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Son of Zazou and Kasaque Laila of Darquell
owned by Toveys, Redfern and Williams partnership.
taken at 9 months of age
Below the same two at 6 months


Ruwach Zazou al Monab
bred by Sharon Gause, SueAnn Peitros
Marilyn L. Brown and  Cyndie Cowie Noah


Zazou at 13 Months

Ruwach Zazou al Monab embracing life

Zazou at 9 months

Zazou with his Junior Handler, Destany

Zazou's Family

Zazou and family

ZAZOU has not started his show career yet but two of his siblings
are doing well: 

Kumar, Zazou's smooth brother





Kumar, (owned by Marilyn Brown and Suzie Manthou) Dadaelis Bzantium Ritu Kumar, won RWD to a 4 point major at his very first show at just 6 1/2 months of age, and then went on to win Best Saluki Puppy and Best Puppy in Show!! This was at the Western Washington Hound Assn. Hound Group Show, Auburn, WA 8/6/06.
Windstorm Ruwach CoCo Chanel was awarded Best Puppy in Specialty at the Saluki Club of Canada Eastern Regional. CoCo is Kumar's sister and she was just barely six months old. She's owned by Starr White in Canada, and is the only female in the Bjorn x Athena litter.

Khalil's Katra SC
Al-Shen Amjad al Jadab
Swed. Ch Khalil's Dakhila L-Llail
Int, Nord & Am Ch Baghdad Globetrotter
Swed Ch Khalils Qasida
Int & Nord Ch Khalil's Sahir Ach-Tax-eet Schariar
Int Swed & Nord Ch Khalils Qaruba
Aust Ch Elaribie Thunderbolt
Am Can Aust Ch Afking-Baghdad Crimson Gazelle
Int Nord Ch Khalil's Ibn Ibriz
Int Swed & n Ch Khalil's Omawad
Swed & N Khalil's Maghreb Schariar
Swed Ch Khalil's Al Kudaira Bint Ibiza
Int Nord Ch Khalil's Ibn Ibiz
Int Swed & N Ch Khalil's Omawad
Am Ch Shiva's Athena Shikadin
Am Ch Shikadin Slippery When Wet
Am Ch Shiva Aabha
Akkad Alydan
Am Ch Akkad Kohl Kashi of Shikadin
Am Ch Desert Rose Srngeti al Monab
Ruwach Barriy Bint Monab
Am Ch Jen Araby Amir Hasir
Am Ch Akkad Kibriy
Am Ch Akkad Al-Saadah
Am Ch Akkad Al-Kahia
Am Ch Khazar Tahliiq Nishri
Khazar Jaliya
Am Ch Ua T'etta Bakennu al Monab
Am Ch Ruwach Ataan CD