Anasazi Malt Whiskey 2nd and Gemini Jeu D'Esprit 3rd.  She said “The best surprises are the unexpected ones:”





Maya Monk-Schenk, Health Officer of the SGHC has sent the following: “ The British Boxer Club is promoting heart testing at their Championship Show on the 3rd August 2014. The heart testing will be carried out by cardiologist Rachel James and is available to all breeds at a cost of £15 per dog (registration documents are required). The show will be from 10am and held at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ.


To make an appointment, please contact Amanda Jinks on 01728 454423. Alternatively, you can contact the show secretary Marion Seeney on 01235835207. Please do not hesitate to contact them for further information.”


Last Sunday East of England held their Championship Show.  Judging us was breed specialist Diana Allan.  BCC, BOB for her second CC was Am Ch Sundara’s Ayla Op De Sabbia( Imp) owned by Jeanette Cotterill, Jayne Pyatt & Ms Haag with the RBCC to John & Lisa Hudson’s Ch Glenoak Kamala JW,  DCC went to the Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM owned by Jeanette & Alan Glaister and Mary Sanders Parker. RDCC went  to Sivendra ABishai own by Vikki-ann Tompkins.  Best Puppy was Charriak Sheerzam owned by Hilary Davies and Christine Harrison.  Best Breeders group was list as Mansey & Duddel but I think that must be a mistake and it should be “Sheryl Steer”  Kasaque Ra Frankel, not only did he win his class but he also was winner of the Junior Stakes.



Sadly, we were unable to attend Windsor Show, one of our favourite show venues.  How can you go wrong when the backdrop is Windsor Castle.  Judging us was Ann Birrell.  She chose for her BCC, BOB and Hound Group 4, for her 1st CC, was Diana Layton’s Anasha Al Noushafarin (Imp) Sh CM She was born on the 4th July 2009 and her breeder is Mr F Marco.  Her sire is Fr Ch Bajan-Latif Al Firdous and dam, Aut Ch Yalameh Elayah.  The RBCC went to Pauline & Don Everton’s Kasra Zeleka.  DCC, for his 1st CC, went to Christine Campling’s Classicus Conway Sh CM.  (litter brother to Ch Classicus Cassander).  His sire is Baghdad Karim Sh CM and dam Ch Khalils Phaedra of Classicus.  RDCC went to Annette and Brian Buckley’s Hisilome’s Kareef (Swe Imp).  Best Puppy went to Mrs S Sawyer’s Fernlark Bottoms Up at Bumpkiss.  Best Breeders Group was ‘Steer’.  Well done All.  It is very pleasing to note that our Salukis have been doing very well in the Groups this year.

I have been in touch with the SGHC Committee regarding judges for our Open Show and Limited Shows attending breed specific seminars.  In our year Yearbook it states that “To have attended at least one Saluki Breed Seminar run by one of  the Breed Clubs”  Very pleased  to report that the SGHC has decided to remind us of this necessary requirement.

South Eastern Hound Club will be holding their Premier Open Show on Sunday 31st August 2014 at the Hickstead Showground, West Sussex BN6 9HS.  It is a wonderful show with Salukis being judged by Elaine Rushton plus lots of variety classes to enter.  SGHC will be sponsoring  the classes. Once again there will be the traditional bring and share lunch come rain or shine.  The co-ordinator is Marie Bryce Smith.  Please let her know on  telephone number 01342 327573 whether you will be bringing.





Helena Haywood, of the Saluki Welfare Fund has sent the following: 'I would like to thank all those who supported the Welfare Stall at the recent SGHC Open Show. 

 We took just over £150, and would like to thank everyone for their generosity and hospitality. We look forward to seeing you all again on October 19th at Stoneleigh.

In the meantime if you have anything you would like to donate for sale or for the Tombola, you can contact me on 07771 662303 or bring it on the day.'


Vivienne Brett’s funeral will take place at Michael Wood, Cholderton Estate, Cholderton, Salisbury Wilts SP4 0DR on the 1st July at 2.00 pm.


Nikki Denny (Janimist), who recently attended the SGHC seminar will be judging at the Newark show on September 28th.  This is the first time Newark has scheduled Salukis so please support the society   Schedules can be down loaded from 


A couple of judges have been approved for 2015.  They are Jeanna Jacques will be judging at Birmingham National and Ann Macdonald at Manchester


We have just received a call from David Hartley, Chairman of the Northern Saluki Club to inform us that Rosemary Lewis is very ill with cancer.  Rosey has stated that even though her health is not good she would like to keep in contact with her friends. 


Yesterday Blackpool Championship Show was held.  As our nominated judge Carla Molinari was unable to attend because of a broken ankle, Diana Spaven took over and judged her entry.  DCC, BOB and Hound Group 1 was Jeannette & Alan Glaister and Mary Sanders Parker’s Ch Classicus Cassander JW, Sh CM with the RCC to his sire, Ch Baghdad Karim(Imp) Sh CM owned by Ann & Steve Ham, Paula Brockman-Chato and Margaret Ross-Elliot. BCC for her third and qualifying CC was Jasmine of Canerikie (Imp ITA).  She was born on 15th May 2012 and her breeder is Mrs T Benedetti.  Her sire is Ch Daxlore Amir of Fernlark and dam, Malake’Latifa Owned by Joss Duddell and Brian Mansell with the RBCC to Hisilome’s keepsake for Cranstal (Imp))owned by Ann & Paul Shimmin.  Best Puppy was Hilary Davies and Christine Harrison’s Charrioak Sheerzam.  Best Breeders Group, Steer.  Well done all!



It is with great sadness I must announce the death of Vivienne Brett on 12th June.  I first met her at the Northern Saluki Club show where she was showing a lovely red bitch, Jazirat Baasma.  At that time she was Vivienne Hazeldene.

Everyone around the Saluki World knew her from her beautiful photos of polo ponies and the wild life around the Cholderton Estates where she worked and lived. She was a very private person in her personal life.  She will be missed by everyone especially on “facebook” where she exhibited so many of her photos. At this time we do not have any details about arrangements except that it will be at the Cholderton Estates in their woodland.

Yesterday the SGHC held their Open Show at the Dobermann Club Training & Showground.  Personally I think it is a well laid out and presented venue with everything on hand for running the day. Upon arrival there was a cup of coffee/tea with Danish pastry or a biscuit.  Anji Jackson Main had boards of photos for us to view and vote on, for the 2015 calendar.  With the quality of pictures I saw there, next year’s calendar should be something special. The day was open by the Club president, Marie Bryce-Smith  with a moment of silence for Vivienne Brett.  Our judge for dogs was Mrs Jackie Reader.  Her Best Dog was Peggy Postma’s Glenoak Kalima with the Reserve Best Dog to Nicola Qualding’s Kasra Zebadiyah at Malenkhai.  There were no puppy dogs entered.  Bitches were judged by Trevor McCrory.  Best Bitch went to Liz Metcalf & Martin Green’s Tasia Maleisha with the Reserve Best Bitch was Kathy Webb’s Ch Al Caliphs Nuray who was also Best Veteran in Show.  Best puppy went to Kathy & Martin Webb and Sybille Benoit’s Mouniir Har Kala Rachi (imp Bel).  Best Special Veteran was Lisa and John Hudson’s Ch Glenoak Inqi JW.  After the main part of the show there was a parade of rescued Salukis sponsored by the Saluki Welfare.  Each participant received a large rosette.  Finally there was highly contested fancy dress competition was won by Pearly King, queen and prince owned by Sue Snape.  

After the long day we all tucked into a well prepared picnic.  The salads were wonderful with sausages and burgers.  For those who do not eat meat there was a Spanish tortilla.  The icing on the cake was a birthday celebration to Don Everton for his 80th with of course a cake, strawberries and Middle Eastern pastries. 



Kathy Webb, Chairperson of the SGHC has sent the following: “The SGHC Open Show, on the 14th June, has an entry of 28 dogs & 32 bitches with an additional 5 in the classes to be judged jointly.  The judging is to run consecutively with just a 10 minutes break between the sexes.  After the Junior Handling , there will then be the Parade of Rescues followed by a shared Barbecue/Grill. We hope everyone at the Show will stay and enjoy this occasion, a charge of £3.00 per person is being made to cover the cost, sausages/hamburgers, salads and French bread with baklavas, strawberries and cake for dessert. Contact Marie Bryce-Smith (tel:  01342 327573) to book food and for more details.  Please remember to bring your own liquid refreshments.

Tea, Coffee, cold drinks and cake will be available until 2p.m.  Any offers of cake will be gratefully received.  If anyone can spare 30 minutes during judging to help with the catering please let us know.

After the show and late lunch we have a few fun events, Wendy Marshall has kindly donated  a beautifully embellished collar, this will be presented to the Saluki with the best expression. There is a special prize for the Best Fancy Dress, come and take part, enjoy the fun open to all salukis. If there is time and weather permitting there will be more fun competitions.

Please don’t forget to support the Raffle and Welfare Stall all donations accepted. Last but not least, the voting for the photographs to be included in the 2015 SGHC Saluki Calendar takes place in the ‘Club House’ from 10a.m – 3p.m.”

Blackpool Championship Show to be held on the 21st June has now had a change of judges. Due to breaking her ankle Carla Molinari is unable to judge and in her place will be Diana Spavin.  This is subject to KC approval.

Last Friday Three Counties Championship Show was held.  The weather was perfect for dog showing, no complaints for a change.  Judging us was Carole Seymour.  BCC, BOB and Hound Group 1, was Lisa & John Hudson’s  Ch Glenoak Kamala JW  with the RBCC to Deborah Copperthwaite’s Al Caliphs Aretemis.  DCC, for his second CC went to the smooth Kasaque Obidah own by Connie & Lily De-Souza and Heidi Woodgate. RDCC was awarded to Clair Chryssolsor’s Anasazi Early Dusk JW Sh CM.  Best Puppy was Mouniir Har Kala Rachi (imp) owned by Kathy Webb and Cecilia Benoit.

With so many Salukis now being imported into this country it is nice to have the opportunity to write about  one of our Salukis doing well over there.  Devon aka Nefisa Jahira Tribute has earned the award of Top Brood Bitch by the American Saluki Association.  She also won 2nd in a large Brood Bitch Class at the Saluki Club of America Specialty.



At the National Gallery, London there is an exhibition entitled  ‘Veronese:  Magnificence in Renaissance Venice’.  It features the work of Paolo Veronese .  To quote Hope and David Water’s Saluki in History Art and Sport:  “Veronese more than other artist, loved Salukis, judging by the number of pictures in which they were included.  The authors (referring to Hope and David) have located some thirty such paintings done in the years between 1559 and 1585.”  On the National Gallery’s web site I have noticed one painting with a Saluki, it is the Adoration of the King. Hopefull we will find time to visit the gallery and see Veronese’s magnificent work and perhaps, even see another Saluki.  The exhibition is on until 15th June.


On Saturday 17th May, The Welfare held a Fun Day at Kingsclere.  It is the most wonderful of venues just at the base of Watership Down and the beginning or end of the Wayfarer Walk.  The beautiful hills just tower above.  I understand the start of the Fun Day was delayed as there were some very beautiful thoroughbred yearlings that were in the field.  Sorry to have missed that.  The day was very warm and sunny so small tents and umbrellas were set up to keep the people and dogs out of the hot sun.  A large part of the day was set aside for a lure trial.  It looked fun but unfortunately our dogs could not connect, that they were suppose to chase a plastic bag.   We think that with some training maybe they could be convinced   that plastic bag chasing is a sport.  I am sure if there was a rabbit in the field that they would have chased that.  The Welfare had a few tables, one with a cake sale, another had a raffle and a tombola. 

After the lunch break there was a highly competed ‘musical mats’  (surely the dogs think we have gone mad) and after a fun match.  The Welfare would like to  thank Brendan Austin who supplied all the fantastic prizes for the Dog Show all those rosette sponsors and Keith Snape who paid for the hire of the field for the day.  All in all the Welfare made just over £600.00 on the day.

 On the Bank Holiday Monday, we attended Bath Championship Show where Salukis had scheduled classes but did not have Challenge Certificates. In the distant past we did have CCs there, but that was a long time ago. It is a well supported show even without the CCs.  (Oh the wisdom of the powers that be)  Maybe someday we will once again have CCs at Bath.  At the show we were chatting to Steve Ham who told us that his wife, Anne had just had a mini-stroke.  She was in the hospital but Steve was hoping she would soon be home. Steve said that Anne had gone into the hospital for some minor surgery when she came home she had a headache.  She did think something was wrong so they went back to the doctors where he had her readmitted into the hospital where they diagnosed she had had a stroke. We wish Anne a speedy recovery and hope to see her back on the show scene again soon.  Our judge for Bath was Mr J Vuorinen from Finland.  BB BOB was Josh Duddell & Brian  Mansell’s Jasmine of Cakerikie (imp) with RBB to Fernlark Despina Of Caerikie owned by the Duddell & Mansell partnership.  BD went to Ch Baghdad Karim (imp) ShCM owned by Steve Ham, Paula Bockman-Chato and Margaret Ross-Elliott with RDB to Mrs S Edge’s Fernlark Elswavo JW.  Best Puppy was Ann & Steve Ham’s Bendegedig Bazinga.  Best Breeders Group was Steer.

At Bath we were about the 5th breed in the ring, which was not surprising as we did not have CCs.  The steward for the breeds preceeding us, mentioned that she was disappointed she was not stewarding for the Salukis as her dad had owned Salukis.  I enquired who was her dad ?  She said it was Ted Thornton.  We all knew Ted as he made the most wonder show leads and I still have mine and I am sure others do as well.  His daughter, Alexandra said she now makes his show leads. To contact her she can be reached at or telephone 01948 81173.  Her card says Doucai Dogs and leads of destinction. 

The shows are coming fast and furious so yesterday (Saturday) we attended Southern Counties Championship Show.  For us it is a great favourite as it is located within a half an hour of where we live.  The venue is generally quite popular as the road access to the show is very good and as a result receives a good entry.  Judging us was Sade Hohteri from Finland.  DCC, BOB went to the well winning dog Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM owned by Jeanette & Alan Glaister and Mary Sanders Parker with the RDCC to Lisa & John Hudson’s Ch Glenoak Kiyan JW.  BCC for her first CC went to Liz Metcalf and Martin Green’s Tasia Zemar My Maria.  She was born on 24th August 2009.  Her sire is Kirman Bashaar at Fernlark (imp) and her dam is Ch Zemar Tasia Elouise.  RBCC was awarded  to Mary Sanders Parker’s Khalils Allegra-Classicus ( imp Swe) JW Sh CM.  Best Puppy was Mouniir Har Kala Rachi (imp Bel) owned by Kathy Webb and Sybelle Benoit.  Best Breeders Groupand Best Breeders Group 4 was Steer and I understand this group has now accrued enough points to quality for Crufts 2015.  Well done all!!

There is just a few days left to send your photos to Anjo Jackson-Main for the photo competition for the 2015 calendar.  Anji’s email address is:


This spring after an unusually warm winter, we have noticed that the dogs were coming home with ticks.  We have had a problem with them picking them up in the past but this year they were quite badly affected by them.  While discussing the tick infestation with our vet he recommended a new tick and flea collar. He said that since his dog has been wearing one he has found no ticks on her.  They are called ‘Seresto’ and are made by Bayer ltd.  They are expensive and only available through your vet, the good news is they last for 7 to 8 months. The dogs have been wearing them for about 3 weeks, on the first day or so we had a tick to remove but since then nothing.

Last Friday the Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show was held.  Judging Salukis was Mrs Avril Lancashire. BCC, BOB and Hound Group 3 was Ch Classicus Concorrdia JW, Sh CM owned by Mary Sanders Parker with RBCC to Jasmine of Canerikie JW( IMP ITA) owned Josh Duddell and Brian Mansell.  DCC went to the brother of the BCC, Ch Classicus Callander JW Sh CM owned by the Glaister, Parker partnership.  RDCC was Mumtaz Hercules owned by Mr & Mrs J Cowie.  Best puppy was Majo’s Liquorice Addiction (IMP Swe) owned by Miss A Barrett.  Well done all!!

Helen Williams


Last Friday Birmingham Championship Show was held and judging us was Mrs Pam Marston-Pollock.  BCC, BOB was Brian Mansell and Josh Duddell’s Jasmine of Canerikie JW (imp ITA) for her 2nd CC with RBCC to Denise Garratt and Sharon Oakey’s Ch Caryna Meilishia Sh CM.  DCC was Ch Baghdad Karim Sh CM owned by the Ham, Brockman-Chato & Ross-Elliot partnership with RDCC to Caroline & John Owen’s Caryna Curetes.  Best puppy went to Ann & Steve Ham’s Bendegedig Bazinga and Best Breeder was Steer.

The SGHC Open Show is now not far off so please remember to send your photos to Anji Jackson Main for the Calendar competition.  Her address is 149 Sturton Street, Cambridge CB1 2HQ or email  For further information please phone Anji on 07717 724257.  Another bit of good news.  The SGHC now has a place to call home.  Thanks to Ray and Caroline Pickering we have a very nice shed to house many of the Club’s belongings instead of sitting on our garage floor.

Yesterday I received the spring addition of The Kennel Blub “Breed Records Supplements.”  It lists, that, between the months of January to March 2014 there were 4 litter with 23 puppy registrations.  The only registration of someone affiliated with our Saluki Clubs in Ms M Smithson and she had a litter of 1.  There were 5 importation. They are Khalils Al Caliph from Sweden owned by Peter Copperthwaite, Mojo’s Liquorice Addiction from Sweden owned by Miss Ann Barrett.  Mounir Har Kala Rachi from Belguim owned by Martin & Kathy Webb & Sybelle Benoit, Ulmarra Bollinger from Ireland owned by Wendy Marshall & Mr R Mottersahw and Ulmarra Cristal also from Ireland owned Linda Dunn. 

Ther was one Show Cerificate of Marit and that was Mumtaz Hercules owned by Mr J & Mrs J Cowie. 


Daphne Parnham of the Saluki Welfare has sent the following: “I would like to thank everyone at the NSC Ch. Show who supported the Welfare Stall and Debs who has taken over the stall for the North. Debs had worked very hard making things for the stall and had a wonderful display which was gratefully appreciated. The total profit raise on the day was £182.00 and I hope that every one will support Debs in the future.”

Speaking of Welfare, David Crane the secretary of the Welfare fund has sent a reminder that The Saluki Welfare Fund Day will be held on Saturday 17th May at Park House Stables, Kingsclere, Nr Newbury RG20 5PY.  Entry will be £5.00 per car to include one free lure course run.  There will be lure coursing and stalls (please bring a cake or something to add to a stall) Please do not use the main entrance to the stable but look for the sign on the road ‘Fun Day’. There will be hot and cold drinks available, but please bring your own picnic. 

There will be Saluki classes at Southampton & District Canine Assoc on Saturday 14th June 2014.  (Unfortunately this clashes with SGHC Open Show).   Luke Johnston will be judging 3 classes with Mike Caple, officiating, the Hound Group. Schedules can be obtained from fosse data or through the secretary, Mrs S Wilkinson on telephone number 1329833011. 

