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About Us

Kahlif, Reina, Pearl, Amira & Lizzie at home in Comptonwood

Helen arrived in the U.K. at the beginning of the seventies and purchased a parti coloured dog named Tarfandy Torquil. She had previously owned Salukis and Welsh Terriers, in the U.S.A. Torquil was our companion, visiting art galleries and auction houses around London, as that was our occupation at the time. When we moved to Wimbledon, an area of London with more parks, common land and other places for walking, we acquired Ilsham Timandra, who became the foundation of the Kasaque line.

The parti dog was Ch Desert Wind Erich of *Casaque and the bitch Ch El Chars Veyu of Casaque. Veyu was in the top ten in the year she was shown. Her second litter in September 1977 was to Coursing Champion Knightellington Nimrod. This union produced SBIS Ch El Char's Tabriz of Kasaque owned by Joy and Bernie Betlach and Can Ch El Char's Minya of Kasaque owned by the late Arlene Lipman.

Tee's third and final litter was back in the United Kingdom. The sire of this litter was her half brother, Ch Geldara Corin. We retained from this litter, in spite of the warning that her colour was most unacceptable , the glamorous chocolate, Kasaque Corona. Showing a chocolate was difficult but she did have modest success in the show ring. A male from this litter went to live with John and Gina Hughes and later became the BIS winner Ch Kasaque Cepheus.

*Casaque became Kasaque in 1978 upon our return from the U.S.A.. The Kennel Club would only accept the alternative spelling for our affix.

Where Coco's success was noticed was in the whelping box, producing our next generation and the intelligent, beautiful Ch Kasaque Dharmas. Dharmas, known to us all as Jemima, died in 1999 (see Dharmas' story) . It is vital for us to retain the Saluki's multifunctional attributes, with sound temperament and conformation, allowing for substance with elegance, as well as the unique, tireless springing movement, all merged with the strength and ability to hunt. These attributes have equal status in producing a Saluki of any respectable level of quality. The best examples of form and function should be sought when judging but we must not forget that Salukis were bred to live with and hunt for the family, so we cannot ignore the social aspects of their behaviour. Having owned two bitches previous to Ch. Kasaque Dharmas, who were both nervous, Jemima was what we planned in terms of temperament fitting the above criteria as a show champion, courser and great companion. The elegance of the Salukis had to be our initial attraction. As sociable people and liking sporting activities of all kinds, this breed enables us to combine these traits and enjoy the benefits, of companionship, simultaneously. Having involved ourselves for thirty years in committees, publications, welfare, health issues, plus showing, coursing, and judging, we are still dedicated to these endeavours, while the aim to breed, in line with the Saluki heritage, remains our primary purpose.

Ch Kasaque Eve was born fifteen years ago and still enjoys her life at Comptonwood where she was born. She is Jemima's daughter from Ch. Shamal Kharaz. Her brother Ch Kasaque Ezekiel won 26 CC's before he was retired. Eve produced our 'G' and 'H' litters from Kasaque Fanuch and Ch Mumtaz Moon Magic respectively. Eve's first litter (see Eve's story) was to her half-brother Kasaque Fanuch (2 CCs) and they produced two Specialty winners, namely Ch K Gloriana, and Ch K Gabrielle. Neither of these bitches were bred from. In her second litter to Ch Mumtaz Moon Magic there were three Champions, Ch K. Hyperion of Saruk, Ch K. Huntress of Sufeina and Ch K. Harina. All three of these have winning off springs both in the show ring and on the coursing field.

We decided at this point, as part of a long-term programme to introduce new lines into the UK by importing Ch El Hamrah Mehrab-Khalifa, (imp). (He is jointly owned with Mrs Rosemary Redfern) His pedigree contains many of the old English lines combined with an old European line and we hoped this would provides additional elegance and more scope for further generations. As an additional link we have used the glamorous Fin, Swed Ch El Hamrah Rammah Sahir on K. Harina.



Michael & Helen Williams