Last Sunday the Northern Saluki Club held their Championship show.  Judging us was breed specialist Helen Graham of Daxlore Salukis. It has been a while since Helen has judged our breed as she now lives with her husband David and hounds in France.  DCC, BIS was last years top dog, Ch Classicus Cassander JW, Sh CM owned by Jeanette & Alan Glaister and Mary Sanders Parker with the RDCC & RBIS to Sheryl Steer, Lorraine & John Fitzgerald and Luke Johnston’s Ch Jorjenjo Mirzam at Fernlark. BCC & BVIS, came from the Veteran Class Ch Caryna Calisto owned by Denise Garratt & Sharon Oakey with the RBCC to Ch Caryna Meilishia  her kennel mate owned by the same owners.  Best Puppy was Hilary Davies & Christine Harrison’s Charrioak Sheerzam.  After the judging we had a chance to speak with the judge while we indulged in a bring and share lunch. 

The show was well run as usual with excellent stewards.  Well done to the new show managers of Christine Harrison and Kevin Carter and equally new secretary to the club, John Owen.  


Michael McCormick Smith, now Acting Hon Secretary of the SGHC, has asked me to apologise on his behalf, first of all for an error in the SGHC Open Show Schedule.  On the inside front cover the date of the Club Champ Show is given as Saturday 14th October – the correct date is Sunday 19th October.  Secondly, he says he is having teething problems with his new computer and It’s email system and some (but not all) members who receive the Club Newsletter, by email, have not received it this time around.  Anyone who hasn’t received it should contact him at:


Last week, Michael and I stopped off and visited Christ Ormsby at her new home in Petworth.  Chris seems to have settled in well and is enjoying her area.  She lives just across the street from Petworth Castle so has ample ground for walking her dog.  We were informed that if you live in Petworth then you have a free pass to the park.    So we had hoped to have a walk around  house and park but as we were constrained by time, we could not. Unfortunately as we have dogs at home that is the downside of having a day out.  After living in her apartment for a couple of months I pleased to report that Chris finally has her telephone installed and the number is 01798 344692.  The address is 2 Morgan Ct, Station Road, Petworth GU29 0FE.  During our visit I asked Chris about the story I had heard that Bregitta and Bjorn Berglund-Backstrom had a terrible fire at their home in Sweden.  Chris confirmed the story and said that the fire ignited very quickly and the Backstroms were lucky to escape with their daughter Joanna and the dogs. Everything else they owned in the house is gone. What a lucky escape that no one was injured. 

Helen Williams




Congratulation to Loraine & John Fitzgerald and Sheryl Steer as their Saluki, Flyn, (Tasia Moonshine Over Dawnchase JW Sh CM) attended the competition for ‘Hampshire Top Dog,’ where the entry was 64 dogs and he won  the entire competition. 

Just a reminder that the SGHC Open Show, will be held on Saturday 14th June 2014.  Schedules will shortly be circulated along with the newsletter.  As a special event the Committee will be organizing a bring and share lunch to be held at the conclusion of the judging.  More information on this and who will be organizing this, will be in the schedule.

I was so horrified to see a poster on the wall, during a recent trip to the States stating that 80% of all puppies are born through mis-mating so have your dog or bitch neutered by 4 months.

Pamela Mottershaw will be judging 3 classes of salukis ( kindly sponsore by Mrs H. Davies ) at York Canine Society Open Show held at  Askham Bryan College, York ,

Pamela will also judge the Hound Group and BIS. Schedules available from L. Jameson on telephone no. 01904 765297 or  or enter online. 

The Hound Association of Scotland held their Championship Show yesterday in the picturesque town of Kelso located the Borders.  Judging Salukis was Mrs Joanne Mahon.  DCC, BOB went to Ch Glenoak Jabari SW SHCM owned by Mr A & Mrs JA Bloomfield with the RDCC to Mrs C Chryssolor’s Anasazi Malt Whiskey Sh CM.  BCC went to Mrs K Webb’s Ch Al Caliphs Nuray with RBCC to Mr & Mrs D Rogers Labakan Chiffonier.  Best Puppy was Mouniir Har Kala Rachi (imp Bel) owned by Mrs K Webb and Mrs S Benoit. I understand that Mouniir also went 4th in Puppy Hound group under judge Mike Gadsby.  Best Breeders Group was “Steer”.  Well done all!! 

The NSC Championship Show will be  held on Sunday 27th April at their usual venue in Clay Cross.  This years judge is Helen Graham.  As of this moment an exact figure for entries is not known but it is between 90 and 100.  Exhibitor’s
complementary tea/coffee will be available by voucher through the caterer's van
outside the hall. The caterer will be offering hot food and refreshments for sale all day from early morning. I would just like to remind you that there will be a Bring and Share after the judging has finished so do not forget your contribution.

Helen Williams  



Maya Monk Schenk has been contacted by the Kennel Club regarding the research, at the Clinical Investigations Centre at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) to help recruit dogs, for a food trial, looking into the treatment of epilepsy.  A new diet has been developed with the aim of improving the management of epileptic dogs, not only by reducing seizure frequency, but also by decreasing the level of side-effects seen with standard antiepileptic drugs.


The research group have had over 20 dogs successfully complete this trial, and are now looking to recruit a further 10 dogs over the next 6 months.  The study is inclusive of all breeds, and the only inclusion criteria are that the dogs are suspected of having idiopathic epilepsy (have an unremarkable MRI and CSF analysis), and are between  ≥6 months and ≤11 years old.  As part of the study they get a free consult with an RVC neurologists, free diagnostic tests and a six month supply of dog food.


If anyone has an epileptic dog and would like to take part in this research please contact Nick Sutton, Health Information Officer, The Kennel Club Tel:  0844 463 3980  (extension 323) or Fax: 020 7518 1028 

I have a few bits and pieces of information:  Crufts 2015, the names for the judges has finally been released and our judge will be Mr. Keith Thornton. 

Ann Redway has had to go into the hospital for a back operation.  We hope it goes well and wish her a speedy recovery. 

John & Caroline Owen have changed their telephone number and it is now

0115 9305473


A delighted Mrs Mottershaw emailed to say that at KC Jersey Ch Show the Saluki Ulmarra Bollinger (Diesel)  won BOB , BEST PUPPY IN GROUP , HOUND GP 3 , BEST JUNIOR IN GROUP, RES. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW. The judges were Sue Searle for hounds and Tom Mather for Best in show.  Diesel is co-owned with Wendy Marshall.


Annette & Brian Buckley after a very difficult and trying time have had to say good bye to Rocco (Ch Mumtaz Sirocco Sh CM).  Annette has sent the following regarding their loss: Sadly we had to say our last goodbyes to Rocco yesterday.  His health deteriorated rapidly the night before and yesterday morning, so much so that our two vets who examined him at lunch time both agreed that it was the end of the line with only one option available, which was to release him from any suffering.  Lucasz, our lovely local vet, came to home to help Rocco in his time of need and he went very gently into the next world.  Both Brian and I feel exhausted after such a long fight on his behalf to give him as much quality time as possible and thankfully he was fit up until the last couple of days; all three vets, the homeopathic vet from East Hoathley, Dr. Susan North from the Veterinary Referral Cancer Centre in Basildon, and Lucasz supported us very well and said he survived longer than expected as he was such a strong healthy boy until the cancer struck. I still believe that it started with a nasty horsefly bite back in the summer when hoards of these flies were flying about at the end of our garden and I received a nasty painful bite in my arm which came up in a hard itchy lump which took time to heal.  An insect bite is what he was treated for at the beginning of the problem and it was only when the anti-biotics had no effect on the hard lump in his ear that further tests were done and it was found to be Mast Cell III, the most serious of skin cancers and we were told that it was incurable and the best we could hope was to be able to buy him time.   When a parasite invades the body with a nasty sting, mast cells come out to protect the area, but if too large an army is sent out, this is when cells can form a cancerous lump and histamines spread rapidly.   It is imperative that any lump in the ear pinna is taken seriously, however small, so always ask your vet to look into the worst case scenario as well as the best case; apparently it is the most common form of skin cancer in dogs and as the ear has a very good drainage system the bad cells can reach the lymph glands very quickly so treatment needs to start very early on.  However, Grade III is rarely cured and treatment is usually just palliative.    Rocco would never go down into the bottom of the garden since we saw the hoards of horse flies all those months ago and when I took him out for a wander around just a couple of days ago he would not follow me when I wanted to check on the state of the storm damaged trees in that area – he would not budge from half way down the garden and just stood and watched from a distance.   They say dogs never forget!   We will never forget Rocco and Brian and I will miss him more than words can say.   He was a very loving, loyal and well behaved Saluki at home and gave us so much excitement in the ring as he was such a natural show boy – we were very proud of him and thank Zola Rawson for giving us the opportunity to share his life with us.  Rocco was very special.


Last week I received a telephone call from Joan Davies (Lusaki Salukis).  She said at the moment she and Owen were fine but they take everything on a day to day basis.  Joan wanted me to pass on about Saluki Classes at Chelmsford & District Canine Society.  The judge will be Mr Mike Denny with 3 classes. Mike will also be doing the Hound Group and BIS judge is Jonathan Horswell.  It will be held on Monday 5th May which is a bank holiday.  Joan said the venue is very nice with good free parking and refreshments are available.  Schedules are available from Fosse Data.



The Humberside Hound Association will be hosting a Teach-In on Wednesday 21st May, starting at 7.15pm.  The Speakers are Basenji – Danny Cullen, Saluki – Kevin Carter, Beagle – Brian Foster.Each breed to be discussed and demonstrated, using representatives of the breed as models. There will be no formal 'hands on' session. (The KC recognises attendance at the Seminar as ‘showing an interest in the breeds’ and Certificates of attendance will be given.)  The venue is The Ferrybridge Community Centre, Ferrybridge, WF11 8PQ. Cost - inclusive of light supper - £5.00 All are welcome and there is no need to pre-book. Further details, if required, please contact Clair Pearce on 01405 860864, or visit our Web Site type of informal event, once popular with general societies, has fallen by the wayside in favour of the in-depth breed club organised seminar which is expected to lead to a judging qualification. Not everyone wants such an intensive learning experience if they are not planning a judging career in that particular breed! The Humberside Hound event is usually well attended by people who consider such seminars to be of utmost importance as an educational event without any pressure”  

David Hatley, Chairman of the NSC, following their AGM, has forwarded information regarding changes in the Club: “ Unfortunately 2014 seems to be the year of retirement for several of our officers and committee. Our President Mr Roy Goodby, decided to step down from that position and the committee as his health is not as robust as it has previously been. Roy was a founder member of the Club and has served it with distinction, diligence and dignity for decades. He was Chairman for thirteen years and then President since 2008. Fortunately he agreed to stay on the committee as his depth of Saluki knowledge has been, and is, invaluable to us. As a Saluki owner, breeder and championship show judge at home and overseas, Roy has made an outstanding contribution to the breed. We wish him a long and happy retirement. 
Secretary Andrew Sharp is also retiring after ten years in the post. We believe this to be a club record. Everyone knows the pivotal position in a breed club is that of Secretary and so often the heavy workload goes unappreciated. With his administrative background Andrew slipped seamlessly into the role and carried it out with precision, efficiency, and accuracy always helped and supported by his wife Vicky. His knowledge of KC rules and regulations has been invaluable and his manner has always been collaborative and pleasant. Andrew has made many friends during his long term of office and been a favourite with visitors to our shows. In particular I have always admired his presentation of the minutes of our meetings which, though brief, so effectively summarize our deliberations. Andrew also must be commended for keeping a strategic eye on the long -term for NSC, particularly with finance and always warned us when we needed to stop spending and consolidate funds. So very,very, regretfully we wish Andrew and Vicky farewell and every success in their new business venture. 

Jessica Brassington the Treasurer for the previous six years has indicated that she too would like a change of role although we hope to persuade her to stay on in the post a little longer. Representing the fourth generation of a well-known Saluki family Jess has a warm and winning personality not always associated with treasurers in my experience. She has presented our accounts in a straightforward way which we can all understand and given brief and to the point reports to committee meetings .Much of the treasurer’s work goes unseen and unremarked by even members of the committee. We are grateful that Jessica has agreed to continue in post and carry on with her hard work for at least the next year. 

Our Vice Chair for nine years Judith White has a long history in both Afghans and Salukis. Another delightful personality Judith has also acted as our “almoner” keeping in touch with the membership in both happy and sad circumstances. Her own sad loss of Trevor, her husband, has caused her to re-evaluate travel to meetings and thus asked to be relieved of the position she has held with distinction since 2006.  Most importantly on the occasions I have not been able to take the chair I always had complete confidence in Judith’s ability and judgement.  We are indeed fortunate that she has agreed to remain on the committee. 

The Northern Saluki Newsletter has been edited by Helen Graham for some twenty years. A stalwart of our breed club over decades  Helen and her husband David have been sorely missed by their friends in salukis since their relocation to France. Even at that distance Helen has continued to write and edit the newsletter which goes to all our members three times a year. Unfortunately latterly she has found a lack of people on this side of the Channel willing to write articles and submit news and views and so has decided to make this edition her last. Known for her interest in Saluki health and treatments Helen has a wide ranging knowledge of the breed both here and throughout the world and this has been ably demonstrated through the newsletter. She will be a very hard act to follow but we thank her for all she has done for NSC and wish her and David “bonne chance” for the future. 
At a very cohesive and co-operative   AGM where members willingly took up positions of responsibility the following appointments were made :- 
Patrons   -   Mrs Beryl Payne and Mr Roy Goodby to be invited to be Patrons of the club. 
President   Mrs Judith White 
Chairman Mr David Hartley 
Vice Chairman Mrs Hilary Davies 
Vice Presidents Mrs Adele Walton-Haddon and Mrs Denise Garrett 
Secretary Mr John Owen 
Treasurer Mrs Jessica Brassington 
Committee Members  Ms Judith Ayrton, Mr Kevin Carter, Miss Christine Harrison, ,  Mrs Lynn Ingram, Mrs Rosie Lewis, Mrs 
Caroline Owen (co-opted),  Ms Martine Smithson Ms Sue Taylor, Mr John Walton-Haddon. 

Ms Ayrton will continue to be responsible for the Club Stall 
Miss Harrison will continue to organise Discover Dogs at Crufts 
Mrs Lewis will continue to act as Cup Steward 
Mrs White will continue to act as Almoner 

New responsibilities are being taken by:- 
Mr Carter and Miss Harrison – Joint Show Managers 
Mrs Owen - NSC Website Manager  
Mr and Mrs Walton Haddon -  Newsletter Editors 

I have an apology to Sue Bounds as she has informed me that her Best Show winner at the SGHC Limited Show was not Alsahra Lalana but her smooth sister Arabella. 

Yesterday the SGHC held their AGM.  Making our way to the venue I digressed with my travelling companions to relate what AGMs were like 15 plus years ago.  I always remember them being held at Wellyn Garden City in a hotel with a bar.  No Saluki AGM could be possibly be held without a “bar” The room would have been packed with members and all would be dressed in their best clothing for this special annual event.  And it was something to be part of, as one would never dare to open their mouth as the meeting was so volatile. Looking back the Chairman of the meeting always had a difficult time controlling t he floor.  Many times it was considered that we needed to obtain an arbitrator from the Kennel Club to chair the meeting.  One side of the room was of one opinion with apposing opinion on the other side and mayhem in between.  Thing have certainly changed as we have a much more moderate meeting as we did yesterday.   


The Committee of the SGHC will be Andrea Ireson. David Steel, Kathy Webb, Michael Williams and Anji Jackson Main has been Co opted.  Kathy is the Chairman of the Committee.  The new acting Secretary will be Michael McCormick Smith.  The Committee has decided to try using telephone conferencing to hold some of their meeting to cut out the long distances members have had to drive.  As the Committee is managing our Club shows for 2014, the person in charge of the Open Show will be Kathy with David assisting her in that, along with the rest of the Committee.  Kathy has suggested that at the Open Show there will be a bring and share lunch after the judging 

Judging the 2015 Limited Show will be Peggy PostmaOpen Show  2015 will be Gabrielle Schroeter from Germany, Ruth Dann with Cecilia Andersson as Best in Show judge. 

Championship Show 2016 winner of the Ballot is Neil Stanmore, Brian Duggan and Best in Show judge Karen Fisher 

Helen Williams




Once again I feel I must apologize for the lack of Breed Notes for the last couple of weeks.  We are still without internet service due to the incompetence of a large telecom company in this country.  They are begging forgiveness for the errors that have occurred but we think time has run out for them.  Our other reason is Michael and I, grabbing a week in the sun just after Crufts.  Catching up on news, congratulations are due to Karen and Glen Fisher on the birth of their new grandson and also congratulations to their parents Natalie & Oliver Hounslow

I have received the following communications from Susan Rhodes on behalf of the Afghan Hound Association:  “On Saturday 5th April the Afghan Hound Association are holding an event entitled SPOTLIGHT ON SIGHTHOUNDS.    An informal day designed to discover what brings our sighthounds together and what separates them. The excellent panel of guest speaker together with one of their breed are Barbara Hargreaves (Mistweave Greyhounds) Jean Clare (Ryazan Borzoi), Lesley Busby (Wilbus Afghan) Marie Bryce-Smith (Saruk Salukis), Pamela Marston Pollock (Falconcrest Whippets, Sloughis & Ibizans) and Cathy Coleman & Jeff Crawford (Bokra Wolfhounds).  The venue is Chieveley Village Hall, Chieveley, Newbury, Berkshire RG20 8TE.  This is a first event of this kind and should be a really good day.  If you are interested it is worth booking early. For further details see or contact Mark Cocozza ( or Susan Rhodes (”

A reminder that the SGHC will be holding their AGM on Saturday 22nd March 2014 at 2pm at the Barley Lane Primary School, Huxley Drive, Chadwell Heath, Romford Essex RM6 4RJ.  All members should have received a copy of the Agenda and their Yearbook.  Please note that this venue does not allow dogs.

On Satuday 1st March the SGHC held their Limited Show at the Steventon Village Hall.  Judging us was Maya Monk-Schenk.  For a change, after the rains we have endured, their year, it was nice to be blessed with a sunny day.  The entry for the show was not good but comparatively the same as the previous show.  Catering was provided by the Committee and Club members and was extremely good and very reasonable priced.  After the judging we all sat around and had our stuffed jacket potatoes and salad.  As a general member of the Club I would like to thank the Committee who were ably assisted by Sheila Stoneman and Pauline Spilsted for providing it.  Pauline and Don Everton manned the raffle and I understand that they had a profitable day.  Daphne and Tony Parnham were in attendance assisting with the Welfare Stall and handing the reigns back over to the Welfare as they, after a very long time, will no longer be running it at the club shows.  After the judging a presentation was made to Daphne for her hard work, on the Welfare Stand, by the Committee on behalf of the members of the SGHC. Best Bitch and Best in Show was Sue Bounds Alsahra Lalana (smooth) and Best Smooth in Show with the Res Best in Show to our own and Rosemary Redfern’s Kasaque Paloma. Best dog and Best of Opposite Sex went to Clair Chryssolor’s Anasazi Malt Whiskey with the Res Best Dog to Liz Stephen’s Alsahra Aslam Bedu.  Best Puppy was Kathy & Martin Webb and Sybelle Benoit’s newly imported smooth Mouniir Har Kala Rachi (imp Bel). Best Veteran went to Pauline Spilsted’s Jeshins Dynamic Diva.

Well, another Crufts has come and gone.  We did not arrive early but around 10am but were pleasantly surprised when we sailed into the West Car park and evenly more surprised on a Friday evening when we sailed out and home.  Perhaps Crufts has found away around the four hours wait to exited the car parks.  Judging us at Crufts was Elaine Stanmore (Altaya Salukis).  She chose for her Best of Breed and Dog CC Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM owned by Jeannette & Alan Glaister & Mary Parker.  I understand he was short listed in the Hound Group.The RDCC went to Lisa and John Hudson’s Ch Glenoak Kiyan JW. BCC went to Denise Garratt, Sue Oakey and Karen Smith’s Ch Caryna Meilichia with the RBCC to Anasha Al Noushararin (imp Aus) Sh CM owned by Diane Layton.  Best Puppy was Brian Mansell and Joss Duddell’s Fernlark Schussboomer.  Well done all! 


Christine Ormsby has contacted us to inform everyone that she is moving house.  She loved where she was living in the beautiful Cotswolds but has decided at 90 years of age it is a good time for her, to move nearer to her family.  Her new address is 2 Morgan Courts, Station Road, Petworth, W. Sussex.  GU28 0FE.  Chris does not know what her telephone number will be but as soon as she does we will put it in the Breed Notes.  She does not want to loose contact with her Saluki friends and hopes to attend a show or two to meet up with everyone.  We wish Chris all the happiness in her new home and environment.   

Congratulations to Kevin Carter and Christine Harrison on the announcement of their engagement.  

Ann Birrell has sent the following: “  First of all, many thanks to our breed notes contributors for their most comprehensive and interesting notes each week , however I was horrified to read in the saluki notes this week that the Saluki winner at Westminster was called Ladyhawk Guiness the Menace of Tazi.

TAZI has been my registered prefix since 1981 – and I strongly object to a kennel from overseas using my name.  I remonstrated with this kennel when it first came to my notice years ago and understood that they had changed it slightly.  Please ensure that Saluki people everywhere understand that this hound with excessive ear featherings (anathema to a past coursing enthusiast) and has absolutely NOTHING to do  with Ann Birrell of TAZI salukis. I am very proud of my TAZI prefix and it now applies to my whippets as well. “  

This is not the first time this has happened as I have previously noticed that one of the kennels in Norway is called ‘Yazid’.  As these kennel names are outside of the KC  juristriction, therefore there is little that can be done, to stop them using our kennel names.  Maybe they will say they had them first and we copied them. 

We look forward to seeing everyone at the SGHC Limited Show on Saturday 1st March at Steventon Village Hall.  Judging will start at 10am.



 Last Monday we watched the live screening of Westminster Dog Show.  How they managed to pull it off showing every breed digitally is quite beyond my comprehension.  The judge for Salukis was Mrs Pamela Peat.  The entry was 19 but there definitely were quite a few absentees which I understand was due to difficult weather conditions.  The BOB winner was GHC Ladyhawk Guinness The Menace of Tazi.  To give him credit he had the longest ear feathering that I have ever seen on a Saluki.  Best of Opposite Sex was Ch Takara The Time is Now.  

 In reference to that show Clair Chryssolor has informed us that the puppies of her Ch Tadj Mahal Emranilzan continue to do well.  The sister of her Gemini Jeu E’Espirit for Anasaz, namely Julia, won Best in Specialty in New York at the Empire Saluki Club.  At Westminster she won Select Bitch.  She is owned and was bred by Cathy Diener Farrell.



Annette Buckley has sent the following regarding the upcoming Limited Show: “The SGHC Limited Show takes place at Steventon Village Hall, Nr Abingdon, Oxon on Saturday 1st March 2014, under judge Maya Monk-Schenk, with an entry of Dogs 30 dogs (33 entries) + 3 NFC  expecting to be in attendance, very similar to that of last year.  The ‘entries’ number is down on 2013 mainly due to the fact that colour classes etc. were ceased which means very few second entries. Judging of dogs starts at 10.00am followed by bitches and it is hoped to stop for lunch close to 1.00pm for a 45 minute break when members can get together for a chat. 

Refreshments at this show will be covered by club and committee members - Helen Williams will give full details. 

The Club raffle will be run as usual by Pauline and Don Everton and Saluki Welfare will be organised by Daphne Parnham and standing behind the stall on the day will be Helena Haywood.  Both stall holders are always thankful to receive donations, so why not look out those unwanted Christmas gifts from your cupboards and bring them along on the day.  If you need to get in touch my number on the day is 07933 865287 

The committee look forward to welcoming you to the show and we wish everybody a safe journey and an enjoyable dog showing experience at Steventon Village Hall.” 

The Committee of the SGHC will be providing catering at the show.  There will be tea/coffee and cakes available all day.  At lunch we hope to sit down to baked potatoes with fillings, salad and apple pie and cream for afters.  The food will be very reasonable priced so we hope everyone will join in.  Any questions regarding catering please contact Michael Williams on 01635 268269 or email  The Committee would be most appreciative if everyone could bring along a cake to sell on the day. 

We had just received the final edition of the Breed Records Supplements for 2013.  There were 5 new litters (30 puppies) registered with the KC between October to December 2013.  Of those there are only two names I recognize, Mr S Ham & Mrs A Ham had a litter of 4 and Ms C Harrison had a litter of 8.  Four new importations: Khalils Cressida-Classicus from Sweden owned by Mary Parker.   Sundara’s Ayla of De Sabbia from USA owned by Mesdames J Cotterill, J Pyatt and M Haag. Ulmarra Moet and Chandon from Ireland owned by Mrs K Hardinson  and finally Ulmarra Veuve Clicquot at Cilmalaigh also imported from Ireland owned by Mrs L Sinclair.  Two new Champions confirmed, Chisobee Cerenarian and Fernlark Drambuie.  Junior Warrants were achieved by Fernlark Elswavo and Jasdine of Canerikie.  Show Certificates of Merit went to Anasha Al Noushafarin and Classicus Conway. 

In 2013 there were three Salukis exported.  One went to Israel, another to Canada and a third to Netherlands.  Obviously there have been a considerable more Saluki imports.  Our registrations for 2012 was 150 while 2013 the registrations have dropped to 95.  Worrying statistics especially as many of these dogs were bred by “fringed breeders”. 

Buzz Faber planned to travel to Jasper, Canada for a family wedding last week.  I spoke to her on Thursday and she said she did not feel well and thought she might be coming down with a cold.  That cold turned out to be pneumonia and poor Buzz had to cancel her travel plans.  She has not been having a good time.  Buzz did say she had an open ticket so plans to visit the family next summer.  We wish her a speedy recovery.



Last week, at just about this time I sat down to write the Breed Notes when there we a huge bang from somewhere outside our house.  At that moment it was not raining but the weather forecast was for the usual rains and wind.  I put my coat on, went out to check what was happening and saw two cars that had stopped in a lay-by nearby.  The drivers informed me that there had been an electrical shower with sparks going everywhere then the bang.  The after mass was, no electricity for that day and part of the next, hence no Breed Notes.

The Northern Saluki Club will be holding their Championship show on Sunday 27th April at Sharley Park Leisure Centre, Market Street, Clay Cross, Near Chesterfield Drby S45 9LX.  Judging will be Mrs Helen Graham (Daxlore).  Entries close on Friday 28th March and schedules can be obtained from the Hon Sec Andrew Sharp on tel 01274 564840 or through where on line entries will be taken.

SGHC will be holding their Limited Breed Show on Saturday 1st March at Steventon Village Hall, The Green, Steventon, Abingdon, Oxon OX13 6AA.  Judging is Mrs Maya Monk-Schenk.  Annette Buckley has kindly sent me the entry for this show which is 29 dogs with 32 entries and 3 NFC.  Closer to the date of the show I will include information regarding catering. 

Brendan Autin has sent me the following: “I have been asked by John Hudson, Hon. Secretary if I would reconsider and do the Saluki Calendar for one more year.  I must admit that I do enjoy putting the calendar together, I just felt that maybe it needed fresh eyes.  This years’ calendar is almost sold out, so maybe I got it wrong and members and friends do support and appreciate what is done.  

Sometimes things do go wrong and I was under criticism for getting the date wrong for LKA last year.  I write to all Show Managers and Secretaries asking them to check details that are listed at the bottom of a letter and return to me in a stamped addressed envelope.  Details are entered, checked and then proof read.  The date was wrong on my letter, but it has been confirmed as correct by the LKA.  Errors do happen.  Also sometimes dates are changed like our own Limited Show this year, after we go to print. 

So I have put my calendar hat on again and I am now thinking of photos for 2015.    The annual Photographic Competition will be held at the Open Show at Digswell on Sunday 15th June.  Entries are FREE and you may enter as many photographs as you wish.  Photographs should be no larger than A5 (6x8”).  They may be in black and white or colour and should be of a reproducible quality.  Entries should have a SAE for their safe return. 

Please send your entries to arrive no later than Friday 6th June to:  Brendan G Austin, 103 Vicarage Road, Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex. TW16 7QB.  Entries may be submitted online to (jpeg image preferred), and they will be printed for you.  Please note that all photographs and their details are shredded after the competition.  Please include any information about the photograph, names of dogs when and where it was taken - anything that might be of interest, bearing in mind space availability. 

The calendar will be available at the Championship Show in October or by post or on eBay (search Saluki Calendar). 

If anyone would like to take over from me then please contact me on 01932 788040 and I can give an insight as to what is involved or speak to John Hudson.” 

Helen Williams



 Sadly we have received the following from Ann Shimmin “ At 1.30 pm yesterday Paul found Flash (Ch. Hisilome's I am Iceman med Cranstal) lying dead in the paddock when he went out to collect the two boys at the end of their daily lunchtime exercise.    He looked as if he were sleeping.  Flash would have been 6 on 10th March.   Faris and Flash had only been out for about 15 minutes because the weather was damp and rather unpleasant. 

We had walked the dogs in the morning for our usual 3 1/2 miles, they came home and Flash was then playing with Noor and Tiisi whilst they waited for their breakfasts.  After breakfast they all had their usual mid-morning sleep and then at lunchtime the bitches were put out in the paddock for their run - followed by the dogs.  (We have not been running them all together as we felt that four adult salukis might all get a bit rough with Noor - not that she cared!)  Let off his lead at the paddock gate Flash hurtled off round the paddock looking for cats (as usual) and Paul then left Flash and Faris together whilst he came in and had a shave as we were going out in the afternoon.   On returning to collect the boys from the paddock he discovered Flash lying dead in the middle of the paddock.
We have had a PM done and Karl our vet (who has specialised in heart vet work) has said that at this time he is 90% certain that it is heart arrhythmia that has caused Flash's death.  From the PM all his organs are the organs of a completely normal and healthy dog - in every way.  However because of the speed with which he died and the circumstances of his death - combined with what Karl knows about heart function - Karl is of the conclusion that heart arrhythmia has been responsible for his death  If this alters in any way we will not hesitate to make it known.   We just cannot believe that this has happened to such a downright healthy dog whose only visits to the vet over the last five years have been for a couple of tummy upsets plus his annual inoculations.   Flash just did not 'do' anything other than healthy and very, very active.


Paul and I cannot believe that our golden clown is not asleep in the kitchen - just waiting for someone to make the mistake of leaving food unattended!!  He was such a lovely and loving boy in every way - who of course did more than we could have wished for in the show ring as well.  Perhaps the golden ones are those who do get taken first.  He had just about everything going for him that anyone could wish for from any dog.  I would not sacrifice one minute spent with him for anything - just wish that there had been so many, many more of them.”


Our first Championship with CCs for 2014 was held last Thursday.  Judging us was Graham Hill.  BOB, DCC and Hound Group 1 was Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM owned by Jeannette & Alan Glaister and Mary Parker with the RDCC to John & Lisa Hudson’s Ch Glenoak Kiyan.  BCC went to John & Lisa Hudson’s Ch Gloak Kiyan JW.  BRCC Jocelyn Duddell & Brian Mansell’s Jasmine of Canerikie (imp)

Best Puppy was Fernlark Bottoms Up At Bumpkiss. 


Yesterday the SGHC held a teaching and assessment seminar.  There was a good attendance of 25 people whom were all handed a folder with papers related to the seminar and judging salukis upon arrival. The day started with a talk and a power point presentation on the history of the breed and the standard by Diana Allan and Jenny Macro.  After there was another power point presentation by Karen Fisher on colours of the breed and what is not acceptable.  After lunch Peter Yardley gave a talk on Saluki movement. Then we were split into two groups, one was for the 8 candidates that were being assests and the remainder worked with a mentor going over a dog.  Their final challenge was to write a critique about the dog that had just assest  We have received a few favourable comments today so hopefully the day was interesting and informative. 



We have just received a very sad message from Pia Carnell to say her 17 year old son Augustine was killed on New Years day in a road traffic accident.  We use to see Augustine and his two sisters at shows about  5 or 6 years ago.  They have two Salukis bred by Jan Banyard   His funeral will be held at Rochester Cathedral on 23rd January at 9.30am followed by a reception at the Corn-exchange.

Further to my information of last week, regarding top winners of 2013, I have head from Lisa and John Hudson  that their Ch Kasra Tahira Glenoak JW was the top winning Brood Bitch.  Ch Glenoak Kira – 5CCs, 1RCC, 1BoB,Ch Glenoak Kamala JW – 2CCs, 1RCC, 1BoB, Ch Glenoak Kiyan JW – 1CC, 1RCC, 1BoB, Ch Glenoak Jabari JW – 1CC, Glenoak Jazmyn JW – 1CC, Glenoak Kalima – 1RCC.


 Yesterday Boston Championship Show was held.  We do not have CCs but we do have classes and judging our classes was Anji Jackson-Main.  Her BB, BOB was Clair Chryssolor’s Gemini Jeu D’Esprit for Anasazi (imp) Sh CM with RBB and BP to Joselyn Duddell & Bryan Mansell’s Fernlark Schussboomer.  BD went to the Ham, Bockman-Chato & Ross Elliott partnership’s Ch Baghdad Karim(imp) Sh CM with RBD to Clair Chryssolor’s Anasazi Whiskey Sh CM. Well done all


Happy New Year to you and your hounds.  As the deadlines for the notes have varied over the holiday period I am not sure when these notes will actually be published.  A reminder that membership subs are due for the Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club and the Northern Saluki Club.  Also as we do not get schedules through the post any more, here is another reminder to enter Crufts if you intend to go.  

We have received some good news from Andrea Ireson, she and her partner Dave Claridge have become engaged over the holidays.  We wish them the very best of luck for the future. 


Brendan Austin has sent the following: “Many thanks for those who have supported the Saluki 2014 Calendar.  If anyone is still looking for a copy then please contact Brendan Austin on 01932 788 040.  There are still a few copies left.  Please send a cheque made out to SGHC for £9.50 per copy or £23.00 for three copies inc. UK p&p to; Brendan G Austin, 103 Vicarage Road,  Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex TW16 7QB.”


I am posting a short summery of the breeds top winners for the 2013 year, (if I missed something out please contact me and I will be happy to include it in the upcoming Breed Notes).

Top Saluki was Ch Classicus Cassander JW ShCM handled by Jeannette Glaister, owned by Jeannette and Alan Glaister and Mary Parker. (Mary being also being his breeder). He became a  Champion at Crufts with BOB, he went on to get BOB and Group 4 at Hound Assoication of Scotland, CC at Birmingham National, BOB and Group 3 at Scottish Kennel Club, CC at Southern Counties, BOB Blackpool, BOB and Group 2 City of Birmingham, BOB and Group 2 Darlington, BOB and Group 1 LKA, along with the RCC from Manchester, Northern Saluki Club, Hound Association, Richmond and Driffield. He remained throughout the year Top Saluki in the UK, finishing joint 3rd Hound with fairly limited showing. 

Top Breeders were Hudson making up three new Champions this year all with multiple CCS.  They are Lisa & Dr John Hudson’s Ch Glenoak Kiyan JW, Ch Glenoak Kamala JW and Sheryl Steer’s Ch Glenoak Kira of Fernlark.

Top Puppy went to Ann & Paul Shimmin with their Swedish import Hislome’s Keepsake for Cranstal. No mean feat when you live in the Isle of Man. 

In the holiday post we received from the Kennel Club a letter dated 23rd December to state that starting January 1st 2014 the rules regarding the Assured Breeders membership has been changed. (Not so long ago known as the Accredited breeders scheme)  To summarize the letter, the Assured Breeders Scheme is now in two tiers, one Annual full Membership which will change from the existing  £10.00 per annum to £30.00 which will increase to £45.00 then £60.00.  This will include an assessment visit every 3 years.  Just for information we have been in the scheme for quite a few years and have never been contacted regarding a visit.    

The second option is Annual Associate Membership which is exclusively offered to existing members who breed infrequently (perhaps less then every 3 years)  As an existing member you may opt to remain as an Associate Member and pay an annual fee of £12.00 plus an inspection fee of £167.00 when you decide to breed your next litter.  Upon successful completion of this assessment they will provide a UKAS Certification for the following three years.

We have Salukis and (we’d like to think) are now ‘authorities’ in our breed and are in the position to help newcomers with their questions and problems and whilst we may not know all the answers we will try and find out all we can and report back. 

Having spent many an hour researching suitable stud dogs we are happy to travel many miles including overseas to use what we hope will be a suitable male with all the health, temperament and breed qualities we desire and then when it comes to selling our treasured puppies they depart with a puppy packs including diet sheets, medical records and information on Breed specific items like reading material and clubs; plus other activities which can be pursued with salukis. Plus starter food packs and our puppies are tattooed before leaving us.

If the KC inspects our property, which we have no problem with, they see we have Salukis and they will pass us, then we instantly become accredited as Assured breeders for all other breeds without requiring any knowledge of other breeds. In fact in reality we actually do not require to have any knowledge of salukis either, just as long as we produce the paperwork the KC expect a puppy owner to be given and arrange any health checks that might be relevant with our breeding stock (none currently in our breed). The scheme simply requires that we have premises deemed suitable for breeding dogs and can provide what they perceive to be a suitable standard of husbandry. The fact that the conditions and permissions are not breed specific is something we have always had a problem with. In the eyes of the KC someone who has bred 5 litters in a breed is now considered an experienced breeder, an assumption that could mislead the public into thinking that a breeder has much knowledge of the breed they are selling whereas the fact is they may definitely not. There are some kennels with 50 or 60 breeding bitches who are producing puppies all the time of more than one breed, how, for example, can these breeders be providing the socialisation that the KC says it aspires breeders to provide….let alone good husbandry?  Fortunately this is not the type of conditions most Saluki puppies result from in this country and hopefully never will be.  If anyone was in that position we would refer to them as “puppy farmers” and would hope the Kennel Club would not be advocating such dwellings. With the new guidelines the KC have presented in their letter it reads to me that rather than addressing breed specific knowledge (perhaps that one should attend seminar/s on each breed they want to breed and that accreditation should only apply to those breeds where it is obvious the breeder has made the effort to gain some knowledge and insight). Instead they are at serious risk of encouraging the uneducated mass production of puppies, which is contrary to the ethos the Kennel Club was established for, with kennels full of puppies of different breeds. Though hopefully in their case not the  squalid establishments that these large scale puppy producers are known for, but perhaps with little knowledge of whether their dogs fulfil breed standards as well as care, the health, socialisation, puppy pack requirements etc.

Personally we want no part of this new scheme and will disregard it as conscious breeders and Salukiphiles as we already operate ‘best practice’ and have far more to offer potential saluki puppy owners than a piece of paper with UKAS Certification written on it. 

There is an e-petition now being circulate that states: “Pet Theft - Tougher Penalites to Deter. Responsible department: Home OfficeTo introduce a Pet Theft Law.We want stronger and tougher pet theft legislation to increase the punishment to those involved in the theft of a dog, cat, rabbit, aviary-bird or horse. 
We want pets and horses to be legally regarded as living members of the family and not as objects or property. We want to see pet theft punishment set somewhere between kidnapping and the theft of property or an object. The personal value of a pet is much higher than its saleable value and the law needs to reflect this.We want a mandatory prison sentence punishment for anyone who steals pets with the purpose of extracting a ransom, or seeking reward for the safe return of those animals, or with the intention of harming it or with the intention of not returning it to its rightful owner (unless they can prove that the animal was removed for good reason).We want police and courts to have tougher and stronger powers and to prioritise the theft of pets over the theft of objects.  The address to sign this is

Helen Williams



SALUKI BREED NOTES 18th December 2013

We had planned to attend LKA but as I was unwell we did not make it.  I see from the on line results that there will many absentees, to be exact I think I counted 20.  I have heard a few reports about the new arrangements at the NEC and a couple of people have said that the location is quite far from the train station.  With £10.00 car park charges at NEC, and I know this is out of the hands of LKA, taking the train is a sensible option.  In  time all the little wrinkles of relocation will be smoothed out.  Judging us was Mrs Zola Rawson.  BCC, BOB and a whopping Hound Group 1 was Jeanette and Alan Glaister and Mary Parker’s Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM with the RDCC to Nicola Quadling’s Kasra Zebadiya at Malenkhai.  BCC for her first CC as I believe she is new in the country is Jeanette Cotterill, Jayne Pyatt & Michelle Haag’s Am Ch Sundara’ Ayla of de Sabia (imp) . She was born on 13th May 2009.  She was bred by Michelle & Michael Laflamme Haag.  RBCC went to Denise & Ian Rogers Labakan Lacrox.  Best Puppy was Sherys Steer’s Fernlark Schussboomer and Best Veteran was Tasia Emilia at Sivendra.  Best Breeders Hudson.

  Ann Shimmin has sent me the following: “I would be grateful if you could arrange through the Breed Notes to pass on to everyone my thanks for the most lovely surprise gift of the lovely saluki head that was presented to me at LKA at the finish of my time as Newsletter Editor.  It was totally unexpected and all the more delightful because of that.  Caroline Owen has done the most wonderful piece of work and I am certain that she must have been looking at a photo of Noor when she did it as the head study looks just as glamorous as I am hoping that Noor might look as an adult saluki.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported my efforts as editor.  I have had a lot of satisfaction from each finished Newsletter especially when taking into account the subjects that have been covered - and on which a variety of people have willingly contributed over the last five years.  I am now really looking forward to reading the April 2014 Newsletter - my thoughts are with you Vicky-ann.”


Schedules for the 2014 Members Limited Single Breed Show of the SGHC have now been posted.  It will be held on Saturday 1st March 2014 at Steventon Village Hall, Steventon Oxon OX13 6AA.  The SGHC Committee will be organising the Shows until a new Show Manager comes forward. One of the main Committee members will take control of each Show assisted by a 'Working Party',  which we hope will be made up of Committee Members and Club Members living local to the venue.  Kathy Webb is heading up the Limited Show, so if anyone has any queries please ring  her on 01737 353279 or email   Any offers of help would be much appreciated. In regard to the show, at this point in time there are no sponsors for the forthcoming shows, so the Club would appreciate help securing such. They are also looking for rosette donations, or any other contributions which would be most welcomed.

In the schedule there was a typographical  error regarding the Special Yearling class, the definition of classes should read for dogs of 6 calendar months and not exceeding 24 calendar months of age on the first day of the Show.  Please take note of this when entering the show.  

Happy Birthday wishes to Chris Ormsby and Viv Davies for their 90th.  Not far behind is Beryl Payne who will be celebrating her 90th in 2014. 

Marie & Nick Bryce-Smith have asked me to pass on holiday greetings to everyone.  Unfortunately Marie had a fall last week, breaking her right wrist so there will not be any cards this year.    

Michael and I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday.  Personally we are really looking forward to a relaxing break and the end of the constant adverts on the television reminding us that we need to shop, shop, shop.   Any news please let me know and I will print it as long as it is positive..



            All seems very quiet in the Saluki World at this time which accounts for the lack of breed notes last week.  The deadline for articles in the Club magazine has been extended to the end of the month and the first week in January for adverts.  The person to contact is Kathy Webb on 01737 353279.  Kathy is the care taker editor until a new one is appointed. Anyone who is interested in editing the magazine should contact Kathy at the above number or the Club Secretary, John Hudson.  While we are on the subject we still need a show manager, new Hon Secretary after the AGM, next March, plus someone to compile the annual calendar.  For further information please contact  the Secretary, John Hudson on 01954 230016 or email:

SGHC Committee will be running the Limited Show this year. Judging will be Mrs Maya Monk-Schenk.  It will be held on Saturday 1st March 2014 at Steventon Village Hall, Steventon, Abington, Oxfordshire OX13 6AA. If you are a paid up member of the Club and have not received a schedule please contact John Hudson. 

There are still a few places available for the Seminar which will be held at Steventon Village Hall, Steventon, Abingdon, Oxon on 18th January commencing at 10am.  The am session will include historical presentation by Diana Allan, instruction and the understanding of our breed standard will be Jenny Macro and a talk entitled Traditional Colours and Coat Patterns by Karen Fisher.

In the afternoon there will be assessments for A3 list  and a chance in small groups for hands on experience and open discussion with a tudor..

Attendance and Judging assessment Certificates will be issued.  For further information please contact Kathy Webb on 01737 353279 or email or Michael Williams 01635 268269 email



It is always difficult to report the death of a Saluki, especially when only 5 years old.  Tragically, Buzz Faber has had to say goodbye to her beloved Gina (Ch, Ir Ch Sufeina Zarita)  A couple of years ago Buzz noticed a lump on Gina and rushed her to the vets where it was removed and they were very hopeful that it would be a one off.  Buzz monitored Gina carefully and the vets had just given her a clean bill of health when they noticed her stomach swelling. There was little the vets could do for her, so they decided the kindest thing was to put her to sleep. I know Buzz was extremely attached to Gina and also hoped she might have a litter of puppies from her, sadly this will never happen. 

The British Boxer Club is promoting heart testing at their open show on the 1stDecember 2013. The heart testing will be carried out by cardiologist Dan Andrews and is available to all breeds at a cost of £15 per dog (registration documents are required). The show will be from 10-2pm and held at Steventon Village Hall, Oxfordshire, OX13 6AA. 

To make an appointment, please contact Amanda Jinks on 01728 454423. Alternatively, you can contact the show secretary Marion Seeney on 01235835207. Please do not hesitate to contact them for further information. 

Anji Jackson-Main has sent the following regarding Discover Dogs:

This year was very successful with a steady flow of interested visitors.

The visual aspect of the stall is developing very nicely. This year we applied for a corner space which was very successful, the decoration is slowly coming together, the boards that Ken had made of photographic descriptions of the Salukis. The first board contains a general description of the breed. Next is information about the Sarona Kennels with pictures of Kelb.  The next to last one is of Florence Amhurst with her Salukis and lastly a Jacqiui Jones picture with more information and old archieves  photos.  To cover the back wall we have some beautiful material called moulid which is Egyptian. This is appliqué in geometric patterns and is covered in sequins, they are about 6' x 6' we use one to cover the back wall and others we draped down to cover the metalbars. Next year we hope to use some of the material to run along the top area. And of course we have added a camel saddle hanging. 

Fortunately this year we have new leaflets beautifully designed by Diana Duckenfield. It looked interesting and professional. We recognised many visitors who come back each year. Many have Saluki crosses who are absolutely delighted to see a real Saluki, some are Saluki owners from years ago and many have a Saluki from the welfare. The dogs were well behaved, although it is a demanding day for them. We had a very good assortment of colours, but we did have a number of requests to see a smooth Saluki so we are putting out a call for any smooth Saluki owners who would like to do Discover Dogs 2014 to get in touch. Our thanks go to Nicola Quadling, Brendan Austin, Pete Jackson-Main, Tania Stevens and Craig, Anne Redway  and canines, who helped to make it a successful weekend. If you would like to help next year contact Anji on 07717724257. 

The Fernlarks have had a very successful trip to Belgium last weekend.  Luke Johnston has passed on that at the Belgian Sighthound Speciality, Rafi (Ch Jorjenjo Mirzam of Fernlark JW won the CAC and Kirman Dafnia won the RCAC.  At the Eurodogshow Rafi won the CAC and the CACIB.  Sounds like a very successful trip.

 To bring to a close the Clubs 90th Year Celebrations we will be holding a Breed Specific Seminar. It will take place at Steventon Village Hall on 18th January 2014 commencing at 10.00a.m.

 Morning Session:-

This will include an historical presentation by Diana Allan, instruction and the understanding of our breed standardby Jenny Macro  and a talk entitled ‘Traditional colours and coat patterns’ by Karen Fisher. 

In the Afternoon:-

1. There is the opportunity for assessment to be included on our judging list. (Places limited and must be pre-booked)  

2. The chance in small groups for hands on experience and open discussion with tutor.  

Come along and learn a more about our beloved salukis, this seminar is not only for judging purposes. It does not matter how long you have been in the breed there is always something more to learn. Join us and increase your knowledge of the breed in an informal way.

Attendance and Judging Assessment Certificates issued.


Tickets, including coffee on arrival, 2 course hot lunch and tea with cake before leaving.


Cost per person - £25.00 or £20.00 for SGHC Members. Extra £5.00 for Judging Assessment.

For further information or to book a place contact: 

Michael Williams 

or 01635 268269 

Kathy Webb or 01737 353279




The Saluki Calendar for 2014 is now available from telephone 01932 788040. Single copies £9.50 Three copies £ UK P&P  Please send a cheque made out to SGHC to: Brendan G Austin,  103 Vicarage Road,  Sunbury on Thames,  Middlesex.  TW16 7QB


This week I received the Breed Record Supplement for Autumn 2013.  There were 3 litters registered making 20 puppies.  The breeders were Mr F Loveridge, Miss E Price and Ms S A Steer.  There was 1 importation, namely Shokran Al Shamam.  It’s origin was Republic of Ireland owned by Ms Y Fox.  There was 1 export or rather a Dutch dog returning to Netherlands.  Two Champions were confirmed and they are Mary Parker’s Classicus Concorrdia and Sheryl Steer, Lorraine& John Fitzgerald’s Gloak Kira of Fernlark.



Last Sunday the SGHC held their Open Show in conjunction with Saluki Welfare.  Usually we hold our Championship Show at this time, but as this was the 90th Anniversary Year we exchanged dates with the Open Show which is usually held in the summer.  Considering it was a Club Open Show and not the champ show, there was quite a good support with an entry of 88.  I see from below that the profit from the entry at the Companion Show was £53.00 which did include some Whippets and probably some of the dogs from the Open Show. It is a pity that more of the welfare dogs were unable to attend.  As we were in the large hall at the Kennel Club building, at no time did we feel crowded, perhaps in this instance it would have been more cost affective to the Club, at this difficult economic time, to have held the event in the smaller hall.  Catering was supplied, by outside caterers and they seemed to be selling masses of chips and bacon baps, plus coffees and teas. 

The show was opened by the President of the Club, Marie Bryce-Smith who asked us to stand for a minutes silence for Sonia Lambrinudi of Geldara Salukis who recently died in her 90th year. Sonia bred some extremely beautiful Salukis during her showing days. They were very much based on the Burydown line. During the lunch break the committee of the 90th Anniversary Year were called into the ring and presented with gifts as a token of thanks for all their hard work during this past year 

The Magazine stand was doing a brisk business.  I understand they donated some of their anniversary mugs to the Companion Show and Junior Handling, so now have none left.  Also the commemorative bone china mugs have now sold out, the last few being sold on the magazine table.  During lunch we stopped to raise our glasses and partake of a special cake thanking Karen Fisher for her ten years of hard work as the editor of “The Saluki”. There is no doubt under her editorship the magazine has gone from strength to strength.  Kathy Webb has now sent most of the magazines off but if you have not received on or would like to order one please contact Kathy on 01737 353279.

Diana Allan oversaw the final ‘90th Anniversary Silent Auction’ with the celebratory year now drawing to a close  I believe all the items are now sold and in addition to all the other funds Diana has raised by her silent auctions, she has now added another £281.00.  We thank Diana for all her hard work on behalf of the Club.         

  Judges for the Open Show were Liz McKnight, dogs, Maggie Holder bitches with Colin Wells Referee. The results are Best Dog and Best of Breed to Annette and Bryan Buckley’s Hislome’s Kareef (imp Swe) from the Junior Class. Best Puppy Dog, Best of Opposite Sex Puppy and Reserve Best Dog was Marie Bryce-Smith’s Kasaque Ra Frankel Of Saruk.  Best Bitch went to Clair Chryssolor’s Gemini Jeu D’Esprit for Anasazi Sh CM (imp USA) with reserve Best Bitch to Fernlark Despina of Canerikie owned by Joss Duddell and Bryan Mansell   Best Puppy was Sheryl Steer’s Fernlark Schussboomer and Best Veteran in Show was Kathy Webbs’ Ch Al Caliphs Nuray. 

 Daphne Parnham has sent the following note regarding the Welfare stall: “Please could you thank everyone who supported the Welfare stall and the Companion Dog Show at the SGHC Open Show. The Welfare stall made a £260.00 and the Stalls, musical Mats and Companion Dog Show made a profit of £53 plus a large donation given to us by one of the Welfare owners. We would like to thank everyone who joined in the fancy dress and made a fitting end to the Companion dog Show.”

 John Hudson, Hon Sec on SGHC has sent the following regarding the KCs National Education and Training Month (November 2013)

Conformation and Movement Seminars

Saturday 9th November in Fife

Sunday 17th November in Builth Wells and Maidstone

Saturday 23rd November at Newark Showground

Saturday 30th November in Exeter

This seminar is aimed at all those who wish to develop knowledge, skills and confidence in their understanding of key aspects of Conformation, Structure and Movement. It complements the Points of the Dog assessment and is aimed at all those involved in exhibiting and judging and in particular those who aspire to give Challenge Certificates. A Kennel Club attendance certificate will be presented at the end of the seminar.

Points of the Dog assessments

Sunday 17th November in Builth Wells and Maidstone

Saturday 23rd and 24th November at Newark Showground

Requirements of a Dog Show Judge Seminar (KC Rules and Judging Procedures)

Sunday 10th November in Wishaw

Saturday 16th November in Builth Wells and Maidstone

Sunday 24th November at Newark Showground

Sunday 1st December in Exeter

This seminar focuses on providing the essential knowledge and understanding of Kennel Club Rules and Regulations and Ring Procedure. It is for those who wish to develop knowledge, skills and confidence in their understanding of key aspects of Kennel Club Rules and Regulations. It is aimed at all those involved in exhibiting and judging and in particular those who aspire to award Challenge Certificates. An examination paper on Requirements of a Dog Show Judge follows this seminar for those wishing to award CCs. Successful candidates will receive a certificate which is a requirement for the first time CC questionnaire.

Managing a Dog Society

Saturday 9th November at the Scottish Kennel Club

Satrurday 16th November in Builth Wells and Maidstone

Saturday 23rd November at Newark Showground

Saturday 30th November in Exeter

This seminar focuses on best practice guidelines as published in the Manual for Kennel Club Registered Societies. It looks at the effective management of a club/society through the committee working as a team. The seminar is designed to assist existing and potential new officers and committee members or those who might be interested in being involved in Dog Societies. Seminar delegates will:

                Gain an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of all interested parties:

                o The Kennel Club

                o Members of the Society

                o Committee

                o General Public


Show Management Seminars

Sunday 10th November at the Scottish Kennel Club

Sunday 17th November in Builth Wells

Sunday 24th November at Newark Showground

Sunday 1st December in Exeter

The main focus is on Show Planning and Administration, covering the sequence of events required from 18 months prior to the show, what is required at the show to what is required after the show. All the most up to date information, legislation and Kennel Club Rules and Regulations are included in this seminar.

This one-day seminar is primarily aimed at those who will have a role to play in the organisation of Kennel Club registered societies shows and events. Delegates may include those elected as show officials of Breed Club Shows.

For more information and to secure a place please contact Joanna Howe, Canine Activities, Education and Training Specialist on 0844 4633 980 or email

 -The Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club will be holding a breed dedicated seminar and breed assessment seminar on 18TH January at Steventon Village Hall.  There will be further information on the Saluki web site and in newsletter.  For early reservations please contact Michael Williams on 01635 268269 or or Kathy web on 01737 353279 or

And lastly Midland Counties Championship Show was held on the Thursday prior to the Open Show.  Generally speaking the show was most interesting as we were scheduled with the Pastoral Breeds. It was great fun seeing the breeds we rarely get to see.  My hat goes off to the Committee of Midland Counties as they had work very hard to decorate the rather dreary interior of the Stafford Agricultural Hall with photos of past Best in Show winners.  Pauline Everton the judge for the Salukis on the day mentioned to me later that their hospitality was most wonderful to the judges.

BCC, BOB & Hound Group 3 was Ch Glenoak Kira of Fernlark owned by Sheryl Steer and Lorraine & John Fitzgerald with RBCC to Liz Metcalfe and Martin Green’s Tasia Zemar My Maria. DCC was Ch Jorgenjo Mirzam of Fernlark owned by the Steer, Fitzgerald and Johnston partnership with RDCC to Peggy Postma’s Glenoak Kalima.  Best Puppy was Kasaque Ra Frankel of Saruk owned by Marie Bryce-Smith and Best Breeders Group Steer.  Well done all!! 


Brendan Austin has sent the following: 

“The final touches have been put to our Open Show and Saluki Welfare Day on Sunday the 27th October.  It is being held with kind permission of The Kennel Club at the Kennel Club’s Building, East Hall, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.  Even if you have not entered, it would be nice to see you on the day.  You can still bring your dogs and enter them as Not for Competition on the day at the Show Manager's table or enter them into the Companion Show. 

The entries have now closed for the Open Show and I am happy to report that our judges, Liz McKnight and Maggie Holder have 88 dogs with 125 entries, plus 17 entries for the Special Classes including Junior Handling and our new Special Awards Champion Class.  Our Referee is Colin Wells and we look forward to welcoming them all. The show will open at 9.00am and judging for the Open Show will begin with the dogs at 10.00amfollowed by the bitches.  There will be a lunch break.  The Companion Show will start at 11.00am. There will be two rings running simultaneously. 

During the lunch break there will be Special Awards Champions Class, being judged by Elaine Rushton, Junior Handling and a special game of Musical Mats – think Musical Chairs but for dogs (with handlers).  This is always great fun and we do hope that everyone will join in.  

In the Companion Show Ring there will be Pedigree Classes, Any Variety in Puppy, Sporting, Open and Veteran. There are also fun classes Most Handsome Dog, Prettiest Bitch, Golden Oldie, The Odd Couple, Best Fancy Dressed, Best in Show taken from Pedigree and Novelty classes and Best Overall Rescue. Entry for all these classes is on the day at the Companion Show Table and is open to all dogs. 

Refreshments will be available all day.  Teas, coffees and soft drinks together with sandwiches, bacon rolls etc.; and there will also be hot lunches available.  You can of course bring your own pack lunch if you prefer. 

There will be Archive material on display, trade stands, ‘The Saluki’ magazine, the Saluki Calendar, as well as Welfare Stalls and A Cake Stall (donations very welcome please to Helena).  There will be raffles and tombola; and a Silent Auction on behalf of the 90th Celebration Fund; details of the items are on 

Arden Grange will also be with us and they are sponsoring many of the prizes for both shows. We do hope to see you there and if you have any questions please contact; 

Brendan Austin, 01932 788 040
Nicola Quadling, 020 8590 8457
David Crane, 01725 518790


Congratulations to Anna and Ben Freegard on the safe arrival of their daughter Andromeda Hilary who will be known as MiaShe was born on 30th September on  their first wedding anniversary. 

Slowly information has been filtering in about a Saluki World Congress in Australia, which will be held around the beginning of April 2015.  This will be the  2nd  World Congress, as the first one, was successfully held in Finland, in 2008.  I have gone to their ‘facebook ‘ page and found the following:

The Saluki World Congress 2015 in Sydney, will now officially be hosted by the Sighthound Association and sponsored by Paula Bockman-Chato. All financial responsibility will be covered by fund raising through the sale of Paula's Saluki art and memorabilia collection, so please be generous with your bids when we start putting these items up on this site. Payments can be made by Paypal. All monies go into the Saluki World Congress 2015 account which is supervised by Rebecca Rafton, committee member of the Congress committee. Any donations of artwork or items pertaining to Salukis are greatly appreciated and will be noted in the Congress printed program. 

We have chosen our official venue for the Congress and due to space restraints we will only be able to accommodate 200 participants. Reservations will start at the beginning of 2014.

For those who are interested in the topics, that we will cover at the Congress, here are those that are proposed:
Universal Saluki Standard
Conformation and Trends
Health issues pertinent to Salukis 
Smooth vs Feathereds...”

Speakers are Monica Dahncke Roshanzamir will talk on Oriental Manuscripts.  Kathryn McKay will speak on the history of the Saluki in Australia including significant exports and sires. 

They state: “With overseas Sighthound Specialist Judges, two Sighthound Association Shows, their individual Sighthound Breed Specialties and The Royal Easter Show, it should be the largest collection of Sighthounds in Australia ever. 

Sorry about reporting this show a little late but Michael and I have been catching the late summer rays in Sicily.  Judging at Driffield was Mrs Adele Walton-Haddon.  For BCC, BOB she chose Lisa & John Hudson’s Ch  Glenoak Kamala JW with the RBCC to Denise Garratt, Sue Oakey and Karen Smith’s Ch Caryna Meilishia Sh CM.  DCC went to Jackie & Alan Bloomfield’s Ch Glenoak Jabari JW Sh CM (the Glenoaks seem to be having a very successful year) with RDCC to Jeannette and Alan Glaister & Mary Parker’s Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM.  Best Puppy was Annette & Brian Buckley’s Hisilome’s Kareef (imp).  Best Breeders, Hudsons


 David Hartley has sent the following article, written by Deborah Steele, regarding his (Fish and Chip) walk at Earby for Welfare.: “What a fantastic day! 

I could stop there but feel I should elaborate at least a little. David had proposed that the walk would take place on the morning but due to heavy rainfall over the preceding few days he felt that holding the classes before the dogs had walked would be the better option. This turned out to be a very good call; even though the rain stayed away and the sun shone. 

There was a wonderful turn out and the 38 dogs were  happy to see each other. Classes were held in the hall and everyone who took part or supported had a wonderful time. It was our first time and the welcome was wonderful. It was lovely to talk to different people, making friends of the human as well as furry kind. A local photographer came along to take pictures which I believe will be in the local paper. Standard Poodle China was given many nicknames over the course of the day which started with the photographer calling her ‘Afro dog’! Her wonderful poodle clip turned many heads over the course of the day.

The classes were held in the hall and everyone had fun and we even had a ‘Where’s Wally’ moment when one participant couldn’t be found. I managed to forget that Freya had won her class so sat expectantly waiting for the last dog to turn in for the ‘Best in Walk’ to be judged! Best in walk was Gill McLatchie’s Saluki AMBER which I think is the third year in a row a dog of Gilkl’s has won - so very well done. There was a very good turnout for ‘Best 6 Legs’ which was my first attempt at judging...I may make it my first and last as the pressure got to me. 

Even though David had informed the local pub that there would be hungry dog walkers around there was a long wait for food. However, this gave us time to partake of a pint or two, the bitter was very pleasant and the dogs enjoyed lying on the grass outside the pub. A few pups’ who shall remain nameless took every opportunity to play together whenever their paths crossed much to everyone’s amusement. David came to say that due to the delay with people’s food the walk would set off from the hall for those who were ready and the 2 miler would set off later and meet the 5 mile walk on route; this worked very well.

We opted for the longer walk and set off with the main pack. I must say it caused a stir as we passed another pub and the locals made much fun of Riddick deciding to take this opportunity to poop on the pavement. As the well trained owner that I am I swiftly removed the offending article without even breaking pace! It was a very pleasant walk with a slight incline to begin with which tapered off and then turned down towards the canal. All stiles were handled with grace and elegance with only one mishap. That I’m afraid was mine! Ollie decided he didn’t like a Westie he met on the tow path, got his legs tangled in mine and over I went...luckily narrowly avoiding pushing Riddick into the canal!! The saving grace was that I was at the back of the walk with a lovely lady (whose name I have forgotten sorry) who was very concerned for my welfare. However, all was well and all 6 legs were fine and the walk was completed.

When everyone had returned to the hall the fish and chip tea soon arrived and was enjoyed by all. The results of the quiz where read out and prizes awarded. Before everyone made their way home the results of the bids on the pastel of a running saluki and the chance to have your own dog’s portrait in pastel by Lynn Ingram was announced. We were the lucky ones so Ollie had his picture taken and we await the finished article.

A fantastic day and some very tired dogs and humans made their way back to their homes after goodbyes and see you next year were passed. If you have ever thought of coming and haven’t then you really should it is a fantastic day and I personally would like to thank David and all the people that made this day possible.” 

Annette Buckley has sent the following” The Northern Saluki Club held their breed Open Show on Sunday 22nd September at Shirland Village Hall, near Alfreton, Derbyshire.  The weather was glorious which enabled the show committee to set up the ring outside; this was an added bonus for us exhibitors, as we were able to relax between classes and enjoy the very English countryside which gave a wonderful pictorial backdrop to the ring judging activities.   We were even treated to ‘action’ scenery of farmers and tractors gathering in the hay across the nearby field!

Our judge for the day was David Lever, a founder member of the Northern Saluki Club, who found his BOB in Ch. Caryna Meilishia ShCM owned by Garratt, Oakey and Smith, with Res. BOB going to Mansell and Duddell’s Jasmine of Canerikie (Imp) and BOS went to Buckley’s Al Caliphs Djansa.  Best Puppy was given to Dawn Queen owned by Sue Edge with BOS Puppy to Hisilome’s Kareef (Imp Swe) owned by the Buckleys.   Best Veteran was taken by Garratt and Oakey’s Ch Caryna Calisto and BOS Veteran by Caryna Bacchus at Ilsham owned by Beryl Payne.  Beryl looked very smart indeed in her deep red outfit and ‘strutted her stuff’ like the best of them!   An amazing lady!  

During the lunch break, the Specials were judged by Janet Kay and ring steward was Adele Walton- Haddon.  Special Yearling was won by Mumtaz Hercules owned by Joe and Joan Cowie and Special Open by Ch. Caryna Meilishia ShCM.  Grace Taylor won the Child Handler award.  Well done all.

On behalf of the exhibitors I would like to say a big thank you to the club and all those who worked so hard to make the day very enjoyable - Our judge, David,  show manager John Owen,  the ring stewards, George and Rachel,  and photographers Caroline Owen and Annette Buckley.   Grateful thanks also to Jessica Brassington, Hilary Davies, Sue Taylor and Adele Walton-Haddon who covered the excellent catering services throughout the day.  Rosie Lewis did a sterling job as usual organizing the trophy presentations and paperwork.    Daphne and Tony Parnham ran the Welfare Stall and looked very relaxed, probably looking forward to their retirement, Roy Goodby ran an excellent raffle, and the Northern Saluki Stall was managed by Judith Ayrton, who seemed to be doing a brisk trade.


Both the breed Championship and Open shows run by the Northern Saluki Club have always been very friendly affairs and this latest show truly followed this theme which has become somewhat of a tradition over the years.   We look forward to your next show.”

The following has been sent by Brendan Austin: “At the Open Show and Saluki Welfare Day there will be a Silent Auction.  We are finishing off our fundraising with some splendid items that have been donated towards our 90th Celebration year.  If you are interested in any items and are not able to get to the show, then please contact Diana Allan on 01234 708658.  She will put your bid in on the day. 

The following items are on offer and there are pictures on  1). Watercolour.  Quantock Hills by W Prosser (original) 1976 framed.  2).Saluki Head. (pastels)  Ch. Gerdara Carlotta by Barbara Testa 1985 framed.  3). Painted on silk.  Geldara Emlym by Menda Lambrinudi 1991 framed.  4). Royal Canin Encyclopaedia of Cats, new.  5). Presentation box of 6 Classic Malt Whisky’s – we are told a couple are quite rare.  6). Glasses. Two Edinburgh Crystal tumblers etched with a Golden Eagle and a Kestrel.  7). Hessian Dog Bag.  8). Saluki Festival catalogue. 9). Skagen Watch ladies.  10). Dog Bowl.  11). Gingerberry Silver Broche.  12). JPR cultured river pearls Gold clasp and individually knotted.  13). FCUK Bag. 14). Holiday Inn Voucher for a double room bed, breakfast and evening meal (available Fri Sat or Sun night only).”

Magazine stand will be in attendance at the Open Show.  They will be launching their final edition under the editorship of Karen Fisher. In this issue they will be continuing the history of the breed with articles and photographs celebrating this anniversary year.   There will be a few commemorative articles for sale.



For this year’s Education and Training Month, the Kennel Club will be holding seminars throughout the United Kingdom for those wishing to further their knowledge within the world of dogs. These seminars will take place in November and will cover a variety of subjects including Show Management, Requirements of a Show Judge, Managing a Dog Society and others. For more information visit; alternatively, the Secretary of the SGHC, John Hudson, can email you a poster with the details if you ask him at . The poster says “these courses will be in great demand, so to avoid disappointment call Joanna Howe on 0844 4633 980 ext. 225 or email and book now!” 

Annette Buckley has sent the following “Brian and I would like to thank all our Saluki friends for their kind messages of support whilst Sirocco is going through a difficult stage in his life fighting a serious illness. 

We found a lump in Rocco’s right ear at the beginning of August whilst at a show and cut short our break to attend our local veterinary surgery to get it checked out as soon as possible.  Several visits to our vet, a wrong diagnosis and two fine needle aspirations later, a second vet at our local practice advised us to have a consultation with a specialist from the VRCC (Veterinary Referral Cancer Centre) in Fairdon, Nr. Basildon, Essex, and we were given an emergency appointment that day.    A biopsy was taken and results from a third Laboratory assessment confirmed that it was an aggressive Mast Cell Tumour Grade III and advised excision as soon as possible.  Rocco had his operation last Monday 9th September, and has had much of his ear removed; however, the expert surgeon, Dr. Laurent Findji, managed to keep half of his ear flap to protect the workshop of his ear.   Results from several tests taken in the morning did not show any spread of the cancer to other parts of his body and hopefully if we find that he is a candidate for chemotherapy, the treatment should keep any stray cancerous cells at bay for as long as possible. 

We appreciate the advice of experience given to us by the Saluki Family here and abroad throughout our search for the correct diagnosis.   What have we learned from this traumatic experience? Keep asking questions, be armed with as much information as possible to be in a position to query a diagnosis that does not sit right with you and be aware that the smallest of lumps, especially in the ear pinna, as small as half the size of a pea, can be a lethal tumour and threaten your Saluki’s life if not identified early and taken away. 

 Your concern over Rocco and helpful tips about his recovery needs are much appreciated. All being well, we hope to see you at a couple of the last shows later this year.  Annette & Brian Buckley”


Last Friday Darlington Championship Show was held and judging Salukis for  the first time, here in the UK, was all-rounder Mr R Doedijns from the Netherland.  DCC, BOB & Hound Group 2 went to Jeanette and Alan Glaister & Mary Parker’s Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM with the RDCC to Steve Ham, Paula Bockman-Chato and Margaret Elliot-Ross.  John and Lisa Hudson’s Ch Glenoak Kamala JW won the BCC with RCC to Denise and Ian Rogers Labakan Lacroix.  Best puppy was Ann & Paul Shimmin’s Hislome’s Keepsake for Cranstal (imp), Best Veteran went to Ch Caryna Zazma owned by Denise Garratt and Mr D & Mrs L Stuart.  Best Breeder, Hudson.  Well done all.

Claire Jowett  has sent me some interesting  information regarding the “Yellow Dog Project”  It seems that one of her Salukis had  recently been bitten and was therefore apprehensive on his walks.  She was advised to put a yellow ribbon on his lead to alert people to give him space.  This idea is the initiative of the Yellow Dog Project.   It was created to bring awareness to the dogs that need space while training, recovering from surgery or being rehabilitated.  Their web site is www.Yellow On this site they say: “If you see a dog with a YELLOW ribbon, bandanna or similar on the lead or on the dog, this is a dog who needs some space. Please, do not approach this dog or its people with your dog. They are indicating that their dog cannot be close to other dogs. How close is too close? Only the dog or his people know a Yellow Dog - so maintain distance and give them time to move out of your way.”

Brendan Austin has sent the following: “I was able to visit Anji Jackson Main a few weeks ago and look at the Club’s Archives.  I was particularly interested in the selection of calendars that are now in her care.  There are a few copies missing and we both think it is important that we put out a plea that if anyone has calendars sitting in a box maybe in their loft then please pass them on to Anji.  She is looking for anything pre-1971, 1973, 1974, 1990, 1991, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2006 and 2007.  They do not need to be in pristine condition but it is important to fill these gaps, if you can help.”

It is always sad when we hear the passing of a beloved Saluki, unfortunately Gloria Cook and Alan Burtenshaw have had to say goodbye to their Daxlore Dazijane at Daandazi. Our thoughts go out to Gloria and Alan. 


John Hudson, Hon Sec for SGHC has sent the following: “The next meeting of the SGHC Committee on 5th October will be the last chance to appoint a new Show Manager to replace the Brendan/Nicola team before the schedule has to be compiled for the Limited Show in February; this schedule has to be posted out in November. If no schedule goes out, the Limited Show will have to be cancelled. 

Similarly, the last issue of the Magazine to be edited by Karen Fisher, will appear at the Open Show. If a new editor is not appointed at the next meeting, it appears that the Crufts 2014 issue will have to be cancelled and money returned to those who have already renewed their subscriptions. 

If any member thinks that he/she would be able to do one or other of these jobs, please get in touch with the Secretary ( or 01954 230016) or any other member of the Committee. Lack of experience is not a bar – members of the Committee and previous Show Secretaries and editors will be only too willing to help, and the Kennel Club runs courses.” 

We note that in the Manchester Championship Show Schedule for 2014 that if you win a qualifying placement there, then you will qualify for Crufts 2014.  Not sure if the award will also apply to 2015.  The same goes for Boston but does not apply to us as we do not have CCs on offer there. 

At City of Birmingham Show our judge was Nick Bryce-Smith.  He chose for his DCC, BOB and Hound Group 2, Jeanette and Alan Glaister and Mary Parker’s Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM with the RDCC to Clair Chryssolor’s Anasazi Early Dusk JW Sh CM.  BCC went to John and Lisa Hudson’s Glenoak Jazmyn JW for her 2nd CC with RBCC to Mary Parker’s Khalils Allegra-Classicus (imp) JW Sh CM.  Best Puppy was Hisilome’s Keepsake for Cranstal (imp) owned by Ann and Paul Shimmin.  Best Breeder’s Group was the Hudson’s. 

Richmond Championship Show as held last Friday.  The weather predictions were not good as rain was on the forecast with the weather man informing us that our beautiful summer is now over. It has probably been the best summer that I can recall.  As it happens the predictions for Friday were correct and we did have some rain at the show, but with the indoor out door rings and plenty of space inside to observe, the weather  did not seem to be an issue.   Judging was Cathy Smith from Australia DCC, BOB for his 3rd and qualifying CC was Kim & Lawrence Scowen’s Fernlark Drambuie.  He was born on 12th April 2009 and his breeder is Sheryl Steer.  His sire is Kirman Bashaar at Fernlark (imp) and his dam, Fernlark Cointreau at Dawnchase. RDCC was Jeanette and Alan Glaister and Mary Parker’s Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM.  BCC was Kathy Webb’s Ch Al Caliphs Nuray and RBCC to Pauline & Don Everton’s Kasra Zeleka.  Best Puppy was our own and Jenny, Steve & Laura Macro’s Kasaque Raissa.  Best Breeder’ Group was the Hudson’s. 

With results of the Championship shows taking high priority at this time of the year I have omitted putting in the Breed Records Supplement information regarding Salukis.  In the Summer edition there was one new registration for a litter and that was bred by Sheryl Steer.  Three new importations, Barakisch Tayyebeh Delbar from Sweden by David Perkins.  Timaru Inaaya of Jazirat from USA and owned by Andrea Ireson and Diana Allan.  Yamila Havasu of Shikarah’s imported from Spain by Messrs K Crockett & M Western. 

Helen Williams


Once again I must report the passing of one of our Saluki exhibitors and Breeders.  Miss Sonja Lambrinudi has just passed away not long after celebrating her 90th birthday which was in July. She was always an elegant and reserved lady who unfortunately in later years, had suffered poor health.  Sonja became interested in Salukis through her mother.  Sonja’s mother had always loved Salukis and wanted one so when her son died of cancer Sonja and her sister decided to give her mother one to occupy her time.  From this Sonja became interested in our breed and obtained her first Saluki in 1962 from Hope Waters. From the three litter she bred 5 Salukis who were made up as champions.  They were Geldara Amrita, Geldara Baryton, Geldara Benazira of Mabrooka, Geldara Carlotta, Geldara Corin.  She also owned and made up Geldara Burydown Yanina. Sonja judged Salukis at Crufts in 1984 since then we have not seen her around the Saluki ring.

As per usual for this time of the Year the shows have been coming fast and furious.  The first one I have to report on is The Hound Association.  Judging was Deborah Copperthwaite. BCC, BOB was Mary Parker’s Classicus Concordia JW Sh CM for her second CC.  RBCC went to Denise Garratt, Sue Oakey and Karen Smith’s Ch Caryna Meilishia Sh CM.  DCC  was Michael Western’s Ir Ch Int Ch Ulmarra Salib An Ch 12 Sh CM. He was bred by Linda Dunn.  His sire is Int Irish Aust Ch Pdtheway Notorious and his dam is Int Ch Irish Ch Padtheway Schiram Sarea. Best Veteran was Denise Garratts and Sue Oakey’s Ch Caryna Calisto.  Best Puppy went to Annette & Brian Buckley’s Hisilome’s Kareef (imp)

The following day after The Hound Show was Paignton Championship show.  Judging there was Michael Williams.  Following on from her win  of the previous day was Mary Parker’s Classicus Concorrdia JW Sh CM for her 3rd CC and BOB. She was born on the 7th April 2010 and her breeder is her owner.  Her sire is Ch Baghdad Karim Sh CM (imp Aus) and her dam is Ch Khalils Phaedra of Classicus Sh CM (imp Swe). RBCC went to Sheryl Steer and Lorraine & John Fitzgerald’s Glenoak Kira of Fernlark.  DCC went to Paul & Ann Shimmin’s Ch Hislome’s I Am Iceman Med Cranstal (imp) and the RDCC to Liz Stephen’s Alsahra Alsam Bedu.  Best Puppy went to Annette & Brian Buckley’s Hislome’s Kareef (imp). 

Before any one had time to catch their breath it was the turn of Bournemouth Championship Show.  Judging us was Mrs B Brodwall, judging Salukis for the first time in this Country.  Some of the exhibitors/competitors/stewards were confused by her ring management.  Maybe the Cubs could take this further as she was not on any our judging list and hopefully there was someone there assessing her on behalf of the Kennel Club. It seems a shame the appointment did not go to someone on one of our lists. I had requested her judging experience in Salukis, prior to close of entry and received none to pass on to the readers of these notes. She chose for her DCC, BOB Sheryl Steer, Lorraine & John Fitzgerald and Luke Johnston’s Ali’fu ad Of Fernlark (imp) ) He was born on the 15th May 2012 and his breeder is Mrs T Benedetti.  His sire is Ch Daxlore Amir of Fernlark and his dam, Malake-latisa. RDCC went to Steve Ham, Paula Bockman-Chato and Mrs Elliot-Ross’ Ch Baghdad Karim (imp) Sh CM.  BCC went to Sheryl Steer & Lorraine and jOhn Fitzgerald’s Ch Glenoak Kira of Fernlae with DBCC to Ann & Steve Ham’s Baghdad Bamjoeh Diva (imp).  Best Puppy was Annette & Brian Buckley’s Hisilome’s Kareef (imp)  Best Veteran was Deborah Copperthwaite’s Ch Al Caliphs Zobeyni JW and Best Breeder Hudson.

I have received the following from Brendan Austin regarding the upcoming SGHC Open Show “ There will be Special Awards Champions Class, being judged by Elaine Rushton during the lunch break. Only Champions are allowed to compete and your placing in this class does not affect your placing in the Open Show; even if you are beaten, you remain unbeaten in the main Open Show.”

 I have requested and have received an explanation on this Special Awards Champions Class from Nicola Quadling :  This class came about after the KC brought in new classes at the end of 2012 I think.  The idea is to hold these special classes at a breed club show and for them to be judged by an 'up and coming' judge i.e. from our C or B lists - it is to give these judges a chance to go over quality hounds (which one would hope champions are?) which they may not always get when judging general open shows.  You can hold up to three classes and they can be judged during the lunch break or after BIS show that is the club's decision.  To hold a Special Awards Champions Class this can be held at an open show and not at a Limited show, which is why it is only being held at our open show. It was the committee's decision to put on this class and to agree on a judge as Brendan explained and we are carrying out the wishes of the committee.”

Helen Williams


Brendan G Austin, Chair 90th Celebration Committee “With all the hard work that went into the Classic Weekend there was one omission that I take 100% responsibility for.  Nicola and I proof read the Classic Catalogue and went through the names of all those we wished to thank in the Acknowledgements.  It is with regret that we did not mention Daphne Parnhan. 

For those who don’t know, Daphne compiles the lists of the winners of all the shows throughout the year.  The 90th Celebration Committee are indeed grateful for the extra time she gave the Club in the preparation of the Classic invitation list.

Both Nicola and I are extremely sorry for this oversight and wish to say a big Thank You, Daphne. 

The Open Show and Saluki Welfare Day is on Sunday the 27th October and is being held with kind permission of The Kennel Club at the Kennel Club’s Building, East Hall,  Stoneleigh, Warwickshire and we do hope that everyone will be there. 

WHY?  Well we are trying to get salukis from Welfare and rescue organisations with pet dogs and show dogs together under one roof – it’s never been done on such a scale before.  The day will be sponsored by Arden Grange.The Show will open at 9.00am with judging for the Open Show starting at 10.00am with the Companion Show starting around 11.00am.  There will be two rings running simultaneously. The Open Show judges are Dogs, Liz McKnight; Bitches, Maggie Holder; and our Referee is Colin Wells.  There will be Special Open Stakes Classes, being judged by Elaine Rushton during the lunch break.  All dogs are allowed to compete including champions and your placing in the stakes class does not affect your placing in the Open Show, even if you are beaten, you remain unbeaten in the main Open Show.  Full details will appear in the Open Show Schedule.


In the Companion Show there will be Pedigree Classes, Any Variety in Puppy, Sporting, Open and Veteran.  There are also fun classes Most Handsome Dog, Prettiest Bitch, Golden Oldie, The Odd Couple, Best Fancy Dressed, Best in Show taken from Pedigree and Novelty classes and Best Overall Rescue.  Entry for all these classes is on the day at the Companion Show Table.  During the Lunch Break there will be the Special Stakes Classes, Junior Handling open to all our younger enthusiasts and a game of Musical Mats organised for those salukis (and handlers) who want to join in - sounds like fun. 

There will be trade stands, The Saluki magazine and the Calendar on sale.  Welfare with have their normal tables and there will be a cake stall – donation welcome. 

There will be refreshments available all day or bring your own packed lunch. Parking is FREE. 

So what can you do to help?  Firstly put the date in your diaries.  Then tell all your saluki friends and your family.  Tell those who have your puppies and their families. You don’t have to be members of the SGHC.  This day is for ALL SALUKI'S and their friends. If you require any information or offers of help please contact Brendan Austin, 01932 788 040 brendangaustin@aol.comNicola Quadling, 020 8590 8457

David Crane, 01725 518790 “


Helen Williams







Daphne Parnham has sent the following “The Rally at Rosie and Chris Lewis' made a total of £827.00. We thank everyone who supported us and hope that they enjoyed the weekend. At the 90th celebrations the Welfare stall made a total of £188.00 many thanks to all, it is much appreciated.” 

I have received a copy of the Northern Saluki Club Open Show schedule which will be held on 22nd September 2013.  Judging will be Mr David Lever.  Mr Lever was an original member of the Saluki Circle and the Northern Saluki Club.  He has a long time interest in the breed and his first Saluki was an Aliped from Avril Davies.  Entries close on Friday 23 August both on postal and online.  Schedules can be obtained from Andrew Sharp on 01274 564840 or through Higham Press.

South Eastern Hound Club Premier Open Show is on the 1st September 2013 and the entries are closing, on line, on Tuesday 13th August.  Judging us will be Mr David Cavill.  There is a large classification of classes and they are being sponsored by the SGHC.  Beside the breed classes there is a good selection of variety classes, which are fun to enter. After judging there will be the “annual bring and share lunch” Through the years this has become a highlight of the show.  Please let Marie Bryce-Smith on telephone number 01342 327573 or Kathy Webb on telephone 01737353279 know what you intend to bring.

Maya Monk-Schenk has sent the following through regarding health education at the Kennel Club “KENNEL CLUB LAUNCHES BREEDER EDUCATION SEMINARS
WITH EXPERT PANEL A new programme of seminars will provide dog breeders with the latest advice from prominent industry experts on improving breeding practices and rearing programmes.

Run by the Kennel Club and Royal Canin, the seminars will give breeders the invaluable opportunity to hear from highly regarded professionals in the world of canine health. The experts include Dr Cathryn Mellersh, from the Kennel Club Genetics Centre at the Animal Health Trust, Dr Angelika von Heimendahl, from the Veterinary Reproduction Service, and Dr Lorna Kennedy, Senior Scientist at the University of Manchester.
The seminars, which will take place throughout England and Scotland between September and December, are open to novice and experienced breeders alike. The panel will guide breeders through topics such as avoiding caesareans, identifying a good DNA test and dealing with autoimmune conditions.
Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: “We are pleased to offer these important seminars that will undoubtedly help to improve the future health of our dogs. With such a prestigious panel of speakers, the seminars are a not to be missed opportunity for all dog breeders, whether they are looking to breed for the first time or have years of experience; even the most experienced breeders will find these seminars useful.

“The Kennel Club is passionate about creating a future of happy and health dogs and it is through seminars like these, and working with breeders that we will continue to achieve this. We have thousands of great breeders on the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme who are putting health first, and through seminars like these they, and those breeders not yet in the Assured Breeder Scheme, are able to take advantage of the latest expert advice and continue to improve the health of dogs.”
The seminars cost £25 per person, which includes morning refreshments, a buffet lunch, afternoon refreshments and a delegate pack. To book a place at any of the seminars, please visit For further information, or to request a booking form, please email Fay Moore At DATE    VENUE   SPEAKER PROGRAMME      
28th September 2013     
Royal Veterinary Collage, North Mimms, Hertfordshire    Speaker One: John  O’Connor -  Canine gastro-intestinal issuesSpeaker Two: Angelika Von Heimendahl - Good breeding management: money well spent and money wastedSpeaker Three: Dr Lucy Davison - What’s new in our understanding of why and how dogs get diabetes?


My co-writer of these Breed Notes, Helen Graham,  has mentioned her concerns regarding the falling number of entries at shows.  I too am aware and personally play a part in the decline.  The price of one entry to some shows is nigh on £30.00.  So if you have two dogs to enter, which many of us do it’s £60.00 as the basic entry fee.  Add on the price of a catalogue, maybe car parking and the luxury of a cup of coffee and you are talking serious money, plus you need to travel there so fuel costs have to be added in.  Thus a day out at a show can easily cost around £150.00.  With everyday items such as food, utilities,and fuel all going up at the same time as wages are often stationary (or even depreciating) , we are having to make hard thought decisions on where we spend any funds we may have left beyond our living expenses. Fortunately, I can see that in Salukis there is a hard core of exhibitors who seem able to attend the shows, regardless of distance and irrespective of cost. Others choose to attend shows closer to home and are much more selective as to whom they show under. 

This is not just a problem here, as show entries in the States have also gone down with the increase in the cost of living and earnings not being able to keep abreast of it. Where this will all lead I have no idea. 

 I have just been informed that Richmond Championship Show will be offering free micro-chips.  That is good news.

Helen Williams




David Hartley has sent through to me the following information regarding his annual walk in aid of Saluki Welfare funds.  It will be held on Saturday 14th September starting from St. Peter's Methodist Church, Riley Street, Earby; (Between Colne in Lancs & Skipton in Yorkshire).  It is open to all breeds.  Non showing and rescue Saluki owners, especially welcomed: The plan is to meet at the church at 10am -11am for tea/coffee. At 11.15  walk in surrounding countryside led by members of the local walking group.  The long version  is about 5 miles. Turn back version about 2 miles. 1.15-ish  Time to eat your packed lunch, chill, or visit the pub. Tea and  biscuits provided at Church2.30 pm ish,  Simple Saluki quiz, fun classes sponsored by Cobbydog Dog photo competition, raffle etc. and Presentation of Trophy for Best in Walk. New for 2013 is Meet my Dog Competition: this means introduce your dog and tell his/her story to the audience in 2mins or less. At 4.30 pm  the famous Fish and Chip Tea .Cost is £7 per dog in aid of Welfare Funds.   Fish and chips (at cost) are £4.00 extra. For further   information please contact David James Hartley, Riverside, 3 Greenbank, Schoolfields, Earby, Lancs BB18 6QQ .  Telephone number for David is 01282 842617 or Email:

Last weekend was the highlight of the celebrations of the 90th anniversary of the SGHC.  The event was organized on behalf of the Club by Diana Allan, Brendan Austin, Anji Jackson-Main and Nicola Quadling.  Unfortunately we were unable to attend on Saturday the first day, but Ann Shimmin has kindly sent the following report through:

When Helen asked me to give recollections of the Saturday of the 90th Anniversary weekend (as she had not been able to attend) I readily agreed.  However once I started to think about all of the events it was not as easy as I had originally thought.  Which do you prioritise?  The Classic Dog Show?  The Dinner Dance?  Or even the arrangements that had been made by the organisers and the hotel staff?  All of which as far as Paul and I were concerned were excellent and would have been very difficult to better.  However after some consideration I decided to prioritise the competition – as at the end of the day ‘competition’ had been behind the founding of the SGHC 90 years ago and ‘competition’ over the Saturday and Sunday was what had brought the majority of those present together in the first instance.

The Saluki Classic was run on the lines of a dog match with two salukis being drawn against one another, one of whom was judged to be the winner and who then went on to the next round.  The judges, whose names had been kept under wraps until the moment The Classic started, were: Tessa Abbott (Burydown), Anne McIntosh (Cottonore) and John Walton-Haddon (Ilsham).  All of them associated with long established saluki affixes.  All three judges were involved in the judging both of the sections of the competition.  (Before I progress to the actual competitions I must mention several of the exhibitors who looked exceedingly smart having taken the opportunity to dress up for the event – giving it all an added air of class!!) 15 salukis aged 12 months to 24 months on the day of the show made up the entry for YOUNG SALUKI CLASSIC. The overall winner was Khalils Allegra-Classicus (IMP SWE) JW ShCM bred by Bo Forssberg & Elizabeth Kallin-Forssberg and owned by Mary Parker. Runner-up was Alsahra Aslan Bedu bred by Sue Bounds and owned by Liz Stephen. 

56 salukis made up the entry for SALUKI CLASSIC.  This section included all salukis aged over 2 years. (Salukis eliminated in the first round were called in to compete for a special Classic Award and there was also a special Classic Veteran award for salukis over 7 years).   The overall winner of The Saluki Classic was Ch Caryna Meilichia ShCM bred by Mrs. Denise Garratt and owned by her in partnership with Sharon Oakey and Mrs Karen Smith.  The Runner-Up and winner of Best Veteran was awarded to Kasra Ni’mah of Glenoak bred by Pauline and Don Everton and owned by Lisa & John Hudson.  Jazirat Zidane was Runner up to Best Veteran - bred by Ken and Diana Allan and owned by Terry Farris and Mike Cosentini.  Terry, looking very fetching in an all white outfit against her black saluki, took the award for ‘Best Dressed Duo of handler and hound’. Whilst I had initially been concerned about the time allowed for the completion of The Classic - in response to tight control by the organisers it finished in good time at circa 6.15 pm. 

This gave everyone the chance to retire to their rooms and prepare for the evening festivities which were to involve a dinner dance with live music from Take Two.  The food was excellent, the band were very good and kept everyone involved and I believe that the auction (very ably conducted by Stuart Bell assisted by Di Allan and Brendan Austin) raised a substantial amount towards the costs of the 90th Celebrations however I do not, at this stage, know the exact amount.  The main memory that has stayed with me from the evening is how much everyone enjoyed themselves.  The noise from the tables of people sitting together seemed to consist mainly of laughter and the number of people dancing and prepared to (shall I say involve themselves in the activities?) in other words make a complete idiot of themselves was refreshing and very amusing.  SGHC members and their guests certainly knew how to party!!  And what better note to end my report to Helen on the day’s activities!!”

We did attend the activities on Sunday which was the SGHC Championship Show.  The event was held in the grounds of the Holiday Inn, Rugby.  When we arrived we received a pleasant surprise as we saw the hotel and beautiful spacious grounds.  Set in the middle was the marquee where we were able to drive our car up to a convenient spot, park it and unload it.  There was more then adequate space for us to erect our “day” tent just in case it became too hot.  As it happened the temperature was just about perfect for holding a dog show.  The day was indeed blessed as we had been dealing with 30 degrees plus, which would have been very difficult for the dogs.  Inside the marquee there were numerous trade stands, plus the annual photographic competition to vote on for next year’s calendar.  Everyone seemed very relaxed, but maybe they were just hung over from the night before.

Judges were Dr John Hudson proceeding over the dogs with Paul Shimmin doing the same for bitches.  Best in Show judge was Nicola Quadling.  John Hudson chose for his DCC, Caroline & John Owen’s Caryna Curetes for his first CC.  He was born on the 14th November 2008 and his breeder is Mrs Denise Garratt.  His sire is Ch Glenoak Inqi JW and his dam is Ch Caryna Nashira. RDCC went to Clair Chryssolor’s Anasazi’s Early Dusk JW Sh CM 10th March 2010.  His Sire was Ch Tadj Mahal Emrani Izan (imp) dam Abu Baqr’s Gaza Galiya. Best puppy and Best Puppy in Show was Marie Bryce Smith’s Kasaque Ra Frankel of Saruk TAF NAF.  He was born on 21st January 2013.  His sire is Int Ch Rostam Al Badia and dam Ch Kasaque Miracle.  He was six months old on the day. Best Veteran and Best  Opposite Sex Veteran was Annette & Brian Buckley’s Ch Mumtaz Sirocco Sh CM.  He was born on 27 August 2005.  His sire is Ch Nefisa Bushrah of Saruk JW and dam, was Ch Mumtaz Desdemona.

BCC, Best in Show went to the sister of the DCC winner, namely Ch Caryna Meilichia Sh CM owned by Denise Garratt, Sharon Oakey and Karen Smith with the RBCC and Best Veteran in Show to Kathy Webb’s Ch Al Caliphs Nuray. Nuray’s sire is Ch Al Caliphs Zobeyni and  Dam, Al Caliphs Zanubiya.  Best Bitch puppy and Best of Opposite sex puppy was the sister of the dog winner, our own & Steve, Jenny & Laura Macro’s Kasaque Raissa.  Best Special Veteran went to Ch Jazirat Zakiyyah  sired by Ch Timaru Valkyrie of Jazirat and dam Jazirat Shazaara JW. owned by Ken and Diana Allan. Well done all!!!

Brendan Austin has sent the following announcement: “Sorting through all the paperwork from the weekend, I have a raffle prize left from the Saluki Classic on Saturday.  It is a pale green ticket with the serial number AB 731745, ticket number 755.  The prize is a nights accommodation at the Holiday Inn, Crick either Friday, Saturday or Sunday, Bed Breakfast and Dinner for two.  If it is not claimed it will go forward to the Open Show in October.  Please contact Brendan 01932 788040” or Email


We are sad to report the death of Philip Browning on the 1st July 2013 after a long and bravely fought illness.  He was a quiet and gentle man who served as President of the SGHC, during the Festival of the Saluki, with great pride, in spite of his illness. Philip obtained his first Saluki, a male, from Eileen Skelton-Fortune.  He was called Black Beauty of Daxlore (Marathon of Daxlore X Rebecca of Daxlore) born in 1961.  Later, at one of the Saluki Club Open Shows, when it was held at Kempton Park, in conjunction with the Arab horse show,  that Philip met Caroline sitting beside the ring watching the Salukis.  She eventually became his wife and partner in the Rabia Salukis.  The foundation bitch of Philip’s line was Bjonarrie Athene  (Ch Knightellington Caspah X Bjonarrie Ferial) .  His last Saluki who was a direct descendant of his foundation bitch.   Rabia Atafa Kharifi,  was born in 1998. He was so proud when she became a champion.  Philip had been judging our breed since 1970 where his first appointment was at Bath Championship Show.  Our condolences to Caroline and their Children. 

Brendan Austin has sent in the following regarding the climax of the 90th Anniversary year: “Celebration Weekend The Saluki Celebration Weekend is almost upon us.  The final details are now in place and I am pleased to pass on the following.The venue is the Holiday Inn, Crick, Rugby.  Turn off the M1 at junction 18, turn towards Crick and the hotel is 200 yards on the left.  The Saluki Classic is on Saturday 20th July.  The event opens at 2.00pm, the draw and judging start at 3.00pmsharp.  There will be complementary tea and coffee available.   

Visitors and non-exhibitors are more than welcome to attend, but dogs entered not for competition (NFC) must be registered, as this is a KC event, there is no charge.  Please report to the Show Managers’ Table to register if you have not already done so.  Spectator tickets are £3.00 each.  Exhibitors will be given a complementary catalogue.  There will be additional copies available at £5.00 on the day.  The Classic Dinner will be held in the Albany Suite 7.30pm for 8.00pm.  Dinner will be a hot buffet style meal with vegetarian options and includes a glass of wine.  During the evening there will be a presentation to our Classic Judges, the Classic Auction, the raffle draw and dancing until midnight to Take Two.  Diana Allan will have the tickets on the day for those who have booked. 

We have some wonderful gifts that have been donated for the Classic Auction, the details and photographs are on the Club’s web site.  If you are unable to come to the Classic and would like to put in a bid then please contact Diana on 01234 708658.  Please note that some items have a reserve on them.Our Championship Show is on Sunday 21st July and the entries are: Dogs 43, Bit 65, NFC 27 making a total of 147 including all entries. The Show opens at 9.00am and dogs will be first in the ring at 10.00am, followed by Bitches.  There will be a BBQ lunch provided by the hotel at reasonable prices and refreshments are available all day.  If you prefer, you can bring your own picnic and enjoy the lawns. There is seating available on both days, but if you have a favourite deck chairs or rugs then please bring them with you.

Can I at this time remind all members that this is a private venue. Dogs must be on leads at all times and we have given an undertaking to the Hotel that all rubbish and dog waste is cleared away immediately.  ‘On the Day’ telephone numbers are Brendan 07956 630094 and Nicola 07831 876143 

Also, this is the last weekend for photos to be emailed to for the Photographic Competition. 

Annette Buckley would like me to inform those attending the celebration  that some ladies at the dinner/dance on the Saturday after The Saluki Classic will be getting into the swing of things and dressing in the fashion of the 1920s era, which after all is what we are celebrating.   If anybody would like to join these ladies in the fun, do please come dressed appropriately in smart outfits befitting the era. 

Last Saturday at East Of England Championship Show another leg of the Anniversary was held with a bring and share picnic hosted by Diana Allan.  We were not in attendance but from all I have heard it was a most enjoyable event.  There was a great assortment of interesting food with Caroline Pickering making cup cakes with the 90th logo on top of the icing.  Toasting the club went well into the afternoon.

Judging Salukis was Mrs Clair Chryssolor.  Her BCC, BOB was Denise Garratt, Sue Oakey and Karen Smith’s Ch Caryna Meilishia Sh CM with the RBCC to Lisa & John Hudson’s Ch Glenoak Kamala JW. DCC went to Ann & Paul Shimmin’s  Ch Hislome’s I Am Iceman Med Cranstal with RDCC to Lisa & John Hudson’s Ch Glenoak Kiyan JW.  Best Puppy was Paul and Ann Shimmins’ Hisilome’s Keepsake (ImpSwe).  Well done all!!!


A big thank you to Annette Buckley and the team at “Our Dogs” for the wonderful article and photos in last weeks copy of the paper.  They captured the enjoyment of the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the SGHC held at Southern Counties Show.  One person that was not mentioned and was invaluable in helping me with the graphics for the banner, the leaflet and a shoulder to lean on, is Jenny Macro. Thank you Jenny!!

Last Friday Windsor Championship Show was held.  Unfortunately we could not go as we have a puppy at home.  She would be horrified if we went out and left her so long so we must wait for her to be old enough to attend the shows, which will not be long.

I have heard that there was a “wee” celebration after the judging to celebrate Vikki-ann Tompkins success at the Arabian Event.  Vikki-ann stated that it is her first show since the event so has did not have a chance earlier to celebrate.  Also on the day I understand that Kathy Webb held a raffle which did very well. 

Judging Salukis was Breed Specialist Neil Stanmore.  DCC, BOB was Lisa & John Hudson’s Ch Glenoak Kiyan JW with the RDCC to Lorraine & John Fitzgerald and Sheryl Steer’s Tasia Moonshine Over Dawnchase JE Sh, CM.  BCC went to to Lorraine & John Fitzgerald and Sheryl Steer’s Glenoak Kira of Fernlark with RBCC to Denise & Ian Rogers’ Lebakan Laroix.  Best Puppy was Karen Fisher’s Ruweis Taghaada.  Well done all!!


Last Thursday evening we watched a program entitled “Cowboy Traders” with Dominic Littlewood and Melinda Messenger who featured a puppy farmer in Sussex.  The whole story of the poor exploited dogs and the people who went to buy these puppies from ads in the papers and on line was very sad listening .  As long as people feel sorry for the dogs and buy them, then the perpetrators are making money.  They play on one’s heartstrings.  When looking for a puppy if you are not happy how the puppies are kept or the condition they are in, then the best thing to do is to say you will think about it, leave and report them to the local Council or/and RSPCA.  A friend recently lost his Saluki and desperately wanted to find another.  All his contacts were not having puppies at that  time so he went to the Kennel Club web site and found an  “Assured Breeder”, which he felt would be an appropriate person to purchase a puppy.  Turning up at the house he was taken to a shed in the back garden where the puppies lived.  They chose a male and took him away.  After a few days the male became ill and had to be rushed off to the vets, put on a drip and they were told their lovely puppy had a life threatening problem.  He was full of round worms as he had not been wormed.  The puppy did survive but my message would be to visit the puppies a few times before purchasing and made sure the “breeder” has a good reputation.  A place to start would be with the secretary of the whatever breed Club or in our case The Saluki Club..

Daphne and Nick Parnam have informed me that Rhumli Khahesh Sahab of Amirah went BOB under Mrs Pam Wild and then Best in Show under the BIS Judge Mrs Judith Ashworth, not bad for only 14 month old. They are very proud of her.

Last Saturday Blackpool Championship Show was held.  Judging Salukis was Mr Mark Cocozza.  DCC, BOB was Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM owned by Jeanette & Alan Glaister and Mary Parker, who I might state is having as excellent year.  RDCC went to Ch Jorjenjo Mirzam of Fernlark owned by Sheryl Steer, Lorraine and John Fitzgerald and Luke Johnson.  BCC was Glenoak Kira of Fernlark owned by Sheryl Steer and John and Lorraine Fitzgerald.  This is the third sibling to obtain their title from this litter.  Kira was born on 11th April 2010 and her breeders are Dr JA & Mrs EA Hudson.  Her sire is Ch Fernlark Alsace JW and dam Ch Kasra Tahira Glenoak JW.  RBCC went to Mary Parker’s Classicus Concorrdia JW Sh CM.  Best Puppy was Mrs Edge’s Dawn Queen and Best Breeder: Steer.  Well done all


Liz Metcalf has informed me that Betty Davies is very unwell and in the hospital; for those of you who do not know her, she is one-half of the very successful Chandav Kennel, along with Vivian Davies.  

As many of you are aware, Trevor White has been very ill with cancer.  Zola Rawson has contacted me to let me know that on the 29th May Trevor passed away peacefully in his sleep.  It was expected.  Judith has family and friends with her and at this time would prefer no phone calls.  By the time you will have read these notes the cremation will have taken place but donations are welcomed in Trevor’s name to The Christie Charity, Young Oncology Unit Appeal, Winslow Road, Manchester  M20 4BX or to Saluki Welfare.  If sending the donations is complicated, Judith has suggested that one could make a cheque payable to Christie Charity You with the amount in a sealed envelope and send it to her (Judith); she will then pass it on to the charity - that way she need not know who sent it but the Charity would add up the amounts and give her the total.  Judith’s address is 20 Green Lane, Bolton, Lancs BL3 2EF and cheques to be made to Christie Charity YOU.

Congratulations to Nick Bryce-Smith who has been re-elected Vice-Chairman of the KC Breeds Liaison Committee. This Committee is the route by which Breed Clubs can direct their concerns, whether about the breed or about dogs in general, to the Kennel Club. Each breed appoints a Representative and the Representatives elect 30 Delegates from their number to form the Breeds Liaison Committee. Nick has served the Saluki breed for twelve years as Representative and Delegate, and for three years now as Vice Chairman. 

Maya Monk-Schenk has asked me to remind everyone to please fill in their health questionnaires.  So far she has had a poor response and it is important that we receive more data in order to get more accurate results.  Even though the deadline has passed, the late returns will be included in the results. 

Daphne Parnham thanks everyone for supporting Welfare Fun Day at the polo centre, Kingsclere.  The final total made was £586.00 and the Northern Saluki Club Open Show made £130.00. 

Congratulations to Buzz Faber’s Ch Sufeina Zarita on winning enough Green Stars in Ireland to qualify for an Irish Championship. 

Due to pressure of work I am a little behind in reporting the results of shows.  First one was Scottish Kennel Club and judging us was Mrs Jill Peak. DCC, BOB was Jeannette and Alan Glaister & Mrs Mary Parker’s Classicus Cassander JW, Sh CM

with RDCC to Ch Jorjenjo Mirzam of Fernlark JW owned by Sheryl  Steer, Mr LA Johnson and Mr J &  Mrs L Fitzgerald. BCC for her 2nd CC was Glenoak Kira of Fernlark owned by Sheryl Steer and Mr J & Mrs L Fitzgerald with RBCC to Ir Ch Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi JW Sh CM owned by Mrs G Cook & Mr A Burtenshaw.Best Puppy was Miss L Phillips’ Ruweis Thamiin.  Breeders group: Steer. 

Festivities for the 90th Anniversary celebrations of the SGHC are now in full swing.  Last weekend we had the Southern Counties Championship Show in which classes were sponsored by the Club.  The entry was amazingly high for Breed Specialist Dagmar Hintzenberg-Freisleben who had come over from Germany to assess our breed.  In the next few weeks her critique will be published and we will have better insight into what she felt regarding the entry in its entirety and the winning dogs in particular.  As I liaised between the club and the Committee, I was crossing my fingers that all would go well; in fact the night before I had slept with one eye open worrying whether I would have a table to display all the lovely “special items” donated by Club members.  When I arrived at the show, in the morning, I found all was well except there was “no” table for the goodies.  Fortunately, our 20 year plus old picnic table, was in the back of the car and it happily leant itself to the task -  many thanks to Phyllida Cooke for helping me dress the table at the very last minute with the Club’s tablecloth and a Saluki rug on top (wish I had taken a photo) .  Many thanks to Arden Grange for donating dog treats to the class winners and large bags of food for the top winners.  Diana Allan made the lovely tags in each mug and thank you Ann & Paul Shimmin for the gorgeous intriguing bag with a gift for BOB.  Everyone gave most generously and all classes and BOB were sponsored.  Standing proudly near our table was the Club’s banner; if you have missed it, you can see it at all the Anniversary events this year.  The results are as follows:BCC, BOB went to Kathy Webb’s Ch Al Caliphs Nuray with the RBCC to Clair Chryssolor’s Gemini Jeu D’Esprit for Anasazi (imp) Sh CM, DCC went to Jeannette and Alan Glaister & Mrs Mary Parker’s Classicus Cassander JW, Sh CM with the RDCC to Ch Al Caliphs Zobeyni JW  owned by Deborah Copperthwaite.  Best Puppy was Karen Fisher’s  Ruweis Taghaada and Breeder’s Group Steer.

Part two of the event was the Barbeque with music.  “The Saluki”, the magazine of the club, hosted the barbeque and all were welcomed to join in for a burger and salad accompanied by the music of the band “The Subtitles” run by our own David Steel, a member of the SGHC - fronting the group as a special attraction was David’s son.  After a busy day around the show ring, relaxing with a plate of food and music was just what the doctor ordered.  For pudding, we indulged in strawberries and baklava thanks to Jimmi Johnson White. A few of the ladies of the Club dressed up in clothing as would have been worn in 1923 when the SGHC was first founded.  There are photos on and plus there will be a feature shortly in this paper on 28th of this month.  As evening arrived we started the match, judged by Hamad Ghanem Shaheen Al Ghanem of United Arab Emirates.  Annette Buckley will be reporting on the winners later in these notes.  As an overview, all the classes in the match were well filled and everyone had a super time. I would like to thank Annette Buckley, Karen Fisher and Kathy Webb for all their hard work making SCCS a day to remember, and Marie Bryce-Smith for the Veteran’s sausages. 

Clair Chryssolor has kindly sent through her comments regarding our special day - ‘one of those rare and glorious days which was perfect for salukis in the show ring; sunny, a bit of cloud cover and a light wind which kept them on their toes’.  The atmosphere ring side was celebratory not the least reason of which was the entry of 103 salukis, the best in ages.  Our international saluki specialist, Dagmar Hintzenberg-Freisleben, was efficient, quick but thorough and, I think, enjoyed the day as much as the exhibitors did.  A highlight was mugs with the Anniversary logo  designed by Ken Allan. Other exhibitors generously gave fabulous flashy rosettes.

Our judge for the Arabian afternoon was Hamad Ghanem Shaheen al Ghanem, who flew in especially for this Special Event was at the main show with close friends.  The barbecue, organized by various saluki members and contributors over, I'm sure, a great period of time, had an atmosphere of friendship, camaraderie, sharing, and, for me, a return to days when we all used to share picnics and the odd glass of wine (or two).  A ring, suitable for salukis, had been mowed and gave everyone a chance to really move out with the dogs.  This was after the barbecue and "starter mood" music and wine (okay, there were soft drinks and water). Hamad judged as he might in the Middle East and chose his salukis according to his own extensive background in the breed.  If only every show could be as happy and filled with good will, then there would never, ever be any complaints.” 

Annette Buckley has forwarded the following regarding our Special Day: The Arabian Saluki Special Event

At the breed Open Show in 2011, when I was show manager for our club, Hamad AlGhanem generously donated prizes for the top five awards and winners of every class. It was a short while after this show, that Hamad phoned me to offer his services to judge at a Special Arabian Event after our championship show judging later in the year; however it was felt that as this show is held mid October and finishes very late in the day, it would not be suitable for his contest, particularly as he hoped to hold it outside!   The committee discussed various ideas such as an Arabian Garden Party in a member’s garden, or combining it with our breed Open Show 90th Celebrations this year, but all these suggestions fell by the wayside for one reason or another. When Helen Williams told me she was looking for an event to follow the breed judging at Southern Counties Championship Show, I realised that perhaps this would be the ideal vehicle to at last bring Hamad over from the United Arab Emirates to assess our Salukis with the eyes of an Arabian Saluki judge.    Karen Fisher is Hamad’s agent in this country and co-ordinated the pre-planning arrangements; we are indebted to The Saluki magazine for funding this project and bringing the hoped-for event to fruition.  

Luck was on our side with the return of warmer weather which enabled exhibitors, their family and friends to enjoy a relaxed evening in the late sunshine, listening to the music of David Steel’s band The Sub-titles and partaking of the delicious barbecue food and the Arabian pastries and strawberries for dessert.  

After this much needed break in the day’s busy schedule, it was time to welcome Hamad AlGhanem to the ring to judge fifty entries in The Arabian Saluki Special Event.  His judging was watched by not only our own breed members but also dog enthusiasts from other breeds - news of Hamad’s presence on the showground quickly circulated the exhibitors around the rings and people came over to enjoy a unique experience.  One lady in Basenjis said she is submitting a write-up of the event to her breed newsletter as she found it so fascinating.   Our breed judge, Dagmar, joined the audience, as did Dr Paolo Dondina from Italy, the hound group judge on the day, along with judges Jill Knight-Messenger and Chris Payne, well known to many club members. 

There were six classes in total, Yearling, Open and Veteran in both dogs and bitches.  Overall Best Special Event winner, Vicky-ann Tompkins took this award with her home-bred Saluki, Sivendra Abishai, and achieved a ‘double whammy’ by also winning Best Puppy with Galif Sivendra Al Djiibaajah (Imp Deu).  Reserve Special Event winner was won by Glenoak Keziah, owned and handled by Mrs. Tree Smith and bred by Dr. John and Mrs Lisa Hudson, with Best Veteran going to Ch Nefisa Jeevun ShCM, owner bred by Steve and Jenny Macro. 

Full details of the first three placements in each class can be viewed on the club’s website  You can also view photos of the whole day’s proceedings on the SCCA official photographer’s website and insert ‘Saluki’ for the password to access the pages.   If you have not yet taken a photo/caption advert for either show at the special price of £20 in the special feature ‘Winners Gallery’ page in Our Dogs to be published 28th June, and wish to do so, you will need to act quickly by contacting me on asking for a submission form which you can read in order to give me the necessary information by email and I will complete the form on your behalf and send it off to book your place.  You can use your own photo if wished, and your cheque made payable to Our Dogs can be sent to me to follow soon after your order.  Any queries please ring me 01424 830361.  Final date for submission is Friday 14th June.

Feedback from those people who attended the celebrations at Southern Counties showground, suggests that the whole day was a resounding success, and the messages of thanks have been much appreciated by the team who worked hard to offer an enjoyable experience.  The ‘team’ was led by Helen Williams and consisted of Karen Fisher, Kathy Webb, Annette Buckley and their respective long-suffering husbands, who were called in at the last minute to help erect the ring and marquee for the evening’s event.

Husband Brian was persuaded to wear an Arabian costume and friend, Ann Shimmin, sportingly donned a 1920s black and white outfit to join me in a similar coloured dress and cloche hat to enter into the spirit of the day.  I didn’t realise how similar Brian looked to Lawrence of Arabia until I heard Hamad call over ‘Come here, Lawrence’!

Hamad used a slightly different style of judging to that followed in this country and as mentioned earlier a full report on the event will be published with photos later this month in Our Dogs.  Hamad certainly had an affinity with the breed and treated all the dogs with such gentleness and understanding. He was also very generous with his gifts to the winning owners, giving them colourful leads, story books, packs of posters and cards, and beautiful canvas prints of Salukis in the desert - items that I am sure will be treasured by the recipients for many years.  The canvas print from Hamad that Rocco won in 2011 has been framed professionally and sits in pride of place over his trophies here in my study, where I see and enjoy it every day.

Saturday at Newbury was a long day but I feel that most everybody went on their way happy and content that they had taken part in a ‘once-in-a-lifetime occasion’ - this was an expression used by Vicky-ann describing her memories of the day’s events.  If anybody had a long journey to and from the shows, I doubt if it was longer than that of Vicky-ann and her companions - over 12 hours travel each way!   When you go home with two major wins under your belt, adrenalin kicks in and you run on fresh air!  Well done to Vicky-ann and all the place winners at The Arabian Saluki Special Event, and most heartfelt thanks to Hamad AlGhanem for honouring us with his expert knowledge in judging our precious Salukis.    Thank you all for your continued support of our club’s activities. 



Events for the SGHC 90th Anniversary are in full swing.  Yesterday Michael and I called into the Welfare Day at Kingsclere.  It was a beautifully sunny day which suited the dogs, who were having a wonderful time chasing the lure.  The venue where the event was held is just beautiful with vistas to the Wayfarers Walk and the famous Watership Downs.  Everyone was relaxed and chatting with each other.  Keeping on the theme of the Anniversary, Brendan Austin has asked me to mention that closing date for entries to the “Classic” is 31st May.  Diana Allan would like everyone to liaise with her on the Bring and Share at East of England Show.  Please let her know what you will be bringing.  Her telephone number is 01234 708658 or email:  And of course we will see you all at Southern Counties Championship show where our judge, Dagmar Hintzenberg-Freisleben has a great entry of 103 Salukis.

On a less high note John Hudson has sent the following information “ I have just been getting the Annual Returns ready for the Kennel Club and have found an old covering letter that I last used when I was Secretary previously.;  The letter was dated 18th May 2004 and the number of members of the SGHC reported to the Kennel Club was at that time 351.  Currently our membership is 254”  

This past week I received the The Kennel Club’s Breed Records Supplements for spring 2013.  They are always riveting reading.  For new registrations there were 20 puppies from 3 litters. One of those litters of 7 puppies was from a fringed breeder.  There were 7 importations..Ali Fu’Ad imported from Italy bred by Mrs T Benedetti and now owed by Ms S A Steer.  Barbey Bamjoeh Kenzo bred by Mrs D Barbey & Mr Kellogg, imported from Bermuda and owned by Mr S & Mrs A Ham.  Galifa Sivendra Al Djibaajah bred by Mrs S Horn, imported from Germany and owned by Mr V A Tompkins. Hislome’s Kareef, bred by Mrs M A Axelsson imported from Sweden and owned by Mrs AK & Mr BW Buckley.  Hislome’s Keepsake for Cranstal, imported from Sweden bred by Mrs MA Axelsson owned by Mr P & Mrs A Shimmin. Jasmine imported from Italy, bred by Mrs T Benedett, owned by Ms S Steer.  Kaukab Djaal Lhilal at Ulmarra imported from Republic of Ireland, bred by Messr M Van Thienen & S De Decker.  There were two export pedigrees, one to Israel and one to Canada.  One Champion Certificate to Glenoak Kiyan and One Certificate of Merit to Gemini Jeu D;Esprit for Anasazi (imp USA). 

Birmingham National Dog Show was recently held with Mr Arthur Spencer-Bolland judging.  His BCC, BOB winner her third and qualifying CC was Don & Pauline Everton’s Kasra Tabina.  She was born on 23rd November 2005 and her breeders are her owners.  Her sire is Ch Glenoak Inqi JW and her dam Ch Kasra Nadirah.  RBCC went to Ch Caryna Meilishia Sh CM owned by Denise Garratt, Sue Oakey and Karen Smith.  DCC was Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM owned by Jeanette & Alan Glaister and Mary Parker.   RDCC to Ch Jorjenjo Mirzam of Fernlark owned by Sheryl Steer, Lorraine and John Fitzgerald and Luke Johnson. Best Puppy was Ali ‘Fu’Ad of Fernlark owned by Sheryl Steer.  Best Breeders Group was Hudson.

Well done all!!! 


Southern Counties Championship Show is not far off now.  The “Saluki” magazine of the SGHC has requested that I let them know how many people will be staying for the Barbeque for purpose of arranging the catering.  So I would appreciate emails at kasaque565@gmail or telephone 01635 268269 to pre-book your tickets.  There is no charge for these tickets and I will not be sending them out but they will be picked up, from me, at the show.  Also a reminder while we will be providing food and entertainment, please bring your own tipple along.

John Hudson, Hon Sec for the SGGC has sent the following regarding their last Committee meeting: “Last Saturday – the Committee was sorry to receive Phyllida Cooke’s resignation – she is needed at home – and very pleased to have Michael Williams’ company once again.

There was a long discussion about the vacant positions within the Club. Vicky-Ann Tompkins will be taking over the Newsletter after Ann Shimmins retires at the end of the year, and Michael McCormick-Smith will be doing the next Yearbook. Andrea Ireson has offered to do the printing for the Club, and she also has put herself forward for the Show Manager role at the Limited Show next year.

A new scheme for the award of the colour trophies at Club Shows was agreed; the details will appear in the next Newsletter. And it was decided to have a Special Champions Class at the Open Show next October. This is a stand-alone class with a separate judge, open to Champions only, which does not affect the challenge for Best in Show.

Finally, the Committee expressed its gratitude to the former President, Peter Yardley, for all the work he did for the Club, and elected him to Honorary Membership. 

As a matter of information, the Club website was unavailable for several days recently owing to confusion over payments. It appears to be up and running now and Lorraine Fitzgerald continues to nurture it. Best wishes, John”



For those of you that have been waiting for the next edition of The Saluki Book of English Champions, you will have to wait a bit longer.  Mary Parker has written to say that it has been decided by Ann Birrell and herself that the next Saluki Book of English Champions will be published every ten years. Therefore the next Champions book will be produced in 2016. 

A reminder from Maya Monk-Schenk  "Please do not forget to complete the Saluki Health Survey quetionnaire and return it to the Breed Health Coordinator, which is Maya. even if your dogs have not been ill, we would like to know, as this will help the statistics” 


Brendan Austin has sent the following: “ The 90th Celebrations go up a gear with two important events taking place in May.  Firstly the Saluki Welfare Fund are holding their Lure Coursing and Fun Day on Saturday 18th at the BSFA, Kingsclere Newbury.  There will be Welfare and Cake stalls (donations accepted); please bring your own picnic lunch.  This is an ideal day out for all members, families and their friends.

Secondly is the Kennel Club Archive Visit, which is on Friday 24th May.  This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who has not been to the Kennel Club’s building in Clarges Street and visited their Library and seen the Saluki Archives.  There will be much on display for this event.  The day will be very relaxed you can arrive from mid-morning.  Lunch will include wine and coffee at £22.50.  Tickets must be pre-booked (cheques made out to the SGHC), and are available from Marie Bryce-Smith 01342 327573.  The deadline for tickets is Monday 13th May.

Looking a little further forward we have the Southern Counties Championship Show on 1stJune, Sponsored by the SGHC.  Details from Helen Williams on 01635 268269.

Also, the Peterborough Championship Show with Bring and Share Lunch on Saturday 6thJuly, details from Diana Allan on 01234 708658.”  

We have just heard from the Kennel club and we now have the go-ahead for the following:  After the breed judging a further Special Event has been added to our agenda to take place immediately after the barbecue   It is a Arabian Saluki Special Event.  Judge is Hamad Ghanem Shaheen AlGhanem Director, Breeder & Registrar General of Saluki of Arabia United Arab Emirates.  Entries to be taken on the day.

The SGHC web site has been shut down for a few days.  It will soon be restored and the Committee apologizes for any inconvenience it may of caused

Last Monday I received quite a few calls letting me know about the results of the Northern Saluki Club Show which was held on the previous day.  A big thank you to Kevin Carter, who sent us a marked up catalogue. Judging was the well know hound Specialist Keith Thornton. DCC, BIS went to Ch Baghdad Karim (imp) Sh CM owned by the Ham, Bockman-Chato, Elliot-Ross partnership  with the RDCC to his newly crowned son, Ch Classicus Cassander JW, Sh CM owned by Mrs J & Mr A Glaister and Mrs M Parker.  BCC went to Mrs D Garratt, Miss S Oakey and Mrs K Smith’s Ch Caryna Meilishia Sh CM with the RBCC to Ms S Steer & Mr & Mrs J Fitzgerald’s Glenoak Kira of Fernlark.  Best Puppy was Mrs JM Mansell & Mr B Duddell’s Jasmine of Canerikie (imp)  Well done all!!!

Helen Williams 


There was a mix up with the Breeders Class at the Hound Association of Scotland. Winners were the Steer Salukis not as originally credited by Fossedata

Brendan Austin has forwarded the following “The Saluki Calendar has become an all year round pastime.  I receive photos from far and wide, some too late for this year so they get put forward to next.  2013’s calendar has been very well received and I think it is one of my favourites, collecting the information; the layout and again the beautiful photographs make this a pleasurable task.

Next years calendar is already in the planning stages, although the timing for it is slightly different as our shows and dates in 2013 have changed slightly.  The annual Photographic Competition will be held during the Celebration Weekend at the Holiday Inn, Rugby on 20th and 21st July. 

Entries are FREE and you may enter as many photographs as you wish.  Photographs should be no larger than A5 (6x8”).  They may be in black and white or colour and should be of a reproducible quality.  Entries should have a SAE for their safe return.  

Please send your entries to arrive no later than Monday 8th July to:Brendan G Austin, 103 Vicarage Road, Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex. TW16 7QB.

Entries may be submitted online to (jpeg image preferred), and they will be printed for you.  Please note that all photographs and their details are shredded after the competition.  Please include any information about the photograph, names of dogs when and where it was taken - anything that might be of interest, bearing in mind space availability. 

The 2014 Calendar will this year be available at the Open Show and Welfare Day on 27th October, by post or on eBay (search Saluki Calendar). Further information from Brendan on 01932 788040” 

Clair Chryssolor has come across the following on the “Dogwatch” Internet site: Staffordshire police report that gangs of thieves that steal dogs to order are identifying their targets by daubing the letter ‘K’ on gateposts.  The burglars return later to take the animals which are then sold on an Internet black market. The most popular targets are trained working dogs and the biggest rise in thefts has been among cocker spaniels.  About 3,500 dogs are reported across the country last year, up by 17% on the previous year.


A few years a go we had a cone placed near the bottom of our drive.  I contacted the Council to see if they knew why it was there and they denied any knowledge of it and had no plans for road works in our area.  We then removed the cone and placed it further up the road.  A couple of days later the cone mysteriously re-appeared at the bottom of the drive, so once again we removed it in another direction only to have it back again.  (It sounds like a garden gnome story)  In the end we confiscated the cone and thankfully it was not replaced.  We felt that we were being targeted. 

Maya Monk-Schenk, Health co-ordinator of the SGHC has sent information through on a health seminar to be held on 12th May at the village Hall. Newport Road,  Hanslope, Milton Keynes MK19 7NZ.  The subject is Genes and Thermals.  Dr Tom Lewis will be giving an overview of inbreeding (the loss of genetic diversity) discussing the problems it can cause in both individuals and populations and how it does so.  He will also talk about complex genetic diseases such as hip-dysplasia and will demonstrate the KC’s web tool ‘Mate Select’.  

Also speaking will be, Hayle Springett, who will explain the use of Thermal Imaging as non-invasive diagnostic tool in identifying such things a lameness, osteoarthritis, skin cancers, back and foot problem s and dental disease in companion animal which can be carried out in you own home.  Tickets are £15.00. lunch £5.00, booking essential on 01246 554742 or



Yesterday, Saturday 13th April, the Hound Association of Scotland was held.  Judging Salukis was breed specialist, Mrs Jeannette Cotterill .  She chose for her DCC, BOB Classicus Cassander JW Sh CM owned by the Glaister & Parker partnership.  He also went Group 4 in the Hound Group under judge, Mrs V Foss.  RDCC went to Paul & Ann Shimmin’s Ch Hislome’s I Am Iceman Med Cranstal (Imp Swe).  BCC for her second CC was Don & Pauline Everton’s Kasra Tabina with the RBCC to Kathy Webb’s Ch Al Caliphs Nuray.  Best puppy went to Paul & Ann Shimmin’s Hislome’s Keepsake for Cranstal (imp).  Best Breede’rs Group was Graham.  Well done all!

A reminder to enter Southern Counties Championship Show.  Entries will be closing on the 23rd April on line.  You can find details at  The supported entry and festivities at SCCS  re part of the exciting events for the 90th anniversary of the Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club.

At theon Sec for the Welfare Fund has sent the followingThe AGM of the Saluki Welfare Fund which is to be held on Sunday 5th May in the Village Hall at Weston on the Green Oxfordshire OX25 3QP on the agenda there is a proposed change to Rule 3.1 of the Saluki Welfare Constitution.  It is  

Members of the Association shall be the members for the time being of the Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club of Great Britain and or the Northern Saluki Club or owners of Salukis rescued through the Saluki Welfare Fund.’





As promised in last week’s Breed Notes please find below the results of the 1012/2013 Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club Annual General Meeting.  Many thanks to John Hudson for sending them on to us.


The results of the ballot mean that the Club Committee is now:

President Marie Bryce-Smith

Vice President Don Everton

Treasurer Pete Jackson-Main

Secretary John Hudson

Committee members for one year Phyllida Cooke, Andrea Ireson, Katy Lipton, Nicola Quadling, Kathy Webb and Michael Williams.

The two new Honorary Vice Presidents are Harry Kendall and Jenny Ziman.

At the Championship Show 2015 the dog judge will be Clair Chryssolor and the bitch judge Jenny Macro.

At the Open Show next year the judges are Trevor McCrory and Jackie Reader.

At the Limited Show next year the judge will be Maya Monk-Schenk.


The Club made an overall loss of £1178 last year and the AGM discussed ways of economising. It was hoped that increasing amounts of mail could go electronically to members. Printing costs money and, unless someone is prepared to take over the Club printer, it will cost even more in the future.


The Club needs more people; in particular,

1     Magazine editor steps down after the next issue and the editor also chooses the treasurer and advertising person – so potentially 3 vacancies in all

2     Newsletter editor is required

3     At the end of this year the Show Management Team step down

4     The club secretary will step down at the end of this year

5     The club printer needs housing and club printing to be taken on

6     We do not have enough committee members

The next Committee meeting will be on 27th April.


Congratulation are due to Gary & Trish Russell’s Ch. Pazada Grand Royale"  who was Best in Group at the Sydney Royal Show under hound specialist Ramon Podesta.

David Crane,The Secretary of the Welfare has sent the following: “ on Sec for the Welfare Fund has sent the followingThe AGM of the Saluki Welfare Fund is to be held on Sunday 5th May in the Village Hall at Weston on the Green Oxfordshire OX25 3QP. Weston on the Green is just off the A34 near the junction with the M40 (J.9). We need as many people as possible to attend to ensure there is a quorum.  The starting time is 2.00 pm.


Also a reminder about the Saluki Welfare Fun Day on Saturday 18th May from 11.00 am at Park House Stables, Kingsclere near Newbury RG20 5PY. We would ask people not to use the main entrance to the stables but to look for the signs on the road showing the Fun Day entrance.

There will be a Fun Dog Show plus Lure Coursing and stalls. We need cakes for the cake stall please. Entrance will be £5 per vehicle to include a free round of lure coursing.”


Diana Allan woke up the other morning with a sore back. As it turns out it was not just a sore back but she has injured some vertebra and ended up being hospitalized

for a few days while they brought the pain under control.  It was caused by a mechanical spasm.  The pain is still quite bad but it is being controlled with medication.


When reading the following tale one can only be too pleased for micro-chips to be required in all dogs, though that does not mean the owners will accept their responsibilities  The following article appeared on the front page of the Southampton Echo on Tuesday 2nd April 2013:  “ When stray dog Lassie arrived at a re-homing centre, she was carrying a big surprise.  Two-and-a-half weeks later the pedigree pooch gave birth to seven puppies that will soon be ready to go to new homes. Lassie, a five-year-old Saluki, was found by a member of the public in Bitterne, SouthamptonShe was moved to the Blue Cross re-homing centre in West End, near Southampton, at the beginning of February.  When nobody came forward to claim her.  . “We didn’t know she was pregnant, but then she started putting weight on and developing milk, so we scanned her and found out she was going to have puppies.

“Lassie is looking for a quiet home with lots of love and the puppies need people who can put in the time for training and socialising. “It’d be nice for them to grow up in a family environment so they can experience lots of things like growing up around children but they’ll also be happy living with anyone who can give them lots of time.”

Buzz Faber went with her Ch Sufeina Zarita Sh CM for the long bank holiday weekend to Ireland.  She attended the Combined Canine Club show at Cloghraw which was awarding CACIBs and Green Stars.  Zarita won the Green Star, CACIB and BOB.  Judging was Ms Getzing from Austria 



 Daphne Parnham has sent the following regarding the Welfare stand at the SGHC Limited Show " Many thanks to all those who supported the Welfare stall at the Limited show. We took £101.00 which we thank everyone for their generosity and for the tombola prizes that we have saved for the next show. We would like to thank Nicola, Brendan and Michelle for all their hard work and the lovely tea they provided for the 90th Celebrations." 

Clair Chryssor has been doing rather well with her Feather, Gemini Jeu d'Esprit for Anasazi.  She  won BOB and Group under Pam Wild, Borzois then won BIS under Jonathan Daltrey, gundogs, at Thames Valley Open. &n